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  1. this guy is just building his post count to rip people off. his posts dont make any sense. should be banned.
  2. I’m not sure why your disagreeing with me, I’m not the one who caught you playing buffalo bill.
  3. Several problems with your statement: 1. You can always be more wrong, much like your attitude and hygien. 2. Individual shooters results have a lot to do with both ability and execution as well as experience. Yes, having someone who really knows how to get the most out of a bow is helpful, but most of the shops in NJ don’t even yolk tune. 3. I accept your apology. 4. With the internet and guys out there doing step by step how to tune you don’t really need to go to a shop except to get parts.
  4. There’s no special skill to work on a bow. Yes, you learn things over time, but there no shop out there doing magic to your strings and cables.
  5. Name the shop or close the thread.
  6. When i typed in bold font to kill them all i really meant something totally different, not the offbase, lunatic fringe idiocy i had been typing. problem solved. thanks obama.
  7. no, wasn't there an issue two years ago that led to an unpublished death rate of about 60% of the birds? i dont think F&W made it public. its ok if you just don't know.
  8. wasn't there a big mishap at the rockport facility a year or two ago that led to a huge percentage of the birds dying off? i think that was the nail in the coffin.
  9. the WMA's with crops planted can and should be hunted after harvest. Ive called and emailed several offices and the main Trenton dept of resources to try and get a list of the locations that allow planting so i can goose hunt the corn fields and its the most lackluster organization i have ever dealt with and they can't even be bothered to return calls and emails.
  10. not really, its just your point of view at the time. In 20 years if we find out that possums are able to communicate via telepathy and have an intricate hierarchy with male and female roles inside their possum kingdom then it will look really bad when guys were shooting them with .22's for fun.
  11. this is a misnomer, the hunting does not stabilize the population, the regulations to increase hunting revenue leads to bag limits and habitat programs that in some cases does stabilize the population. There are cases, like the passenger pigeon, where hunting wiped it out. Of course the idea of what hunting is today and was then is very different, but back then they were all legally shooting birds. So dont get too wrapped up in whats legal and whats ethical, never the two shall meet.
  12. if someone shoots an animal that you dont agree with just go and shoot more animals THEY dont agree with. Then when there are no animals left you can be tied together in your knowledge that this is everyone else's fault. Remember, next thing you know they'll want to marry the animals.
  13. i used to have this same problem, the security guards at novartis used to always take my tree stands down, then when i started using a climber they told me i was trespassing. i just started hunting at night. solved that problem.
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