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  1. Does anyone know if groundhogs eat hosta??? I have something eating my hosta down to the stems. Have had groundhogs around for several years but never had hosta eaten???? Looks more like a deer but not very likely due to location?
  2. Anybody smoke white perch? If so, any tips would be appreciated. Butterfly??? scale??? Thanks.
  3. Just down the block from my house in Toms River, I came upon a bird feeding on a road killed squirrel. Never saw a bird like this before. About the size of a red tail. All black with white leggings and white wing tips when it flew. I'm thinking either a black vulture or immature golden eagle?? Any ideas???
  4. I remember all the guys in our local hunting club putting in for doe permits when they first started that system and then everyone that got one tearing it up. Just to keep other guys from getting them.Anti- doe hunting sentiment was very strong. Also remember hunting wild pheasants for several years. Hard to find now.
  5. Burned in my RecTec yesterday at 400 degrees for 1 hour. It held the temp plus or minus 1 degree the entire time. Going to do a corned beef on St. Patty's Day for my first use if the grill. Can't wait to see how it turns out.
  6. Giants will not be relevant in the NFC East for years to come.
  7. A friend of mine smokes commercially and he told me to get a Rec Tec smoker for the best temp control. I got one but haven't used it yet.
  8. Just got a Rec Tec electric pellet grill. Do you need to brine the brisket first? Can't wait to try it. Any recipes for smoking a corned beef ??
  9. I'm right handed and left eye dominant. I shoot long guns and crossbow left handed. Pistols right handed using left eye.
  10. Hunter Bob: No. I mean Affinity Cellular. They are affiliated with AAA. Look them up and see what they offer. Hard to beat.
  11. I use Affinity Cellular. They use Verizon's network. Very reasonable. Verizon is the only one that works at my camp in NC PA.
  12. This thread is a perfect example why the Navy taught us that you never discuss money, religion or POLITICS when socializing with friends. Always leads to animosity!!!
  13. 2 10 round boxes of Rem. SP2X6 steel shot. 12 gauge 3 inch magnum. $10.00 for both. Toms River
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