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  1. Big8PTR

    Year long out of state hunt

    Sounds awesome Anthony. Best of luck to ya out there.
  2. Big8PTR

    Nice One on Cam

    Would like to see pics of him come October.
  3. Big8PTR

    Smoked Ribs

    Looks' good. I did ribs today as well. What I did was a rub of brown sugar, paprika, garlic powder and chile powder. Then double wrapped them in foil. On the grill at 400 degrees for 1 hour over direct heat. Then unwrapped them, put on BBQ sauce and back on grill for another 30 minutes at 350 indirect heat. Meat falling off the bone. A great way to do them if you dont have smoker or want to do in alot less time.
  4. Great place. Good luck. We'll be moving out next year. Looking at Virginia as well as NC and SC.
  5. Big8PTR

    Tennessee Retirement?

  6. Big8PTR

    The last Stevo update

    R.I.P. Stevo. My condolences to the family on the passing of Stevo.
  7. In @ 2 years I will be helping boost that % for NJ.
  8. Big8PTR

    Stevo Update

    So very sad to hear this news. Thoughts and prayers for him and his family.
  9. Big8PTR

    Buck Season 8 Pt. Down!

    Very nice state land buck! Congrats to you!
  10. Big8PTR

    I did it! First deer - 6pt buck

    Congrats on your buck!! I'll provide Tip #3 to JerseyJays two tips.... don't forget to pack water!!! I always bring a bottle of water with me in my sack on stand and keep a 1 gallon jug in my truck. You be surprised how thirsty you get dragging a deer out of the woods, especially long drag.
  11. Big8PTR

    Hunter Harrassment Help

    I agree with "1957Buck". Not worth it for a freakin deer Nick. You know where I hunt Nick, the thousands of acreas of public grounds. I have not encountered another hunter or non-hunter in 25 years where I go. Anyone I would encounter is probably lost .To me its the whole package of enjoyment while hunting, not being bothered, just me the trees, birds, deer , bears, etc..., not dealing with people in houses and their running dogs, ATV's, etc. Keep that crap.
  12. Big8PTR

    Hunter Harrassment Help

    Nick... really??
  13. Big8PTR

    Lost/missing bow

    Hope you somehow get your bow back. I have a habit of always pulling out a few feet, stopping, getting out of my truck and checking around just in case I left something on the ground (boots, GPS, etc). No matter the weather, always do a last check b4 pulling out. Good luck, hope it works out for you.
  14. Big8PTR

    Zone 14 Public Land Halloween Buck Down

    Wow... nice write-up, great pics and great looking buck. Congrats to you!! Nothing like bow hunting during this time of the season when the leaves come down, cool temps and bucks cruising the woods.
  15. Big8PTR

    November 1st check-in

    You folks are killing me!!! I am here sitting at my desk at work reading about bucks cruising around going nuts. But, i am taking off work tomorrow and Friday, so I'll have the next 3 days out there in stand. Good luck everyone!