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  1. Not going to find it cheaper for quantities of 15yds. Price gets cheaper when you can buy tractor trailer size loads of 70+ yards.
  2. Leopold on all my guns, would much rather spend my hard earned money on quality made American products over shit made in China
  3. Both zones 10 and 12 are in East Amwell. Rt 202 is the dividing line between the two zones
  4. Looking to get a trail cam and need some advice on what cameras you guys are using. Not looking spend a lot of money, don't need anything super crazy. Are there any good cameras in the $50-80 price range?
  5. Think it will be a tough year for duck hunting. After all the rain this year every little pond, gully and hole has water in it. Hope for any early freeze to push them off some of the smaller waters.
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