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  1. I guess we all knew it was coming ! https://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/news/2019/grouse_closed.htm
  2. At what point do we decide we've had enough?
  3. No fear...that's great ! Keep an eye on the rip tides, they can be tuff on the little guys.
  4. My very first car was a 1971 SS 454 Chevelle , Cowl Induction , 12 Bolt , everything a 17 year old needed! lol. Sorry about the bad picture!
  5. Ive always been a GM guy but those Chargers and Challengers are awesome ! Good luck with it.
  6. Boy... I can certainly relate to that ! My son and daughter now have children of their own , in just a blink of the eye . However tight times get resist the urge to sell . As I'm sure you are aware it's not easy getting one of these cars to the level of where your car is at now . Enjoy that baby!!!
  7. Thanks for sharing ! Any mods planned for your ride this year?
  8. Thanks ! It's at high idle now, breaking in the cam.
  9. Took a while but it's ready for summer ! The person is John Hammer a good friend and he also loves big blocks! 102_0478.mov 102_0477.mov
  10. I do a lot of the same type fishing ! Very nice.
  11. If you have some time this is pretty interesting! http://raritanfishcam.weebly.com
  12. Some of the names have changed over the years , but Sleepy Hollow and Woodland Valley come to mind.
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