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  1. Looks like lever actions were the weapons of choice for a high percentage of them.
  2. I have a Rec-Tec and it maintains the set temp within a couple of degrees regardless the outside conditions. I love it.
  3. Were you hunting?? If so, why didn't you shoot him????
  4. Before Delta came through, yellowfin fishing was drop and reel at the Triple Wrecks. Also some bluefin mixead in.
  5. The Colliers Mills WMA rifle range and the Stafford Forge WMA muzzleloader and shotgun ranges will close Tuesday, October 13 for upgrading. The upgrades include covered firing lines and improved parking areas. These ranges are expected to reopen in February. Archery ranges at both WMAs will remain open during construction.
  6. The best explanation of the virus I have seen was by a woman virologist from the U. of Hong Kong. She stated, unequivocally, that covid-19 was a man made virus deliberately released upon the world by the Chicoms. She had a lot of facts to back up her conclusions.
  7. I recall very clearly that the pundits were forecasting a market crash if Trump was elected as POTUS in 2016!!!!
  8. My hummers have left. Last visit was Sept 19th.
  9. PM me your e-mail and I'll send you some.
  10. Daisy 140 mfg'd in 1942 only. In good condition. $450.00
  11. IMHO they should emulate PA. You get a buck tag with your license and may use it for bow, rifle or ML. One buck per person. Allocate antlerless tags by zone each year as populations increase/decrease. 2 antlerless permits per person.
  12. Semper Fi Dominic!!!! Thank you for your service!!!!
  13. This is off topic but, personally, I don't think it is wise to be mentioning that you own any weapons on an open forum what with everything that is going on today. Especially since Biden may be the POTUS come Jan!!! Just my 2 cents.
  14. Check out the Sea Hunts. Good boat and fair price
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