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  1. One pole two youngsters...a fight is brewing! lol Good to see kids interested in outdoor things!
  2. He wasn't big as far as stripers go , but I wasn't expecting it. He bent the hooks back on the trout lure I was using and just said good bye!
  3. LOL. I was doing it with one hand and trying to get her back in the water quick!
  4. Fishing has been hot or cold , but today was better than average . Caught 22 rainbows, 2 smallies 15 and 16 inches , one nice rock bass, and lost a striper ! All fished released unharmed . Sorry for the photos but it's hard when your by yourself and you are trying not to harm the fish .
  5. Brian, I watched her testimony in it's entirety , she absolutely destroyed the Democratic Party ! It was great to see someone speak the truth .
  6. Yes, they are of OUTSTANDING quality ! You can purchase it, put it up and never worry !
  7. Won't be the same for me.....I loved the tradition . To each his own I guess !
  8. Doesn't matter.....wouldn't miss it for the world!
  9. Yes! We have been seeing plenty for a few weeks now. There are a couple of spots where the grouse seem to be holding their own. Also have heard a few wild Ringnecks crowing .
  10. It may differ from year to year but in the past NJ may trade with other States , walleye for landlocked salmon for instance .
  11. An interesting video on walleye production .
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