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  1. I also have never meet Steve but enjoyed all his posts!! My condolences to all his family and friends. Sorry!!
  2. Well Done!! Every deer you shoot or have an encounter with teaches you something new. Congrats and enjoy the moment!!
  3. Pumpstation

    Wide six

    Nice Deer!! Congrats
  4. Thanks again!! Good group of people on this site!!!
  5. Thank You everyone. It was awesome!!!! On our way to the butcher then the taxi.
  6. I️ rarely post anything but enjoy reading everyone’s stories and and their pics. My 11 year old shot his first bow buck last night and I️ couldn’t be more proud so I️ had to share. Thanks for looking!!! Don’t know if this is going to work so in case it is messed up sorry
  7. Sons first bow buck

  8. Nice Sheds. That dead head looks really familiar. By chance do you drive a Dodge plate ending in CBH?
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