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  1. not really, its just your point of view at the time. In 20 years if we find out that possums are able to communicate via telepathy and have an intricate hierarchy with male and female roles inside their possum kingdom then it will look really bad when guys were shooting them with .22's for fun.
  2. this is a misnomer, the hunting does not stabilize the population, the regulations to increase hunting revenue leads to bag limits and habitat programs that in some cases does stabilize the population. There are cases, like the passenger pigeon, where hunting wiped it out. Of course the idea of what hunting is today and was then is very different, but back then they were all legally shooting birds. So dont get too wrapped up in whats legal and whats ethical, never the two shall meet.
  3. if someone shoots an animal that you dont agree with just go and shoot more animals THEY dont agree with. Then when there are no animals left you can be tied together in your knowledge that this is everyone else's fault. Remember, next thing you know they'll want to marry the animals.
  4. Still for sale? That’s a shame
  5. mfried

    How would you have handled this???

    i used to have this same problem, the security guards at novartis used to always take my tree stands down, then when i started using a climber they told me i was trespassing. i just started hunting at night. solved that problem.
  6. mfried


    dont waste your time. Its called being a hypocrite, they dish it out and cant take it. atleast we dont have to hear about Costco gas.
  7. yes, that was me who offered you archery equipment. I messaged you in a professional manner with a genuine inquiry for a compound bow and accessories that is probably worth over $2000. Its a shame your an a$$hole, maybe you would have sold your stuff already.
  8. Ok so you got spanked on a separate post for making no sense, on like your 30th post of the day....then you get so butthurt you go and find a two month old post to tell me I’m on your ignore list? That’s classic, maybe you can bury your head in the sand if you can muster ge strength to pull it out of your a**. If your gonna go on a public forum and machine gun useless posts then get some thicker skin or at least proofread your posts.  Megatron out. 
  9. mfried

    Michigan changes Deer regs

    did you know you can get cheap gas at costco?
  10. mfried

    Michigan changes Deer regs

    it happens all the time, most of your posts are nonsense.
  11. mfried

    Michigan changes Deer regs

    well he pretty much smoked you.
  12. mfried

    What's wrong with this picture?

    exactly, separate but equal, am i right?
  13. mfried

    What's wrong with this picture?

    seriously? guys vomit tears on here because people dont jer* off a soldier during the national anthem and then want to get upset that there is a hunter ed class that isn't just for them. bunch of cry babies all day on here.