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  1. im so glad that a guys lack of self awareness completely ruined the public land he pretended was private. this is called coming full circle.
  2. 70# flat dark earth. Strings are in good condition location is Morris county. $600 if I don’t have to ship and deal is local. $640 PayPal TYD. Bow is bare. (973) 479-7908
  3. you can easily limit every day in morris and sussex. just shoot them on the water and then post it on facebook.
  4. what do you mean? it wasnt shot in zone 6? literally says it right here, shot in Hopatcong, season starts the 14th. https://www.njherald.com/news/20190926/trail-cam-captures-out-of-season-hunter
  5. zone 6 is where this deer was taken. it wouldnt surprise me if the exact location has been muddied, But this was taken in Hopatcong, which is entirely in zone 6, which is EAB. I would have no way to know if someone else in this post is not telling the story straight, but nothing surprises me in Hopatcong. All people do is jack deer there, its been that way for 40 years. im not saying the OP is incorrect, im sure hes being honest about this, but there were probably 5 other guys who were gonna jack that deer somewhere in that place. If it happened it where i think im surprised it didnt get shot with a .22.
  6. zone 6 is where this deer was taken. opening day is Sept 14th.
  7. just think, if he had waited 4 more days he would have been a hero for his massive accomplishment of shooting this deer over a feeder 100 yards between houses.
  8. yeah i saw they dropped the limit to two...i can live with that, just done shooting by 7 AM. the real problem im gonna face is the corn wont be cut until thanksgiving, so thats 1 season gone. then it doesnt open again until after Christmas...so maybe i get 4 days of hunting without burning vacation days. Add to that its about zero degrees in january and that weather just blows to be out in not shooting birds.
  9. maybe im late to the party, been busy with work this year. What happened to the goose season? we lost almost 4 weeks of peak migration. Serious answers please.
  10. prices are terrible on here. go to archerytalk.
  11. I need to sell this. If someone is willing to meet me in Parsipanny/montville area I will let go for $450 cash. Text me. 9734797908
  12. 29/70 Black Halon 6. $525 cash or paypal. bare bow. have a few other mods for draw length. Located near Morristown.
  13. mfried

    Bergen County Brute

    some guy is gonna shoot that over a feeder behind some middle school parking lot and call it an accomplishment. those deer are pets.
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