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  1. Write to newspapers and politicians complaining about the benefits Americans are paying for.
  2. Buzzard II

    Hey Kid! No Candy Canes for You.

    Just another socialist proving how stupid/stoned he is. Just a sample of what these low lifes' are teaching our kids.
  3. Stop GIVING illegal aliens anything except a free deportation.
  4. Buzzard II

    Free Preschool in NJ

    Nothing is "FREE", if the government is involved, and it is, the cost is very high. Somewhere else you will pay for it. Have you ever seen taxes go down?
  5. This is what happens when Useful Idiots vote to put in Low Life's such as Murphy into office.
  6. Gun control is Socialist talk for incremental encroachment of the 2nd Amendment. They don't care about safety, they are using "gun control" to eliminate the 2nd Amendment. There are over 22,000 gun control laws, that don't work for safety, but rather to totally disarm America.
  7. Socialists any trying to get drivers licenses for Illegal Aliens. Always something for the Illegal Aliens. There are almost half a million Illegal Aliens wanting a drivers license. We need to deport all Illegal Aliens, not give them a drivers license. Enter America legally or stay out. There are Veterans and poor in America that need to be helped, not Illegal Aliens. Socialists and all Americans need to get their priorities straight.
  8. Buzzard II

    Gov. Murphy is serving who?

    Gov. Murphy would like to see all residents Stoned and Stupid! He doesn't want people to smoke cigarettes but he sees nothing wrong with smoking all the dope you want. Murphy and Drugs-Perfect Together. He wants to pass all socialist agenda laws without any opposition.
  9. Buzzard II


    Lets not change what I wrote in post number one!
  10. Buzzard II


    Democrats are voting, again, to redistrict voting here in New Jersey to insure their power. They are trying to pass SCR-134 ACR-85 here in New Jersey to help insure their power also. They want to eliminate the Electoral College to further their control of this country. Democrats are working at the state and federal level and all Americans need to wake up and stop them. This is happening now. Wake up!
  11. Buzzard II


    We need to keep the Electoral College intact and not give in to any socialist goals.
  12. Buzzard II


    Yeah, Right, Whatever. The socialists (not the GOP) are working daily to push through their agenda, thereby making all of us pay for it, and ignoring it is not the answer. Working to stop the socialist takeover of America is the answer. The IBEW? Are you talking about the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers?
  13. Buzzard II


    Please re read my ad. Camera is broken. Thanks Bob
  14. Please read my ad.  The camera is broken.  Thanks.


  15. FOR SALE: Hitch Haul & Folding Receiver Bar for 2 inch receiver hitch. Both steel. No photos, camera broke. Both mint condition. Pick up only in Saddle Brook, N.J. No shipping-too heavy. $80. Thanks. Bob