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  1. Live4Outdoors

    Corn Feeder Suggestions

    I use a Moultrie 30gal hanging with the pro hunter lower (came with) 200lbs feeding 5 time a day for 3 secs has lasted over 7 weeks now. I too use a boat winch to raise and lower. Very happy..... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Live4Outdoors

    Evercalm Deer Herd

    I've used it and it seems to work pretty well. I also spray noise jammer on my boots and small trees while walking up to my stand. I just brought on of the stick sticks so I'm looking forward to trying it. I think it can't hurt, I do agree it's not cheap but it does go a long way.....
  3. Live4Outdoors

    Someboby's a little confused........

    Somebody's a little confused.........
  4. Live4Outdoors

    Bear cam check

    Nice, here's a few I just pulled.
  5. Live4Outdoors

    How old do you think

    Thanks for everyone's feedback. I'm still learning and appreciate all the feedback and help. I also realize it's one thing to see them on camera and another in the freezer. Good luck everyone.
  6. Live4Outdoors

    How old do you think

    Only my second year chasing deer. How old do you think this guy is? Plus a couple of family pics. Don't make Mom mad...LOL
  7. Live4Outdoors

    Bucks are Young but Bears are big (Pics)

    Dominant, yes your are correct sir. They climbed 5 feet up the tree undid the rope so I had to rework the set up yesterday and find the lid. Crafty little sucks I must say.
  8. Live4Outdoors

    Bucks are Young but Bears are big (Pics)

    13, I have to say for the price you can't beatem. 50 Bucks Pic & Vid with sound. If it dies no biggie. I'm running 3 of them and no troubles at all.
  9. Live4Outdoors

    He is wondering?

    Nice, do they rip them down?
  10. Live4Outdoors

    Crabbing Bait

    A quick crabbing question. Heading to LBI next week and I was wondering if anybody knows the best to get Razor Clams or Crab bait would be? Thanks
  11. Live4Outdoors

    Hawk Crawler Deer Cart Review

    Nice review. I just bought one a month ago and was looking forward to using it. One point I might add was it was very easy and quick to put together right out of the box.