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  1. I was fluking off Barnegat several years ago with 2 friends. I had a fluke on and somehow lost my grip on the rod and it went over. A few drifts later one of friends hooked up and reeled in my rod with the fluke still on. Rinsed it off and used it several more years. This was in about 45 ft of water.
  2. They should have had this one at Eldora!!!!
  3. formakos

    Cat repellent

    Caught the cat in a live trap and transplanted in the woods 10 miles away. Will he return????
  4. Last time I tried to park at the mill and walk up to the dam I was summarily asked to stay out by the security guard. Don't know if they still have one on site of not???
  5. Does anyone know when the dam above Finesville on the musky is going to be removed??
  6. formakos

    Cat repellent

    Other than lead, does anyone know what I can put on my asparagus patch to keep stray cats from using it for their bathroom???
  7. Dirty Dozen Camp. Village of Wrights, McKean County PA. Established 1968. Old A frame house that we have nicely restored. Oil furnace, spring for water. Own 3 acres and have unlimited private land to hunt plus very large game land nearby. Love it.
  8. Saw 2 dead ground hogs today on Rt. 37 between Toms River and Lakehurst. Springs comin'.
  9. Lyman Challenger all weather scope. 4X medium fine reticle. $50.00. Pick up in Toms River.
  10. My deepest condolences in the loss of your loved one. May he rest in peace.
  11. Has anyone who has had the virus taken the vaccination? If so, any reactions???
  12. Maine moose permit applications are now being accepted on line.
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