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  1. Anything within two hours of Morris county?
  2. I wish these weren’t on the front page of the website. People come here and read this and think everyone sucks.
  3. so, two things, the data in the report shifts from percentages to raw numbers when the discussion suits its agenda. But i dont care in anyway about that, the point i was making is that there are many other studies with many different data sets...and most importantly, because the author used "Systemic Racism" as the thought to be disproven its very reasonable to know that 28 incidents of police shootings in 2018 doesn't represent every "opportunity" for systemic racism. example: More deer are shot with guns each year than bows, meaning inherently, gun hunters are more skilled than bow hunters. - see how this could be considered flawed even if raw data backs it up?
  4. there are many other well written and annotated papers available if your interested in learning more, they do not all come to the same conclusion. You can read til the end of time. https://www.ncjrs.gov/index.html
  5. yes, the only time people should be judge, jury and executioner is if a man is running away from a home under construction, then we definitely need to know all the facts, not jump to conclusions and see if he had any problems several years ago that would warrant his execution.
  6. Is this satire?
  7. Lincoln Park is still planning on having the first shoot end of June.
  8. This has become such a let down. What a waste of a thread, it’s a shame because the people who do this every single time think they are important to the site.
  9. im having difficulty finding the full transcripts, perhaps you could post them? it seems as if the third person initially started following in an attempt to box in the victim once it became difficult to stop him. THe video was turned over to the police in an attempt to clear the father of wrong doing. there has also been some discussion about the previous break ins- the description given by the contractor from video footage does not particularly match the victims description as far as skin color and appearance. But currently they are not elaborating on anything and the father and son have not made any statement outside of what they told police in February. i am not in a legal field, but from what i am able to find it seems as if the idea of self-defense and a citizens arrest went out the window once the father and son used force outside of what was necessary to subdue the jogger, IE shooting him when it was obvious he was not armed was escalated by them because they had in effect verified his location and police were en route. historically, even if this case is tied up criminally, the civil proceedings will be pretty one sided.
  10. Also, Georgia state law seems to allow a private citizen to interject himself into police activity under the guise of a lack of law enforcement availability or make a citizens arrest. This does not allow someone to violate your civil rights under this umbrella.
  11. There’s a ton of information available on this case if you look for it. What they agree on is this person went jogging every day, often through this neighborhood. There had been burglaries in the recent past, at night. This was at 1pm on a Sunday. the instigating party called the police and said a man was running down the street (jogging, my words) and had stopped in front of a house under construction. They advised they were going to apprehend the person. The police asked what the person had done and the caller began chasing him. Two men grabbed a pistol and a shot gun and began trying to stop the man. the initial police report states the victim willfully engaged them and they had to shoot him in self-defense. The video does not particularly back that up. The video was not released for 3 month. the statement about a criminal history and mental illness is something that has been added after the fact and doesn’t appear to have any bearing, I.E. he was not a wanted criminal or under law enforcement supervision and was several years in the past. two prosecutors have recused themselves already because they have relationships with the alleged attackers and no arrests have been made.
  12. looking for quotes on a 70' wood fence installed in Parsippany area, no demo required, no existing fence. if you would like to quote please contact mike @ 9734797908
  13. They all take drugs and everyone cheats at everything. It’s an accomplishment.
  14. He just made 945 pounds look like a warmup.
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