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  1. That 9 pointer is a nice one. Good luck.
  2. Ok... I'll throw in a guess.... Chester? And really nice looking buck. Good luck.
  3. Same as "Hammer4reel", just have the most enjoyable time being out there and in the woods. The "icing on the cake" would be to take a 10 point. I have 2 8's on the wall now and to take a 10 off public land would be thrilling.
  4. Yup, that is a real nice looking 8.
  5. I'll be 61 in November and still hunt with my 2005 Diamond Victory compound set ay 60lbs. It's important to keep strengthening the upper back and shoulder muscles so that drawing the bow doesn't become an issue while practicing and hunting. I work with weights and bands every morning before heading off to work. Doesn't have to be real heavy weights. I use 15lb and 25 lb doing various exercises to keep those muscle tuned.
  6. Very nice Chevelle! Love that yellow and black Z28 and the green Roadrunner with that 6 pack,
  7. I saw him last August. We drove through the Lincoln Tunnel, parked at the lot on 9th and 35th. Walked two blocks down to 33rd and then over to 7th ave at MSG. Easy access to tunnel after concert, as it is right there by the lot. Great concert.
  8. This guy knows his sh*t. Watch some of his debates with socialist thinkers on youtube. I listen to him on radio 77 WABC every afternoon on way home from work.
  9. Good amount of folks out on Budd Lake. Entire lake frozen over.
  10. That sucks Hydro.... can't understand why people steal from others. One could grab cams off Amazon pretty cheap, so go buy some in you need, don't steal. I hunt Z4 archery and put out 3 cams each season. I go pretty far in where I never see another hunter all season and so far have not had any stolen. But, I do pull them prior to the gun seasons.
  11. I know the last thing I do before I put the truck in drive and pull out of my spot after hunting is get out and do a walk around the truck to make sure nothing is up on the roof, nothing is laying on the ground... etc.... Everyone should get into that habit.
  12. it's 7 degrees on my back porch, probably close to 0 degrees up in Z4. I am heading out later and getting in tree for a late morning and mid-day hunt.
  13. Congrats!! Nice looking 6!
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