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  1. Gypshunter

    Venison Hot Dogs

    http://www.quakercreekstore.com. Also great
  2. Gypshunter

    Hastings barrel best slug choices???

    I have a 20 gauge hastings barrel on my 870. Lightfields have always shot the best. This was my first gun and barrel combo I ever had and still use it every year.
  3. Gypshunter

    Leaving pellets in M/L?

    Electrical tape over the barrel. Keeps debris from going in and let's me know it is loaded. I've had no problem shooting through the tape.
  4. Gypshunter

    Guns you regret selling and why.

    Ithaca model 37 lightweight 12 gauge, Ithaca deer slayer, and a japanese arisaka. Sold them for a down payment on my house.