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  1. hvnj

    Free firewood

    If it’s walnut I know some one who might pay you cash for it. PM me and I can give him your contact information.
  2. hvnj

    Animal Id?

    I agree-mink.
  3. Look out in Tioga and Potter counties. There are a lot of mom and pop places to rent a room for cheap. The pressure isn’t to bad and there are some big bucks out there.
  4. Got these picks from my camera today. Not sure if they left anything for the deer ..... and then they were gone
  5. I’m waiting for this one to drop. I went out with the snow shoes Saturday and found nothing but got one good workout
  6. One of my best seasons ever. Limited time in the woods but I got my first crossbow buck and my biggest PA buck to date. On top of that I have 2 big ones that made it through the season to look forward too.
  7. hvnj

    Post Storm Deer

    These pics are from Monday at 5 pm. We got a lot of snow since then.
  8. So the season closed in 2 today and I have at least two bucks that made it through the season. Hoping to see them next year. Anyone else have a target buck for next fall?
  9. Don’t over look PA. Lots of big bear and public land. License with bear tag less than 150.00 for out of state residents. I believe one of the top 5 in the world is from PA.
  10. I don’t think you need preference points for deer and pronghorn in Wyoming.
  11. I usually start at 10% but it really depends on the hunt. I’ve tipped a lot better on the guided hunts that were more work for the guide. A whitetail hunt where they drop me off and pick me up not as much. It also depends if you’re 1:1 or 2:1. Also there is always the question as to what to tip when the outfitter is guiding. Some people say not to tip at all. My recommendation start at 10% and if stellar service go up. If they fall short go lower.
  12. I’m fine with a baiting ban as long as they ban AND enforce the feeding of deer in residential areas. Without baiting there would be no deer in the woods where I hunt.
  13. Not a huge college football fan but I’ve been to a couple of Army games with scouting events. One of the best sporting events I’ve ever seen. If you have any concerns about the future of our youth go meet some cadets at West Point.
  14. In 2015 I was on my hunt of a lifetime for a Dall sheep in Alaska. After a year of climbing local hills with an 80 lb pack, weekly shooting at the range I though I was prepared. First day of hunting and after climbing one mountain we spot 4 rams with one legal one on the other side of the valley. Three hours later I was 410 yards away getting ready to shoot. Between the guide going back and forth on when to shoot, the gravel sliding under me, windier conditions up hill and “ram fever “ I misses twice and then a third time at 220 yds where I kissed my scope with my forehead. I thought I h
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