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  1. [emoji2369] well keep looking
  2. Someone is Westwood posted one for sale
  3. Anything still available?
  4. I recently got the Lyman lil dipper on eBay. $88
  5. Any pics of the wagon?
  6. I’d go to the gun shop and sell the ammo. Why sell yourself short if it helps you get the bow you want?
  7. To add, playing victim for the comments. Instead of walking it back, uses bullshit sources to cite his gouge.
  8. If you want to put yourself on the same level as politicians, have at it. But you are not only a price gouger but a liar as well. Same box I looked up yesterday of the federal is still 86.95. You deserve any abuse you get for trying to gouge people on your “commodity”. We are a community here to help each other. I wish you no luck in your sale
  9. Any reason the federal is $35 more a box than online?
  10. Just picked up. Thanks man! Solid offer to get the next generation in the woods
  11. Sorry missed that part. I’ll take it
  12. You spent all that energy on being a dick. What a sad existence. I have not seen those posts. But you can F off while at it
  13. I have heard conflicting stories about this range and the rules. Can we shoot centerfire rifle there? .223, .243, .308?
  14. Really wish I were closer. GLWS
  15. Is the bow available? I’m local
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