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  1. WTG! One of my favorite places in this world . My brother lives close by so we fish it often . Fish aren't easy but well worth it.
  2. Brian, this is from the owners ! June 24, 2020 Atco Dragway Racers, Family/Crew Members & Fans: We’ve been receiving a lot of questions & comments over the past 2 days. We are writing this to try & clear up any misinformation. WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS. We will be racing this weekend, June 27 & 28, and then will start with our revised 2020 schedule for the remainder of the season (starts July 10 & goes through November). Our revised 2020 schedule is available at our website, www.atcodragway.rocks. Just a reminder, due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), there’s NO GENERAL PUBLIC SPECTATORS. We are still limiting admission to racers & crew members. We will make an announcement when we are allowed to open again to the general public. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you can call (856) 768-2167, email [email protected] or message social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). Sincerely, Atco Dragway
  3. I agree but this is from F+W . Introduced initially in the early 1900s, channel catfish were only stocked in handful of locations by the late 70s. They are now stocked in over 90 waterbodies. Because of their strict spawning requirements channel catfish only reproduce in the Delaware & Raritan Rivers and Union Lake.

    R.I.P. Elli

    Sorry for your loss. You were both lucky to have each other!
  5. According to F+W Channel Cats only reproduce in the Delaware and Raritan River Systems. I have however found them in at least six impoundments where I believe they are reproducing. These bodies of water have never been stocked by the State and while catching bait I have often run into fingerling Channels. These waters must of been privately stocked years ago. Some now hold huge cats ! Anyone else believe they know of waters that have reproducing Channel Cats?
  6. Don't know if it's true but the Mayor supposedly said the street sweeper will remove the Blue Line of chalk!
  7. If you get a chance try and attend such a rally!
  8. Those of you that have Face Book, maybe you could Post this!
  9. THANKS FOR POSTING! I have a youth Cub Scout Fishing Derby that day, but I'll try for sure to attend!
  10. The silent majority !
  11. I'm not a political guy but I've had enough. Our Law Enforcement Officers are being treated like garbage. Three of our local policeman were once children on my youth sports teams. These kids came from great families and are great young men . Our Town just had its second protests, most of the protesters were from out of town. The scum cursed at every policeman they saw. Well I made it a point to go up to each and everyone of the local police and thank them for what they do. Others saw what I was doing and joined in, before long there were 20 or so pickups driving around doing the same thing. That night I got a call from one of the parents of a young man that I used to coach . His mom said that what we did put faith back in what they were doing for the community. Guys...it doesn't take much effort to let your local police you know you got their back. Just a thumbs up will do wonders! Dan Healy
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