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  1. Staying away from Myrtle Beach area. Moving just west of Charleston. Thirty minutes to beach area. Folly Beach is public beach area for surf fishing that I want to do. Taxes will be $1,400/yr on new 2 bed w/ den and 2 bath home. Was paying $10,500/yr on 2 bed townhome I just sold. Rolling the profit from the townhome into this new home, mtg+tax+hoa will be less than half what I was paying in NJ.
  2. I'll be out on NJ come May/June. Building house in SC so wife and I moving there. Close to the shore so I'll be doing some surf fishing. Low taxes and with low mortgage rates, be able to finally stop working.
  3. I am looking at the Glock19 Gen5 as well as the Taurus G3, both in 9MM. Read good things on both.
  4. Murphy is a disgrace. All the diners and resturants will be out of business if they do not get 100% indoor dining by October. By then, the weather will just make it to cold for morning breakfast and late afternoon/evening dinner dining What ashame. My wife and I are in Summerville SC this week. We have our townhome for sale and are exiting NJ for good. We have been to a Italian resturant and a Mexican resturant for dinner and full indoor dining. Wear you mask while going to/from your table. No problem. Businesses and resturants in good shape down here. I really feel to these people
  5. One year while bow hunting at the Flatbrook WMA, I had a Sow with 4 cubs pass by and one cub was a full brown phase cub. First and only time I ever seen one full brown color.
  6. Thanks Rusty, Jimmy and everyone else. I'll still be checking in on everyone here on the site from TN. I'll post up some pics once wife and I sell the house and get down there. Looking at Chattanooga area. I hear fishing the Tennessee River is awesome and some really nice areas along the Smokie Mountains. And cheap living!
  7. Thank you everyone. All my stuff has been taken. Jim - Pleasure meeting you. Will be looking for pic of a big buck harvested by the kid using my stuff next season.
  8. Thanks everyone. Everything has been taken.
  9. After 38 years of bow hunting, I am hanging it up. Quiting job and my wife and I moving to Tennessee. Going to relax, hit the Tennesse River and get back into some fishing. I'd like to hand off my stuff someone looking to get into bowhunting and is short on cash. I'd like to pay it forward for all the years that the woods have given me in enjoyment. I have a 2005 Diamond SC, 29 draw length set at 60lbs. I have 3 other mods to adjust length as well. Comes with Ripcord Code Red rest and IQ micro sight. String is excellant condition. I have 2 soft bow cases as well and bunch of other th
  10. Great buck and really nice looking mount. Congrats!!
  11. no doubt they are differnet bucks.
  12. Trump just won re-election... MAGA!
  13. When I approach, a first stay about 10 yards away and watch the deer's chest for a while to see if it is still taking a breath or not. Then as extra test, approach from behind and touch the eye with a long branch to make extra certain it has expired.
  14. Make sure to paper tune your bow before working on grouping and sighting in a various yardages.
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