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  1. Gunbroker is a great place to find ammo
  2. We should be talking about massive cuts to government employment as we should also talk about consolidating townships. There is zero reason for having 565 different municipalities with all there paid politicians, police chiefs and school superintendents.
  3. Check on Gunbroker for a scopes bought a few last year for great prices. Bought 2 vx-3i 4.5-14x44 for $350 each, normally a $500 scope.
  4. https://m.youtube.com/watchv=dc_lzlzcroit=12s
  5. Used equipment dealer down by me has a 61" John Deere hydro walkbehind for sale. He is in Ringoes NJ and sells good used stuff. https://www.classicact.net/store/p403/2014_jd_61_walk_behind_mower.html
  6. If they can allow tens of thousands of people on the beach and boardwalk there is no way you should have to limit the amount of people at an outdoor activity.
  7. Mom is a nurse and they tried using the drug in the icu. Had zero effect on helping with the virus, where they say it helps if with people with mild cases. Helps clear up the cough, fever and other virus conditions. Some people with mild cases can feel better in 1-2 days other takes 1-2 weeks and that is where its supposed to help.
  8. Ricketts Glen and Worlds End are both are state parks with great hiking .
  9. Depending on how thick and decomposed the mulch is you could rototill it into the soil. Then I would spread about 1/2" screened topsoil over the area and seed, fert, lime and hay.
  10. Township owned properties are by bid only. Hunterdon county parks has properties that you can hunt but you need to get there the day before to get on line for a permit.
  11. No cops were out breaking up the people watching the Navy fly over yeaterday. And if the cops would have started to ticket people at that funeral there would have been a huge freedom of religion lawsuit against the city.
  12. There is plenty of meat at Restruant Depot, just need to be prepared to buy in bulk.
  13. This is NJ need to know the best way to get it into my Prius!
  14. Contact fish and game is your best option.
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