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  1. Looks great. Can’t wait to pick mine up tomorrow!
  2. Was out in 2 this am. Every deer I saw either bedded in sight of me or was bedded when I left. No deer movement at all. Hopefully tomorrow will be a different story.
  3. hvnj

    Giving up Cams

    I use the cameras in hopes of catching one of the mountain lions everyone seems to see up here in Sussex County. That or Bigfoot.
  4. Z2. Since 2:30. Doe all over the place and a 3 pt chasing them all. Hopefully it will get the attention of the 9 that came in after shooting time. Biggest buck I’ve seen while hunting.
  5. Love the squirrel hunt picture. First time hunt with my son was for squirrel. Now he’s a freshman at Penn State. Enjoy it cause it goes by fast.
  6. I’m sure mine were a bit stiff to.
  7. Had a busted 8 with split brows at15 yards. Went to draw back and couldn’t. Went home and shot at the target with no problem. I guess the limbs warmed up in my truck. Lowered the draw weight, sighted in and now back in stand. Not ready to go to a crossbow yet but thinking about it.
  8. Out in zone2. One doe so far. A barred owl landed in the tree above me before daybreak. Pretty cool. Good luck
  9. Out in 2. One 3pt 2 doe s and some turkey. Have a few new bucks on camera this week so I’m hopeful. Property owner saw this one across the street from his house this morning.
  10. Zone 2 buck. Was on my camera twice in November 2018.
  11. Not as exotic but the south east cost of Florida can have good numbers of sailfish that time of year. No armed guards, you can drink the water and if the fishing turns off you can go hog hunting. Lots of good charter captains esp around Jupiter
  12. Greatest scene in the greatest movie-Quint telling his story of the USS Indianapolis in Jaws. Honorable mention goes to Kevin Costner having a catch with his dad at the end of Field of Dreams.
  13. Congrats on the hunt of a lifetime. How many animals did you take?
  14. You can have any engine you want as long as it’s a3.2L ecoboost. I’m not sure if they’ll have other options in the future.
  15. Just bought my first pickup in March and went with the new Ford Ranger. I wanted/needed a pick up for my kayaks, camping, the occasional yard projects and hopefully a lot of whitetails. More importantly I wanted it to fit in my garage(the larger trucks were too big). So far its perfect. I got the one with the 6ft bed. It has more bells and whistles than I needed but its hard to find a new vehicle without them. I previously had a 2006 Explorer(it's my son's now) that I have had very few issues with. I had considered the Tacoma but had heard about the frame issues and was advised by my brother in law(that works for a Toyota dealership/service center) to avoid them unless the frame had already been replaced.
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