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  1. That beaver looks like it's taking care of some morning wood.....
  2. I might be able to put that to use if you want to get rid of it. Let me know. Thank you.
  3. I've looked into using American B-B-Q company but ended up getting cooked trays of food instead. They offer pig roasts among other options. They are located in Denville.
  4. I'm also in 3C, my wife's family has a farm in Gibson.
  5. I had some parts laying around and someone gave me a food grade barrel so I made a Wizbang chicken plucker. You can google it and get the plans. Works really well.
  6. We've always had them shipped and just picked them up from our local post office. One tip would be to remove the food at night otherwise they could over eat and break legs. Ended up with huge roasters that easily feed my family of 6. What are your plans for processing?
  7. I bought a pup from Paul at Mill pond Farm in Branchville NJ a year ago, I recently received an email that he had a male pup from another litter.
  8. gphunter

    Cz shotguns

    My daughter has the CZ Redhead in 20ga, awesome gun, she loves it and really did well with it, she now wants to upgrade to a 12ga.
  9. gphunter

    At a loss

    If you want my son could come over for dinner next time, maybe things will change with a little competition....
  10. My son has a youth model in 20 gauge, the only problem we had was that it did not like Remington ammo, we were told that Remington primers are harder then other manufactures and every few rounds it wouldn't fire. We switched to Federal ammo and the problem went away.
  11. We tried a bunch of different chicken breeds, the only time we had a problem was with roosters. The meat birds just sit and eat all day and are only around for about 10 weeks before they find there way to the freezer. We had a couple of goats for a while and we personally enjoy sheep a lot better. If you can get your girls a couple of lambs in the spring it might be a better experience for all of you, the goats we had broke out of the pastures and got into everything then broke back into the pastures when you spotted them.
  12. I've been involved with the 4H for 8 years now, my two older kids joined a 4H shooting club called Claybusters (Morris County). We also raise animals on a hobby farm and have entered them in the 4H fair. We have raised sheep, rabbits, pigs, chickens - both egg and meat, a couple of goats and a couple of horses. Have fun with your new place, it looks awesome.
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