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  1. Was that the nav or the shews thanks
  2. Qman

    Social distance winner

    That guyLooks like Captain Jimmy’s on the bingo
  3. Qman

    Air fryer

    Set temperature for 390 set timer for 28 minutes I made them all football season
  4. Make sure you have reservations and The voodoo shrimp is top notch
  5. I’ll take them what town you in. Tom
  6. Wasn’t, to cold for bud lites. Me and my buddies had a interesting time waiting for the none existing bite. Will get next time.
  7. For all those interested in blackfishing the bingo will sailing open nov 16, 17,18 give capt Jim a call
  8. I,m interested when and where
  9. If your still looking for a boat the bingo is available call capt Jim at 732 948 7735
  10. Please send photos what year thanks
  11. Go to log splitter direct pick one in your price range and need I have a yard max 28 ton with a 4 way wedge you can't beat them yust sold a the 35 ton that was posted a weeks ago
  12. Sell to Louie we need for our annual fishing trip
  13. 35 ton dirty hands brand new list for 1700 make offer never used pm for ? Middletown nj thanks tom
  14. Qman

    WTB Pigeons

    Charlie go buy a pigeon trap .pigeons are everywhere you will have an endless supply tommy
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