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  1. I was waiting for the new Bronco’s release for the last 3-4 years to replace my 06 explorer. Got tired of waiting and decided I wanted a pick up instead. Ended up getting a 2019 Ranger. So far I’m happy with it. It’s enough truck for what I need and a lot easier to throw my buck in last year than the explorer.
  2. I know there are some herpetologists on here. Can any of you tell if this is a black rat or a black racer. Fairly aggressive when I messed with him and rattled his tail.
  3. Best hunt so far was my 2015 dall sheep hunt in the Alaska Range. I never worked harder to prepare for a hunt. The hunt was one awesome experience after another.
  4. That’s almost like asking who is my favorite kid. I love my 35 marlin and model 99 300 savage but most of my deer have dropped from my savage110 in 7mm mag.
  5. hvnj

    Tree Removal?

    Gamboa landscaping took care of some trees on my property in Andover. Did a great job.
  6. Northern water snake. Maybe hognose?
  7. Legs were way longer in relation to the body. I’ve seen the grass spiders around as well but never one like this.
  8. Any one out there that can identify this spider. Found it in my basement tonight. Looks like a brown recluse but I know they are not native to nj.
  9. hvnj


    He probably gets less grief than if he used Rage lasers.
  10. I’m a trophy hunter. I’ll only shoot 50s and bigger.
  11. Check out kittatiny state park. A lot of rail trails, nice lake, and an airport with small planes. Great place for the kids. Park off of Goodale Road.
  12. There is a group of scientists that are trying to revive the species genetically. Same method that’s being attempted on mammoths. Imagine the delays at Newark airport if one of those flocks flew over.
  13. I believe banded pigeons are carrier or homing pigeons. Passenger pigeon refers to an extinct species that had flocks so large that they went on for miles. Market hunting for their feathers caused their extinction early in the 20th century.
  14. hvnj

    Is Easter a Fairytale?

    I want to thank Rusty for starting this thread. For such a sensitive topic most of the posts were respectful. Now if only the Giants and Eagles fans could be the same. BTW-no chance for Biden Vs Trump supporters. Happy Easter all.
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