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  1. also have a 27 and 29 inch cams available
  2. excellent condition ,70 pounds right hand 28 inch cam.Custom strings about 1 year old ,comes with sight ,ripcord rest . 450.00 .PM if interested
  3. :thumb_up: :thumb_up: :thumb_up:
  4. Max

    The last Stevo update

    RIP Stevo....very sorry to hear this
  5. Max

    Dodge Ram Recall

    My '03 Ram 2500 has about 160k still runs good, changed lots of parts along the years .Use it mainly for plowing and hunting now. Also have a 2013 ram 1500 with 50k that's been very good .Does not have the dial shifter which Im glad ,that thing looks scary .
  6. this is an extra saw I picked up, just been tested on some wood....tool only
  7. like new 18 volt sawzal ,these are the best out. 90.00 pick up somerset co. PM
  8. Max

    Visited Stevo Today

    Seems he touched many here although most never meet him .That's a special kind of guy I'd say .Merry Christmas to you Stevo
  9. 56 inch PCH X Blackwidow 50 pounds .Great bow just like to try other bows (cant help myself ) , 725.00 no quiver
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