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  1. Family Tradition stands are built in the USA you won't be disappointed ! https://www.familytraditiontreestands.com
  2. They are playing havoc with the Northern Bobwhite Quail restoration efforts.
  3. They placed a note on my door today!
  4. My brother, best friend, and I all went to Leslie Edlemans to get 1100's that they had a sale on . They only had two left in stock so the salesman offered me a Bereta AL-2 for the same sale price. That was over 50 years ago and no way to explain the memories made with that gun!
  5. True...but both sides within those 1000 soldiers are armed!
  6. "We are that group of 1000 soldiers, and I have a distinct feeling that we are being manipulated towards tremendous in-fighting so that we may be easily defeated." That sir is EXACTLY what is going on and it's working . Our Nation better wake up soon !
  7. Make sure you let that little guy know how much we all enjoyed it!
  8. Very nice! With just a very few minor performance upgrades that BB can turn into a tork monster.
  9. Who doesn't love a Big Block ! Any specs on the internals?
  10. The Eastern Red Wolf is endangered but not extinct . Interesting when modern DNA studies were done on our larger Eastern Coyote they fully expected it to have the grey wolf genes, instead it had more Eastern Red Wolf Genes.
  11. MADE IN THE U.S.A. ! A little pricey but of VERY high quality . Mine are 10 years old and are as solid as the day I bought them. You won't be disappointed ! https://www.familytraditiontreestands.com
  12. Brian, Don't give up on your dream. If you contact Ducks Unlimited and the Pennsy Game Commission , I think you would be pleasantly surprised ! Dan
  13. Bass in the 4 to 5 range are not just decent in the North East, there impressive WTG! I've fished all over for SM and Lm bass and somehow have overlook this water so close to home . We know the fishery is outstanding just haven't hit it yet . Soon !
  14. All this talk has gotten me thinking about Fall!
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