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  1. formakos


    1 lb can IMR 4895 and 1 lb can IMR 4064. $35.00 each. Pick up in Toms River.
  2. I have a Savage 110L (lefty) .243 with a wood stock. It is an old gun but consistently shoots minute of angle groups at 100 yds. I used it for years deer hunting in PA and never lost a buck with it. Very inexpensive rifle.
  3. You need to go to the rifle permit course and get a rifle permit to hunt with the mz.
  4. They will also chew on your truck wiring if it has road salt on it. Had 3 trucks damaged at our camp. They are constantly chewing on our porch posts and side of shed. Real nuisances.
  5. I have had a camp in McKean County PA since 1968. The 3 point/side rule has produced some really nice bucks. However, IMHO the drastic reduction in hunter numbers has also contributed. It is rare to see any hunters other than local camp members and the number of active camps is a small fraction of what it was years ago. Whereas, for years, we took around 8 bucks per year, we now rarely get more than 2 or 3. We also see very few spikes and Y's. Again, lack of hunters is a big reason.
  6. i would guess rotator cuff also. I had same problem several years ago and had my rotator cuff surgically repaired by an expert in the field. Had about a 3/8 inch cut for the micro surgery. After re-hab, no problems but I went to a x-bow.
  7. Marlin Model 60 is a good rifle for a good price. Have had one for a very long time and no problems.
  8. They fired the defensive coordinator this morning.
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