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  1. I wish I had slowed down, this guy had signs and a whole display. I’m super curious now.
  2. Anyone see the guy with a sign complaining about FGW (maybe DEP) not pursuing some kind of court case? He was parked by the bridge at rockaway River wma. I was driving and couldn’t read the whole Thing. anyone know what it’s about?
  3. What an unfortunate thread. For four years this place was bullied by sore winners and now they are sore losers.
  4. Yeah I’m still going in, just have to change the approach.
  5. Sitting in the rain, wasted vacation days, bummer. I work M-F and only hunt public land. Today looks burned, hopefully Saturday morning is the day.
  6. Post the guys names. Keeping a secret guarantees some one else gets take advantage of.
  7. NJDFGW is a complete waste of taxpayer dollars. I’m sure their nice people but other states do things so much better. The one time I was able to actually speak with a conservation officer while an offense was being committed in the woods he said he would come resolve it. He ended up calling me back while parked in the parking lot of a diner telling me I was on private party while looking at a state park sign. Then called me back 15 minutes later saying he found the guys....he was parked behind my truck. I’m fairly certain he was doing this instead of trying to work.
  8. Same people who celebrated the passing of RBG are getting triggered by the most ironic event of the last 50 years. Own your opinion. Bunch of snowflakes. PS-political topics were supposed to stay off the main page but that lasted about 36 hours.
  9. People knew what would happen when this was posted. To pretend it’s not malicious is ignorant. You wanna post something then own it when it get people riled up. NJH all over again.
  10. Hold up... we really pretending 80% of hunters aren’t shooting deer over feeders after a 50 yard walk from their truck? Come on.
  11. MCPC is individual only. No guests, no partners and no kids tagging along. I understand this; the alternative is no hunting and they pay sharp shooters or let some private organization go in and really screw it up. ask your local chapter of whatever organization you belong to what they are doing about it.
  12. It’s actually all on you. No one made you post fake news. That’s on you. I accept your apology.
  13. Sorry, I thought you were saying something factual and had a source.
  14. Is it common for them to do press release about non-crime events? Not really. I get you think it’s being swept under the rug. I don’t, I think a guy left his garage door open in a heavily populated bear area. I don’t think it’s worth any attention. But instead, guys are on here making a straw man case for more areas to hunt. If there were no attacks this year no one would be saying to have a shorter season. The argument doesn’t float.
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