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  1. You have no clue what you are talking about
  2. I have seen times when even perfectly placed shots on deer do not bleed. My brother shot this late season doe with a rage. Look at her coat, not a drop of blood on it. Look at how the fat and sinew totally plugged the entrance and exit. My brother and i eventually found her but there was not a drop of blood to go off.
  3. Last season darren and theo really helped me out. Incredible learning experience watching darren and theo work together. Darren took the time to answer any questions I had. Shot was well placed but upon entry took out one lung then deflected to the back of the deer where the broadhead and 5" of shaft was lodged in hind quarter. Very little to no blood to track.
  4. Numerous opportunities on deer over 30yds in the NJ late season. Last January I would have shot at a 130" deer on public at 50yds if time didn't run out. I practice often at these ranges. Early season not so much in terms of opportunity over 30yds. Its nice knowing that if the opportunity present itself I have a setup that can reach out if needed. I couldn't say the same with a heavier arrow (>550grain). A trad shooter in my opinion is one of those situations I hinted at before when I mentioned that in some cases a heavier arrow may be warranted, despite the speed reduction and possibility of deer ducking arrow.
  5. What arrow weight are you shooting?
  6. In my opinion, your always going to have extremists on either side of the arrow weight question. In some cases the selection of a far heavier arrow may be warranted depending on many variables. In some cases a lighter arrow may be warranted. For me personally, after shooting many different arrow weights, varying FOC, shaft diameters, into ballistic gel I settled on a 483 grain arrow. In my case the far heavier arrows resulted in a small increase in penetration but did not outweigh the significant arrow drop at distances beyond 30yds. Although I did not run the varying tested arrow weights through a chrono, the reduction in arrow speed with the heavier arrow weights (>550 grain) was noticeable. The speed reduction had me thinking many deer would have the chance to duck the arrow and result in a poor shot or missed shot. Based on my draw weight and length (65lbs / 29.5) 483 grains appeared for me to be best of all worlds, dampened shot noise, good penetration, great arrow trajectory at distance, good speed. Balance is key in my opinion.
  7. I agree and ill add that nj hunters who take mature deer year after year on public are often a different breed of hunter. Comparing those hunters who take mature deer on public to those that take deer on private is night and day.
  8. Id be willing to sell you a lone wolf alpha 2 for $200
  9. Nothing better to attract wildlife than putting in a pond in my opinion.
  10. Would enjoy seeing those if you can post them
  11. Fished the gulf for tarpon. Incredible species to say the least. Saw somewhere around 50 different tarpon in schools of 3-10, mostly headed north fast. Great fighting fish, unforgettable moment in time. Next time would really like to try fishing for them on the fly earlier in the season, pre spawn. Tons of fish around. Minimal fishing pressure atleast where i was at. Perfect weather. Excellent captain with a lifetime of experience targeting tarpon. Where do i post the GPS coordinates? joking lol!
  12. Looks like a great trip. With that said, its pretty sad what the cod fishery has become.
  13. Maybe to protect everybody else in the facility that that was not working on your daughters teeth?
  14. Its really not a pain at all to get up 20-30' with just the step. Use a linemen belt and you will be set up in no time. Dont rush into it, plan your route up, think about step spacing, and orientation to your stand.
  15. Some good reviews on YouTube right now about the beast stand. If i recall i think the stand alone weighed in right around 6.4 lbs. Seems like all around an excellent stand. Biggest complaints in the comments was the $625 price tag.
  16. Scotty155

    Sad day

    Very sorry to hear bob.
  17. Im not a scientist, but you may want to brush up on your scientific method. If a scientist makes a prediction of a likely outcome or event based on observed data or modeling, then the answer to your question is NO, the results would not be a surprise if their prediction played out.
  18. Meteorologist predicts hurricane - ok volcanologist predicts eruption - ok entomologist predicts insect abundance and activity - ok astrophysicist predicts solar flares - ok virologist predicts pandemic - MUST BE A CONSPIRACY
  19. Alright man, was attempting a civil conversation but clearly you are not interested in that. Have a good day.
  20. Got it! That tells me pretty much all i needed to know. You dont think a scientist can use collected data, research to reasonably hypothesize or predict a likely outcome. Lol
  21. No. im not jumping all over to cover a million different conspiracy theories. Stay on topic
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