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  1. ChrisM

    Honda Dirtbikes

    Price drop on these bikes to 1900 and 800 respectively.
  2. ChrisM

    Honda Dirtbikes

    That thing is awesome!
  3. ChrisM

    Honda Dirtbikes

    I hear that. I have 3 kids as well.🤦🏼‍♂️
  4. ChrisM

    Honda Dirtbikes

    Thanks! Someone will enjoy these.
  5. Both of these bikes are mint. Perfect father/son combo. 2003 CRF 230- $2,200 2005 CRF 50 with brand new ties- $1,000 The bikes are located in Chesterfield, NJ. Shoot me a text at 609-658-7456 if interested.
  6. The pictures on the first page all appear to be from the same trail camera. Looks like the deer was shot (maybe spine shot?) right where the previous pictures of the deer were taken (right at the base of that big tree). Big balls to shoot the deer right in front of a camera. That's what makes me think this crazy dude was trying to send a message.
  7. The crazy thing about this story is that the guy who poached the deer appears to have been an experienced hunter. There's no way in hell he did this not knowing that camera was there. Also, given the fact that he has no remorse or care, it leads only to the conclusion that he did this purposely to spite Nick. Its hard to believe he wanted to get caught, but maybe he wanted Nick to know it was him? Crazy stuff....
  8. Another plus side is that stories like this Make Forums Great Again!
  9. This is a great thread. I had an opportunity to hunt this deer a couple years ago. Biggest deer I ever hunted in NJ. Someone shot him a couple days after these pics were taken.
  10. Nice to see some good content over here! Ill jump in with a massive pic dump!!
  11. My dad put me in stands alone a lot earlier than that. I would help him get up in the stand, make sure his harness is attached, and then give him a hive five and tell him good luck
  12. Beautiful buck John. Congrats!
  13. Im suprised Hamilton is not on that list. In the past 10 years the use of oxycontin (which always heads to Heroin if you dont clean up) has skyrocketed.
  14. Dont ask me why everything I just typed is quoted.....I dont know how to work this damm site yet.
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