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  1. Max


    Great guy....how long has it been now?
  2. Nice...did he drop right away,I'm shooting that load also
  3. A few years ago I hit one in the chest with a bow ,found the arrow and thought I'd find the bird soon. Heavy rain started , I looked for hours but never found it .
  4. The original plan was for 600 bil. to the plan but Dems . would not do it .Now they wont add the 250. Bil. They chose to screw small bussiness who need the most .They know they can get away with it due to the media will aways side with them .
  5. we applied for the SBA around 2-3 weeks ago . I dont know if I can take another month or so of this .I hear there may be a protest soon in NJ ??
  6. nice. 50 years in the woods and never ran in to one ....yet
  7. Still no stimulus checks ,no SBA loans,no paycheck .... We have two small business and not ble to work for over 4 weeks . Anybody getting checks yet ? F-ing Pelosi
  8. also have a 27 and 29 inch cams available
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