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  1. Try Gunbroker, also the 930 and 935 share many parts so see if a 930 tube works.
  2. You want an estimate for blacktop this is one of the best companies in the area. Have used and recommended them for over 20 years. Have done work for 3-4 different excavators I know for the last 20 years. Don’t call any of the Gypsy guys from Washington the all do garbage work. Hicks, Richards, CH Paving and another one are all one family with different named companies. http://www.pfenxpave.com
  3. Currently have a pair of Cabela's supermag wader for duck hunting and really like them. Are fairly warm when hunting in freezing temps and icey water. https://www.cabelas.com/shop/en/cabelas-supermag-chest-waders-for-men
  4. Yeah good luck slugs and buckshot are selling for about 4-5 times over normal prices right now.
  5. All depends on where in am hunting. Have a few places where my longest shot is 60 yds so I take the buckshot gun. Other areas I hunt where the shots can be farther away I use slug or muzzleloader depending on season.
  6. No you should go see another doctor that will have more then an x-ray done. Might need an mri or ct scan to figure out the source of your pain.
  7. Check out both Advance Auto and Auto Zone websites. A lot of times they offer a 20% discount to buy online and pickup in store.
  8. Don't be stupid and buy any of the Chinese made scopes and buy USA made. Leupold Freedom are great scopes just over your budget and your supporting American jobs and manufacturing.
  9. Brown it's down season is coming don't be without ammo
  10. Glad I could help your stockpile, knew when I saw them someone on here would snap them up.
  11. Yes make sure you call he has been pretty full. Never used him but my friend lives down the road from him had his deer done by Garry the last few years. Makes excellent specialty things like snack sticks, sausage and more.
  12. Know some of you were looking for 12ga BuckHammer slugs. This guy on Gunbroker has 12 boxes. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/884752702
  13. Harvest totals will be way up with the amount of deer that are being taken this year. Have heard many butchers are double the number of deer that they usually butcher for this time of year.
  14. Good luck finding a home defence shotgun right now. Home defence guns could be bought for under $400 last year are now $800.
  15. Would hunt tomorrow if I now hunted, as the rain stops and the cold front comes in the deer are going to be moving.
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