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  1. Come on by the store 04/17/2021 from 11AM to 12PM to talk Turkey! Learn about calls! How to call! When to call! AND.. Turkey hunting!!
  2. Going in the mail tomorrow - 03/19/2021 - Please visit the shop and say you are from NJ WW . Check out our bows and equipment - become part of the Bob & AJ's Archery World Family!
  3. I received the messages and will be mailing your gift certs shortly. Please reach out to me through PM when received. Hope to see you at the shop!
  4. Messages sent to: @MGHunter66: $115 (PENDING) + $50 gift certificate courtesy of @BobandAJsArcheryWorld (PENDING) @BEAR: $75 (PENDING) + $50 gift certificate courtesy of @BobandAJsArcheryWorld (PENDING)
  5. Messages sent to 1. Christopher sponsored by @iluv2hunt: $225 (PENDING) + $50 gift certificate courtesy of @BobandAJsArcheryWorld (PENDING) 2. Christopher sponsored by @LPJR: $175 (PENDING) + $50 gift certificate courtesy of @BobandAJsArcheryWorld (PENDING)
  6. Wheeling and dealing make an offer that I can't refuse.
  7. Go through the original post. Make an offer through PM. You might be surprised. Looking to get this stuff on the move!
  8. Give a gander, turkey season is coming - there are two LMC calls for sale. Plenty of other bargains to be had!
  9. To the top. There are bow sights, stabilizer, harness, Turkey calls.. Make an offer and we'll discuss. Use PM please
  10. Who do we send the gift certificates to so they can be mailed to the winners?
  11. It's that time of the year again! Deals Deals Deals! Check the first post and make an offer.
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