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  1. In observation of this coming Memorial Day , we are offering 10% off of all in stock bows!! The sale begins Wednesday and runs through Saturday. We will be closed this Sunday. Enjoy your holiday!!
  2. FLASH SALE!!! Elite Enlist bow , $400 !!!!!!!!!! These are brand new bows that sell for almost double. Specs—— 33 .5 axle to axle —— 6.8 brace height —— 3.95 pounds ——325 Ibo speed —— 60 to 70 pounds Only 5 bows at this price!!! First come first serve. Call ahead for status... or show up and see what you like! 484-308-1552
  3. Congratulations to our own, Santo Armano, for bringing home his 3rd and 4th Traditional Archery Society Regional Champion Belts. He won both Modern Longbow and Ultimate Bowhunter Challenge Competitions. Way to get it done son. We are all very proud of you!
  4. There are less than 10 days left of The March Madness Sale!!!!! Come in and take advantage!
  5. More March Madness!!! If you know anyone wanting to get involved with Archery check this out - https://www.groupon.com/deals/bob-and-ajs-archery-world
  6. Get in on Marchmadness! If you're thinking about buying anything archery give Bob & AJ's the chance to win your heart! Trade ins now accepted! 10% off any in stock bow!!!! - Sign up for our mailing list through our web sight... click the beautiful banner and let it take you away to archery paradise! - Subscribe to our youtube channel - great things coming! AJ's TIP's and best practices! - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4L8EQwQC50I6FARIL5ODXg - Let us know what you want to see and products you think we should carry if we don't have them now. - 2019 will be the best yet!
  7. Bump for March Madness!!! Check out the new bows! Obsession is awesome! Mathews Vertix! Elite Ritual 30, 33, 35! Lou loves these! Excalibur crossbows! Detachable, fast and accurate! Trade in's accepted!!!!!! Call the store talk to AJ!
  8. reminder - other people, groups, business provided the contents of the back pack.
  9. Well, it's March Madness at Bob & AJ's Archery World!! Remember to be subscriber to the youtube channel! More great videos to come, sales, and AJ's Archery Tips!
  10. Thank you Robin, great job. To everyone who donated and worked with the youths.. great job! To the winners of the Back Packs, post your Pics or stop by the shop! We would love to see you!
  11. From Bob, A Big THANK YOU to Rod and Becky from Pipeline Ridge Hunting Preserve in Muncy, PA for having Anastasia up to take this MEGA Wild Boar with her crossbow…Anastasia great job… Perfect shot… I am so proud of you!! ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ Great things to come from this young lady! She waited.. and waited.. a group of hogs came in.. and finally the biggins made it's way in.. and aim for the middle... thwack! As shout shouted in the loudest whisper, "Alright, RAGE IN THE CAGE!". 4 guys, one on each hoof to get this massive MEGA boar into the jet sled then into the back of the Ranger. MEGA BOAR 2019!
  12. The Hippo was not killed with a bow. Ralph and Carol are continuing their safari with their bows. Carol is using a Ravin and Ralph is using his Vertix
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