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  1. Stinking tree rats!! They are eating their share for sure plus throwing it out on the ground. Are you still doing corn or deer protein pellets? Over in that feeder on the farm had good luck with deer protein, used the Sportsmen s Choice from Tractor supply and or Bishops
  2. Way to go Jay, good job!!! Agree Bones a good guide in it for the right reason not to charge 350$ a half day for corn fed yard birds. Can see it now.... NJhuntingguide2 when you want the real thing
  3. tomturkey

    Need a Prayer

    Prayers sent!
  4. Hevi Shot 665 with Hevi Shot #6's
  5. Central, Louisa county Merkel Lexington is nice small town and Staunton just north of Lexington is nice too
  6. Nice man, you're having a great season buddy..good job!!!
  7. Correct Jack, thank you it is the Virginia property. I will keep updating . Also Lake Anna is a half hr away which is supposed to have some real nice fishing.
  8. I'll get us some points, no worries! Closing isn't till July 6th if SJ home sells by then
  9. Sorry Buck, this is new home in central Virginia
  10. That is awesome! Thanks for sharing. My step son is canine officer in SJ
  11. Yea mine is school teacher her...but she said enough is enough time to roll. She applied 7:30 AM Monday morning there and 9:30 AM had request for interview. She interviews tomorrow. Praying it goes good
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