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  1. BobandAJsArcheryWorld

    Bob & AJ's own not so little one gets a MEGA one!

    From Bob, A Big THANK YOU to Rod and Becky from Pipeline Ridge Hunting Preserve in Muncy, PA for having Anastasia up to take this MEGA Wild Boar with her crossbow…Anastasia great job… Perfect shot… I am so proud of you!! ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ Great things to come from this young lady! She waited.. and waited.. a group of hogs came in.. and finally the biggins made it's way in.. and aim for the middle... thwack! As shout shouted in the loudest whisper, "Alright, RAGE IN THE CAGE!". 4 guys, one on each hoof to get this massive MEGA boar into the jet sled then into the back of the Ranger. MEGA BOAR 2019!
  2. BobandAJsArcheryWorld

    One of Bob and AJ's own, score in Africa

    The Hippo was not killed with a bow. Ralph and Carol are continuing their safari with their bows. Carol is using a Ravin and Ralph is using his Vertix
  3. BobandAJsArcheryWorld

    One of Bob and AJ's own, score in Africa

    More stories to come when they get back. We will see if we can put together an interview for the Cape Buffalo.
  4. ‎Kelly Shaunessy‎ to Monmouth County SPCA Lost & Found January 30 at 4:57 PM Springer Spaniel picked up running loose on Rising Sun Tavern Road, Millstone on 1/30/19 Now at Monmouth County SPCA, 260 Wall Street, Eatontown 732-542-0040 Shelter ID 9914 *I don't know anything else.. please contact the shelter for more info and post if needed.
  5. BobandAJsArcheryWorld

    One of Bob and AJ's own, score in Africa

    I am sure all of us will here it when he gets back lol... over and over again... lol
  6. BobandAJsArcheryWorld

    KAM Designs - awesome job!

    So Lou, thefirstndsecond saw Jersey Jay's post about KAM Designs Christmas balls. They looked awesome. He asked to have one made for Bob & one made for AJ for Christmas. Kelsey did such a wonderful job Bob asked her to make 50 of them for family and friends. In three days they completed this order. Glass and plastic balls. Great job to KAM Designs! Kelsey did a great job. I know next year look out. Some with my dog on them, our name, in-laws name, maybe even a couple gag ones. KAM designs.. you can't go wrong. https://www.facebook.com/KAMDesigns18/?__tn__=kCH-R&eid=ARAzp36Ay9kgGqxWb49qrhqGVUh1XZf7BlzIbaI89Knojzr_zNpPDgRBYHNA2388T9TYXFFsnlhXFIOD&hc_ref=ARQfGqzgwXoyLz_r7vI0sj_E2w1EjN5NIPNoo8DhFqB9fMHcRq-EKFOhxLx6GNEJYe8&fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARDdVsicYEFyN4x70W31e3LiL5Ou_G8hcBx9tlSq-MU56lYMPXq3lroIAnidLrXuxa10adaRB_0d1Sn0HwEB11n_I-2Wms21mXZDg-8ndJ9fOGxNVLMOYyF3BCI3lf6dxK8LQ9kbSfH-r_1OZ_mDudYuKMAsbV1uKbIHkxCe6JTXKCUdALA_hwY6uop0eE_SO7D_Uckq6uF6k4JJcKe1wIjw1SWgNhDVYMYZX1x4HPpOb4aGhXq27IqySc-fWxl9gPGeV5_PkrIZWi-Z1lJaYZQMO6an7XWd9cBO21b4s_VZt4ytUWy82dJkxC4QUZA4Q3Kf46WKTC-K_JtuDYPpgE-_
  7. BobandAJsArcheryWorld

    2018 Annual NJ Woods & Water Christmas Party!

    Bob and I were talking about something like that on the way home. Something in the central area.
  8. BobandAJsArcheryWorld

    Meet the Bob & AJ's Family

    Bob (Co Owner) and his daughter Anastasia - This was her first deer ever. Picture of the proudest dad in the world. AJ (CO Owner) and his wife Donna - this was Donna's first deer! Santo with AJ - AJ's first deer with a traditional bow Santo - competitive traditional archer and hunter - GM Mark Hess - bow tech Mark has only a Cous Deer left to complete the Deer Slam with his bow. Great job buddy. I think we know what kind of hunt you will be asking Santa for this year! Pro Staff - Ralph Saggiomo - unbelievable hunter Pro Staff - Carol Rein - unbelievable hunter Chris Rycharski - bow tech Lou - IT guy -
  9. BobandAJsArcheryWorld

    2018 Annual NJ Woods & Water Christmas Party!

    We would like to thank the NJ Woods and Water Hunting Forum for inviting us to their annual dinner. You guys are a great group of people and very accomplished hunters. Congratulations to this year's Youth and Adult Deer Hunting Contest Winners. We hope you enjoy your Official Bob & AJ's backpacks! We will have to catch up on more hunting stories. If you swing by the store don't forget to mention you are a member of NJ Woods and Water and your screen name.. along with your real name of course . Thank you to all of the MODS and Matt for letting us do what we do here in this great place! Thanks to Robin for managing the Youth Deer Hunting Contest and Matt for the Adult Deer Hunting Contest. Bob left, Robin middle, Lou (the store IT guy, thefirstndsecond, lungbuster) Right
  10. BobandAJsArcheryWorld

    Top Dealer For 2018 - Mission and Elite

    Thanks! We opened in April of 2017. It has been very exciting and a lot of hard work. We have a lot more to accomplish. 2019 is going to be an exciting year with a few positive changes! As long as our customers are happy we are happy!
  11. BobandAJsArcheryWorld

    Top Dealer For 2018 - Mission and Elite

    89 Municipal Rd. Pipersville, PA 18947 Bucks County Under the signature are links to the FB page, and the web site. Come on by and check out the place. There is a big 50% off sale on select items and a sale on some 2018 model bows.
  12. This is all because of the customers! We love what we do and want you to feel the same excitement and gratification we do when shooting. Target shooting or hunting, we want our customers to have confidence in their equipment. For Every Arrow, Everywhere, Use What Sets You Apart, Bob & AJ's Archery World!
  13. BobandAJsArcheryWorld

    Giant sale 12/8 & 12 9 2018 50% off

    Someone was looking for a Genisis bow.. well 50% off! Come in and see what the store is offering!
  14. BobandAJsArcheryWorld

    Baby Inbound! **Madison Rose has arrived!!

    Good luck! Pub 199 shot? lol wishing you and your family happiness!