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    Santee Cooper Trip

    We did a lot of fishing for largemouths down there caught some real hogs! I think Roland Martin said it was his favorite place in the world to fish.

    Latest Dropping Chestnut

    Not yet, the American Chestnut is a fast grower but it puts it's energy in outracing the competition to the forest canopy, that's one of the reasons it dominated the forests . Those hybrid nuts I gave you should now be producing nuts now.

    Latest Dropping Chestnut

    Unfortunately 99% percent of the available chestnuts will NOT do well in a forest type environment and that includes the Dunstan Chestnut. The Dunstan is a fine tree for wildlife, it's just not a forrest type tree . It and most others will do well in a orchard type setting like apple trees. It will grow in a forrest, it's just not capable of dominating the adjacent canopy like the American Chestnut could and develop a large mast crop. The Douglas Hy-brid is one that can come close to the forest type tree you are looking for, but keep in mind as with any "seedling" results will vary as far as blight resistance and tree characteristics . The American Chestnut Foundation now has the 15/16th's chestnut available for large scale reforestation projects . It is not widely available to the general public yet, but if you are working with the forestry Dept. I am sure they would help. Contact Sarah Fitzsimmons . Dan

    Latest Dropping Chestnut

    Thank You! We also have some pure American and the 15/16 th's Americans on our property!

    Latest Dropping Chestnut

    A lot depends on site location and soil type , but mine started to produce nuts at 6-8 years. Now keep in mind there is a Big difference between producing a few nuts and having a good crop for wildlife . You probably won't see a decent "crop " until about 12 years !

    Latest Dropping Chestnut

    I have 30 acres in Bradford County Pa. that Ive been planting chestnuts on for almost 40 years . Ive been collecting all varieties that I can get my hands on, including the Dunstan. My goal was to have an American type tree that dropped nuts much later than the traditional Chineese Chesnut and still be blight resistant. After collecting trees that looked promising we would collect the seed and plant them on another piece of property so as not to have to many varieties pollinating each other. One of the main parents of this tree is the Douglas Hybrid from Red Creek NY., and a tree called Layeroka . Interestingly the Layeroka is supposed to be pollen sterile , but I obtained this variety from a chestnut enthusiast in Canada and it's been anything but. Another very exciting characteristic of this late bearing tree is that it has started to produce nuts at just seven years old!

    Latest Dropping Chestnut

    It's no secret that wildlife LOVE Chestnuts, but most are done by mid October, these are late November ! 102_0416 by FLDBRED, on Flickr
  8. After 3 decades I have "finally " developed a VERY late Chestnut ! These pictures are from 11/27/18 ! 102_0414 by FLDBRED, on Flickr

    Pudelpointer day

    Very nice ! Did you hunt Pa. this year?

    Pheasants before the Rain

    Nice...Spaniels are second to none! Black phase pheasant ?

    Pa. Deer Hunters Holiday

    It's just something thats a way of life for us.

    Good day in the field

    Way to go, the young lady sure looks happy! No snow?

    Pa. Snow Birds

    Yes, a large State Game Land that is managed for small game. The best part was I had the place to myself, just me and my springer!

    Pa. Snow Birds

    A couple of birds from this mornings hunt!