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  1. Big8PTR

    Z4 Piece of Puke

    That sucks Hydro.... can't understand why people steal from others. One could grab cams off Amazon pretty cheap, so go buy some in you need, don't steal. I hunt Z4 archery and put out 3 cams each season. I go pretty far in where I never see another hunter all season and so far have not had any stolen. But, I do pull them prior to the gun seasons.
  2. Big8PTR


    I know the last thing I do before I put the truck in drive and pull out of my spot after hunting is get out and do a walk around the truck to make sure nothing is up on the roof, nothing is laying on the ground... etc.... Everyone should get into that habit.
  3. Big8PTR

    11/23 am check in

    it's 7 degrees on my back porch, probably close to 0 degrees up in Z4. I am heading out later and getting in tree for a late morning and mid-day hunt.
  4. Big8PTR

    Delaware hunt this year

    Congrats!! Nice looking 6!
  5. I saw this on the news the other morning. A real "make ya feel good" news story.... knowing our hard earned tax $$ will be going to help illegals stay in this state. This guy is a joke and I can not wrap my brain around how anyone could have voted for this dude. This will only get worse. Looking forward to moving out ina few years when I turn 62 toa state that puts tax dollars to help legal US residents in need and not a bunch of illegals.
  6. Big8PTR

    Bill proposed by Sen. Booker

    From our liberal socialist Senator Cory Booker... take your tax $$ and give to the poor. More incentive to be poor, have large family and get free money from the government. Can't make this crap up... Notice he says "every" person born in US, that includes all those illegals folks! This is the crap the left wants to do to secure those votes and keep people dependent on the government... https://finance.yahoo.com/video/sen-booker-baby-bonds-could-214214733.html
  7. Here's an interesting Youtube comparing Energizer Lithium vs Duracall Quantum
  8. Big8PTR

    Buck down

    Nice buck.. congrats!!
  9. Big8PTR

    Hunting on Halloween in these warm temps

    I'll be out tomorrow and Halloween. Love this time of the year to be in the woods bow hunting with leaves in full color and dropping.
  10. Big8PTR

    10/28 AM Check In

    I'll be out Wednesday Halloween and Thursday hopeing for a shot at this guy. Good luck to those out this week. Now's the time the big boy's start cruising...
  11. Big8PTR

    Negotiating w/ Land Owner?

    Nick - Stick the $3500 in your retirement account and hunt free public land. I basically have a thousand acres that I have to myself for free. Haven't come across another bow hunter in 20 years. No deer is worth having to pay that kind of $$ to hunt. Just my thought.
  12. Big8PTR

    Year long out of state hunt

    Sounds awesome Anthony. Best of luck to ya out there.
  13. Big8PTR

    Nice One on Cam

    Would like to see pics of him come October.
  14. Big8PTR

    Smoked Ribs

    Looks' good. I did ribs today as well. What I did was a rub of brown sugar, paprika, garlic powder and chile powder. Then double wrapped them in foil. On the grill at 400 degrees for 1 hour over direct heat. Then unwrapped them, put on BBQ sauce and back on grill for another 30 minutes at 350 indirect heat. Meat falling off the bone. A great way to do them if you dont have smoker or want to do in alot less time.
  15. Great place. Good luck. We'll be moving out next year. Looking at Virginia as well as NC and SC.