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  1. optowalt is correct. Socialists and RINO's only want things their way. When something goes wrong it is swept under the rug. Typical.
  2. One call to Michelle Obama and he's off. Nice! We have to start voting low life politicians out of office. Remember when you're in the voting booth. Socialists and RINO's have to go.
  3. Stoned and stupid is no way to go through life. Look at Murphy, the lights are on but he's not home!
  4. Beto O'Rourke-stoned and stupid is no way to go through life-even for a socialist democrat.
  5. Menendez should have been thrown out of office and jailed when we had the chance. Thanks to all the riff raff that kept him in office. We need term limits and we need to jail greedy politicians. He's dirty, and we all know it.
  6. Murphy hasn't met an anti gun law that he doesn't love. We need to vote him out of office, although he never should have been elected in the first place. He acts like an old time used car salesman. Smiling and dancing-give me a break!
  7. Stoned and stupid-The socialist way of going through life.
  8. Keep voting for socialist politicians and this is what you get. BOHICA
  9. Write to newspapers and politicians complaining about the benefits Americans are paying for.
  10. Just another socialist proving how stupid/stoned he is. Just a sample of what these low lifes' are teaching our kids.
  11. Stop GIVING illegal aliens anything except a free deportation.
  12. Nothing is "FREE", if the government is involved, and it is, the cost is very high. Somewhere else you will pay for it. Have you ever seen taxes go down?
  13. This is what happens when Useful Idiots vote to put in Low Life's such as Murphy into office.
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