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  1. I haven't run the dogs on them but I did see them releasing a few times at Clinton . Going to Pa. as well, looks to be another great season! Good luck and be safe.
  2. There might be better breeds.......but I've yet to find em! lol
  3. I was training mine in Pa. today, but I saw them release a few at Clinton yesterday .
  4. Yes Sir, best time of the year! Fine looking dogs!
  5. To create a WPRA in Pa. it requires 10,000 acres of continuse potential habitat . The realality is that there are only a few farms within these WPRA's that actually are put into good habitat, not much more than a 100 acres on some farms. These are farms surrounded by thousands of acres with no habitat yet they met the criteria . A farm with habitat in amongst farms without and not a farm that is surrounded by forrest so to speak. I continue to hunt wild pheasants in Pa. in areas that are NOT part of a WPRA and all of them consist of small areas of land. There are still wild birds in NJ in smaller areas such as wetlands, industrial sites , landfills etc. In an area in SouthWest Pa. we worked with the Audubon Society for funding on 650 acres for warm season grasses . It is now home to threatened grassland species and also ringneck pheasants. I'm all for helping our other upland birds. Thanks for your input.
  6. I agree Brian , even with good support there are huge obstacles . NJ is.....well NJ! Thanks for your offer !
  7. I was just talking to Austin Damminger the new NJ Farm Bill Biologist for Pheasants forever and Quail Forever . He was hired to work in the Southern Counties. Give him a call. Cell 856 649 4641 office 609 534 9493
  8. The area I had in mind is in Hunterdon County , that at one time had the highest density per acre of wild birds . Do you belong to the South Jersey Chapter of Pheasants Forever ?
  9. I know Bobby has started a new Chapter , but I don't know what his vision is. Maybe he will chime in.
  10. Taking a few of those birds trapped and creating a captive wild breeding program in the area that they were to be released might of had some merrit. There's a Chapter in Pa. that is considering this very approach. Going out West for a supply of wild birds might be the best answer , none of this is easy for sure.
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