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  1. Thanks for sharing the pics. They are great. Could you share what camera and lens combo you use?
  2. TJS

    Need an eye doctor

    I just had my eyes done within the past month. I'm in South Jersey, so my guy would be no good for you. I do want you to know about the newer lenses that are out there. Make sure your doc has experience with them. Fixes vision both near and far!!!!!
  3. Hope to go early, probably Saturday. Always good atmosphere. Not a duck hunter, but enjoy the show. Enjoy the food. Look to add a raw wood bird to finish and add to my collection.
  4. Congratulations Jack!! Enjoy your posts!
  5. I have Hastings cantilever barrels on two 870s. They both are very accurate. I wouldn't hesitate pulling the trigger on a Hastings barrel.
  6. Craigslist = Caution!!! Good Luck
  7. I enjoy fishing out of a Creek Company inflatable pontoon. I use it for floating for smallmouth. Fantastic to fish out of. Getting to a new spot simply requires sitting down and floating to a new hole. Prices vary greatly with quite a few different companies in the game. Using on a lake can be troublesome in the wind. Oars work. Some put on trolling motors. You can view Youtube videos.
  8. I emailed them a week ago. Got a personal response that they are going with the historical theme for the area. I see it as some BS. Have to agree, and I stated in email, that food is overpriced. Also stated that allowing people to wander out back as dusk approached was very disturbing. Watching people on the lawn is not my idea of a good time while paying high prices for mediocre food... and now with no interior atmosphere. BTW, doesn't that bread have wood chips in it?
  9. See deer with bait, but I vote to not bait. Yes, some big deer go to bait, but not the norm in NJ. Enjoy the hunt.
  10. Too expensive to wholly enjoy. Food is not the top quality they think. It is a special place, however am truly pissed when folks wander out back! I saw manager make an attempt to stop some one out there at dusk, but was told that he allows that wandering earlier in day. Bread is full of woodchips/fiber!! It's different, but not a fan. Waitresses and bartenders are quite nice. They have a great gig considering their work week!! I go occasionally in hopes of seeing the wildlife and daydream of hunting "the Gap."
  11. Both days are good. Would think anytime before late Sunday. Good eats there. Great atmosphere. Early in day is better. I do miss Tom Knapp!
  12. I'll chime in as a teacher approaching the end of his career. Where I am, teachers cannot input a grade lower than a 50 on a progress report or a report card until the last marking period. That keeps the student in the realm of possibly passing and not giving up way before the end of the year. That has some merit. The rules have wavered on whether credit should be given for work turned in late. Giving credit for work turned in at the end of the marking period often does not help student learn the concepts. Teaching young people to be conscientious in trying their best isn't the norm anymore. We once had a guest speaker for a teacher in-service day who instructed us to concentrate on teaching students to be polite and courteous and leave the teaching of skills to the workplace. Today, it's hard to instill manners and appropriate behavior into students. Many parents are raising undisciplined children. They, and our society will be paying the price for that. Our country's movement toward socialism with all its entitlements is hurting us! Most teachers could write a book on their experiences. I'll leave it with the above paragraphs for now.
  13. Took a number of trips there, but not in summer. Always to go in summer. I wanted to try it to avoid some crowds. Late August is supposed to be a good time to go. Be busy in early morning and late in the day. May be a good trade for a fall hunt getaway.
  14. TJS

    Canoe float trip

    Ok. got it. Driving, it doesn't seem that far. Hope to float it someday! Thanks.
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