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  1. Mine get pulled out and put in the fridge to cool as soon as I get home and hang the deer. Mine are cooked up and gone within 24 hours of the kill. A kill celebration meal.
  2. Like RPK0620 said, try a few different slugs. Use a Sabot slug with the rifled barrel. Many different Sabot slugs shoot well out of my 12 gauge 835 with a rifled barrel , 2-3/4" slugs do group better out of my gun than 3" slugs for some reason and will kill a deer just as dead as a 3" slug. I am partial to Remington Copper Solid, they group very well and create massive damage with a nice wound channel. I would get the gun bore sighted before hitting the range. It will save you some time and money.
  3. Nice! I'm on vacation this week, if the weather corperates I'll be back over there tomorrow raking some more clams for a 4th of July party. When I'm done clamming I'm going to try drifting for some fluke. Good luck!
  4. It was nice to bump into out on the Sedges Saturday. I enjoyed our conversation. I managed to rake up 50 clams, it was enough for my BBQ Saturday and enough to make clam cakes for dinner last night. I will be out again this week to scratch some up for a 4th of July party.
  5. Hewey

    late born fawns

    Scruffy little suckers!
  6. My friend tried the Toms River yesterday afternoon, no fish or hits. A couple of warm days will get them active.
  7. Yes Yota, it is a long way from Hunterdon County. I moved down to the Pines 25 years ago in my early teens from Warren County. When I lived in Warren County, I would come down to the Pine Barrens on the weekends with my Uncle. It was a long ride down. So we would make a weekend of it. It seemed like it was a world away when I was a kid. Yes, you can still drive to the top of FRM, although the mountain itself is on private property. I will PM you about this. Apple Pie Hill in Wharton is now gated due to all of the vadalisim to the fire tower in past years. Yes, we still have the issue with mud trucks turning puddles into mud holes. More times then not if it is bad, a bypass will be created so you are not be forced to pass through or turn around. If you see a bypass, take it. You seem to know how to play it safe. If you are careful and do not take any chances, you will not have any issues. Yes, I do know the misconception of "four wheeling" . I spend most of my time with my truck in 2WD. I avoid having to put it in 4WD. My woods truck now is a 2000 Silverado 4x4 with 265/75/R16 mud tires, no lift. I have many miles on this truck in the Pine Barrens over the past 10 years. I have never got stuck once. There are not many sand roads in the pines this truck has not been on. You could have a nice weekend in the pines with your family. TONS of sand roads to cruise around on, awesome pickerel fishing, plenty of nice places to go swimming, depending on the age of your childern the canoing is great, Batsto is a nice place to take the family. Use one of the Wharton campgrounds as home base for the weekend.
  8. If you want to make a day of it, you can come down south and spend all day exploring in Wharton SF, Bass River SF, and Penn SF. Greenwood WMA is another good spot. If you are not familar with the area, bring a hand held GPS unit. You can get hopelessly lost in the Pine Barrens.
  9. That sucks. Such a waste. If in doubt why pull the trigger or release an arrow? Although not sub-legal in zone 23, I found a 3 pointer and a spike buck in Bass River SF on Saturday.
  10. As always, awesome work! That's one hell of buck!
  11. Not a bad day to say the least! Congats on both!
  12. This shot was my bad. I shot her on the evening of September 16th. My buddy and I blood trailed her from 7:30 pm until we jumped her out of her bed a little after midnight. We backed out at that point. I always blood trail with my GPS on. I cleared the track at the start of the blood trail, from the start point to her bed was .61 miles! The next day I came back to her bed early the following morning. I could find no more blood, so the grid search started. From the blood she lost, I thought she was dead for sure. I spent almost the entire day, and my GPS track said I covered 6 miles doing my grid search. I went home with a sick feeling in my stomach that I lost the deer. I felt bad for some time. I swithched SD cards in a camera on October 9th, I was floored when when I was at home and was going through the pictures on my computer and there she was! My spirit soared! To this day she is still alive and I give her the pass. We call her the ghost doe. Deer are some tough critters!
  13. I only hunt with a gun a few day's each year. I am for it. I enjoy the long season's we have in Jersey. I would like to see no gun hunting after Dec. 31, leave the late season archery only and end deer hunting state wide 1/31. Does that mean 6 day would become 7 day on private land?
  14. All impressive buck. Just goes to show you Jersey's potential.
  15. Sick! The brow tines are insane! I like all the junk around the bases. Impressive in the picture, I bet they would leave you in awe in person.
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