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  1. EVERYTHING this man and his administration has done since being in office has been done purposely to weaken the greatest Nation our world has ever seen. Take a moment and think about it, these things are NOT mistakes!
  2. Sorry for your loss . You could make a real simple small sign out of wood, put some preservative paint on it and get a step ladder and put it up in the tree so no one would mess with it. Your Dad knows you loved him .
  3. I wonder if we could do something similar in NJ ? Maybe we should start a fund for it !
  4. Enjoy every minute there are no reruns in life!
  5. Overall I think NJ does a pretty good job with the resources they have, I do miss the quality of birds that Rockport used to raise however . I do most of my pheasant hunting in Pa. but still enjoy what NJ has to offer . We never hunt the stocking days in NJ and it's a rare occasion that the dogs don't get into some birds.
  6. I don't like to use the word hate . But I HATE everything about this administration ! No one is being held accountable for this debacle , what a disgrace! I pray for those poor pups!
  7. Everything that has been done in the last 6 months proves it!
  8. I would be tempted to take back the air base . We're going to have to deal with these scum at some point in the future and Id rather do it now while we can still reclaim or destroy some of the weapons we left behind . My big concern would be the hostages .
  9. Every American has every right to be outraged ! We must never forget those who have fallen , but we also should never forget how we were put in this position !
  10. What an utter disgrace and not for the men and women who served there but certainly from our military command . Where the hell were they on this dicission making . Should have never allowed allowed this to happen despite what the commander and chief wanted . Prayers sent for our soldiers and our Country !
  11. Just doesn't fit the current narrative ! Sad state of affairs !
  12. You're going to want these days back.....I promise !
  13. Family Tradition stands are built in the USA you won't be disappointed ! https://www.familytraditiontreestands.com
  14. They are playing havoc with the Northern Bobwhite Quail restoration efforts.
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