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  1. Your story is all to familiar to me . You see I am the proud owner of a dynamite Springer that is just deadly on Roosters .The problem is he has an autoimmune disease that kicks in whenever he gets any kind of injury. Last year on the third outing of The Pa. season he had just a small abrasion on one of his paws, his immune system kicked in and the season was over.This year it's even worse after training for months he stepped on a chestnut burr, system went crazy, season over ! So I feel your pain my friend ! Don't ever apologies for hunting released birds, I seek out and hunt wild ringne
  2. All time favorite, that and Call of The Wild.
  3. I was there along with two other Silverados! The best part was seeing all the police officers reaction to the parade, it was like they thought it was for them, and in a way I guess it was !
  4. Just got back from Clinton and my Springers flushed one. Not sure if it was a State released bird, there was a fellow there with a english pointer and he said he had released some himself for training.
  5. It's electric only, you can use your 9.9 in an emergency if a storm came up while you where out there. It's an outstanding fishery !
  6. Sorry I missed you, I saw your 71 but i didn't put it together! Loved watching the two 70 SS Fathom Blue Chevelles pull in together. Your right it was a good "mix" of cars ! Dan
  7. Just got back from this show, a great show !
  8. Great bucks! Things seemed to have changed down there. In the 60's anything over 100lbs was a big deer, almost like a sub-species of the whitetail, not so anymore!
  9. WTG! One of my favorite places in this world . My brother lives close by so we fish it often . Fish aren't easy but well worth it.
  10. Brian, this is from the owners ! June 24, 2020 Atco Dragway Racers, Family/Crew Members & Fans: We’ve been receiving a lot of questions & comments over the past 2 days. We are writing this to try & clear up any misinformation. WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS. We will be racing this weekend, June 27 & 28, and then will start with our revised 2020 schedule for the remainder of the season (starts July 10 & goes through November). Our revised 2020 schedule is available at our website, www.atcodragway.rocks. Just a reminder, due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), there
  11. I agree but this is from F+W . Introduced initially in the early 1900s, channel catfish were only stocked in handful of locations by the late 70s. They are now stocked in over 90 waterbodies. Because of their strict spawning requirements channel catfish only reproduce in the Delaware & Raritan Rivers and Union Lake.

    R.I.P. Elli

    Sorry for your loss. You were both lucky to have each other!
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