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  1. Mailed the 4 gift certificates to Robin. Good luck and can't wait to see the smiling faces!
  2. Back to the top again! Don't forget to come in and check out the 2020 line up of equipment!
  3. I know someone mentioned a safari - check out what Bob and AJ's is offering! Stop on in for Black Friday - you have the possibility of winning the safari $ 10 gift certificate when you spend $100 and we are open 8AM to 8PM!
  4. https://archerytrade.org/you-could-win-a-best-in-show-award-ata2020/?fbclid=IwAR31C8Sx7z2_TGd7mdioM7OpMgDqjEjuzkQPp2NtYpgkxHSkKi3ogRH0I_I Impact Awards Those who use their voice or platform to inspire others to enjoy and participate in archery and bowhunting are eligible for an Impact Award. One winner will be selected from five categories: youth, retailer, individual, nonprofit and manufacturer. “Impact” means having a strong effect on someone or something. The ATA will consider any impact made through service, creativity or technology, or by improving the industry’s longevity, sustainability or awareness. The ATA will also consider those who make impacts by overcoming adversity or increasing engagement in archery. If you or someone you know is making a difference in the industry, please submit your nomination online through your MyATA member dashboard by Nov. 5. (It’s free!) Or click here to complete the nomination form. Winners will be announced at the ATA Trade Show in Indianapolis, Jan. 9-11, by Matt Kormann, ATA’s president/CEO. Winners will be notified before the Show so they can arrange to attend the ceremony. Create an account - log in, and submit your nomination - https://members.archerytrade.org/account/login.aspx?returnUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fata.slayte.com%2Fc%2Fa%3Fprovider%3DIMPEXIUM%26returnPath%3D%2Fcalls%2Fdetail%2Fd8f7ced7-7681-11e9-8e85-0e0ce905385c%2Fsubmissions%2Fcreate
  5. Who says there’s no such thing as unicorns? How do you explain this? Congratulations to Dr. Tom Gamba on this beautiful Maryland buck taken with his Ravin R20 from our shop. This is Doc’s first ever archery buck! It’s a beauty!!!
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