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    Wild Pheasant Flushing Survey Pa.

    Please remember, the purpose of flushing surveys is to flush a "sample " of the wild pheasants and determine pre- nesting season sex ratio . It is NOT a total count of birds . The sex ratio data are used along with rooster densities to calculate hen densities . Then we have the spring crowing counts to add in. And this is a Non -Hunting population. Dan

    Wild Pheasant Flushing Survey Pa.

    Latest update on the results! 27 volunteers * 5 farms * 151 birds total * 78 males * 71 females * 2 unknown * 12 short-eared owls * 12 rabbits * 1 coyote

    Large Surviving American Chestnut

    That would be a great idea, unfortunately it takes "two" flowering chestnut trees to pollinate each other in order to produce viable nuts . A single tree can still have the burrs as shown in the picture but usually the burrs are empty . We can take pollen from this tree however and pollinate another large survivor elsewhere .

    Wild Pheasant Flushing Survey Pa.

    So far I know they flushed 43 wild pheasants on the Swartz Farm , 19 hens and 24 cock birds . All these birds have born in the wild in Pa. for a few generations now.

    Wild Pheasant Flushing Survey Pa.

    Here is a short video of the survey ! Thanks 25 ot 6 !
  6. Unfortunately I was unable to attend this years Flushing survey, but my buddy sent me these pictures and will be keeping me up to date on the results. I will also post a short video. Looks like they had a lot of fun as usual!

    Large Surviving American Chestnut

    Yes ! I have found some decent ones in Pa. .
  8. If you know the story of the American Chestnut you will understand how rare this tree is!

    Pheasant country

    Very nice! Did the owner mention if he has any hold over birds into the spring ?

    Pheasants Forever giveaway

    Yes, PM me your E-Mail and I will forward it to you, and then you will be on their list!

    Pheasants Forever giveaway

    Hi Bob There is a Flushing Survey you might be interested in. It is attended by a couple of Pheasant Forever Chapters and their insight on establishing a wild pheasant population could be very valuable . It's a friendly group of people and a good way to get your dogs on wild birds. Dan

    Decent morning on the line

    Very nice! Growing up I had a pretty decent Line that I attended before school, caught loads of muskrats and coons, but mink didn't come easy.

    Gun Dogs/Handlers Needed !

    2019 Wild Pheasant Recovery AreaFlushing Survey’s 2019 Wild Pheasant Recovery Area Flushing Surveys Annual Flushing Surveys gather data on wild pheasants released in Wild Pheasant Recovery Areas. We appreciate all your help and support! Volunteers & Bird Dogs Needed! Come prepared for “not-always-easy” walking through tall grass fields and brush and spending time outdoors. Good bird dogs are welcome and essential. Volunteers without dogs are also needed to be “spotters” along the edges offields. Spotters are very important! Registration Required Please pre-register. We must organize groups ahead of time & be able to contact you in case of a weather cancellation. Feel free to check in with us if the weather forecast looks bad. To register, please email (preferred) or call: Tom Keller [email protected] (570)380-0833 Please provide the following information: Name: Email: Phone #: Number of people in your group: Number of dogs: Type of dogs - flushers or pointers: Weekend Dates you want to attend in order of preference (Both is OK): Tuesday and Thursday - Do you want to be contacted about Tuesday and Thursday small-group flushing surveys in Hegins-Gratz Valley or Central Susquehanna WPRA? Reminder: As a courtesy to the landowners who allow us to meet on their land, please don’t bring your dogs out ofvehicles at the meeting places. SURVEY DATES AND TIMES: (Rain / Snow dates will be announced as needed. In case of bad weather, check your email or call.) Date & Time Locations being Surveyed Thank You for your continued support of Wild Pheasant Recovery Areas! Registration Deadline Meeting Place* Sunday Feb 10, 2018 1:00 - 4:00 PM Turbotville area, Northumberland & Montour counties Friday, Feb 8, 2018 Turbotville National Bank Parking Lot 4710 State Rt. 54 Turbotville, PA 17772 (41.10706, -76.76663) Sunday Feb 17, 20181:00 - 4:00 PM Hegins & Gratz Valley, Schuylkill and Dauphin counties Friday, Feb 15, 2018 Wenger Feeds Inc. 8959 Rte 25 Spring Glen, PA 17978(40.61887, -76.65081) Or you can PM me your E. Mail and I can forward it!

    It's Big Block Time!

    "You definitely have some skills! Looks AWESOME, love everything about this post. Keep the updates coming. Can't wait to hear it in the SS....Are you going to go with anything special for sound, flowmasters, straight pipes, etc? " Thank You Sir ! The car will have headers, 1 3/4 primaries and 3 inch collectors running into stainless exhaust with special low restriction mufflers and the best part is that it will exit like the SS did.
  15. It's that time of year again. If you would like to participate it's a great way to get your dog on some wild birds and meet some great people! Good Morning, We are excited to announce our annual flushing surveys for 2019. We’ll be flushing both Central Susquehanna (Feb. 10) and Hegins-Gratz Valley (Feb. 17) WPRAs (please see attached flyer). The information gleaned from these surveys is crucial in helping determine future management of the wild pheasant recovery program. We can’t do these without the dedicated volunteers who give of their own valuable time and resources. At this point in time, we have selected two dates, one for each WPRA. Dependent on how many teams we accrue, we may complete additional surveys later in the season, but we will provide a separate flyer as those opportunities arise. As a quick reminder, some things to bring along: A good bird dog if available Waterproof boots Proper outer ware for warmth and brush Water & food to stay hydrated and for energy A fluorescent orange hat to assist in maintaining lines Please follow instructions on the flyer when RSVPing and provide all of the requested information as this will be crucial in pre-planning as well as weather cancellations. All replies are due by the end of the day on February 8th for the Central Susquehanna Survey and by the end of the day on February 15th for the Hegins-Gratz Survey, (emails are preferred but you can also call in). If there are any changes, I will make sure we get those out ASAP so keep an eye on your email as we approach the day of. Again, we are grateful for your support of this important program, and look forward to seeing you in the field! Thanks so much, -Tom Keller P.S. – Please feel free to forward this announcement to any interested parties or personnel that I may have missed due to the large amount of recipients. Also, if you’ve received this email in error, or are no longer available, please disregard. Thomas J. Keller Pennsylvania Game Commission, Wildlife Research Biologist Bobwhite Quail & Ring-necked Pheasant Program Email: [email protected] Phone: (570)380-0833 Facebook|Twitter|Instagram |YouTube|Wordpress Mission: Managing Pennsylvania’s wild birds, wild mammals and their habitats for current and future generations.