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  1. LRG

    The rut is on in New Jersey

    Nice pics. What zone are these at? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. LRG

    What Brand Deer Call Do You Use?

    anyone use the Hunter Specialties True Talker? looking to pick one up ?
  3. LRG

    The Pre-Rut is heating up starting now!

    have a few bucks sparring on cams and tonight I heard a grunt about 100 ft way... they start grunting already?
  4. LRG

    SD card Viewer Recommendations

    If you have an iphone pickup the Boneview. Just pull your card and insert in the Boneview and plug into bottom port. You install a file viewer app that lets you view and save down your pics.. Nice and small.. can make the decision to pull the cam and relo or swap to new card wait for next pull.. like 30 bucks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. LRG

    Help with Buck ID

    Ha!! Better wash good then !! He may smell me from my living room!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. LRG

    Help with Buck ID

    I heard that too.. maybe will get a bottle of something and freshen up with pee... Funny thing is I had yote pee on in an area in line of sight of my cam and caught a buck scrape it up later.., Thanks all. Good Luck to you all Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. LRG

    Help with Buck ID

    Thanks.. Hoping hes close to 3.5... I noticed the schnoz on him too.. now to catch him during daylight.... I have put a 3 cam deeper in the thick stuff.. Hoping I can triangulate his pattern down.. may put some mock scrapes in instead of spreading corn.... do you guys use Mock Scrapes? Licking Branch?? is it too late to start those up? what to use? Wildlife Research Dripper or just create a scrape and drop a bottle in and booger it up on the ground and cross fingers and check cam?
  8. LRG

    Help with Buck ID

    one one the right...
  9. LRG

    Help with Buck ID

    Thanks ... agreed.. same boy.. you think he's over 3yrs old ?? here he goes on the right with some others.
  10. LRG

    Help with Buck ID

    now that I posted the pic... I see it!! Line down chest.. G1 shorter on right..
  11. LRG

    Help with Buck ID

    2 pics from cams about 3/4 mile away, I am not sure if its the same guy... see the similarities on the rack a bit... but the coloring around the nose is different.. could be the light.. same buck or no? How old do you think? 4yrs? Wish me luck!!
  12. LRG

    O9/15 pm hunt

    Congrats guys!! I went through 2 shirt changes before settling in today this PM Hunt it was that hot. I put up one of my hang-ons up on one spot that I found that is nice and deep, but whoa... it was hot AF hangin that bad boy today. finally wiped down with the wipes and put on the long sleeve and the thermacell as the mozzies were attacking.. sat for a while and finally heard some thing upwind.. stood up to have a better look and saw a doe flying by... then about 20 sec later had a Black Bear come right down the path towards me with no idea I was there, he was prob about 175lbs. He would have passed me prob about 6 ft away so I gave him a "hey bear" when he was about 20 yrs away and he stopped dead in his tracks and tried to scent me for about 5 sec then turned tail and hauled. didn't see anything after that till dark. I am sure I will have more and more of these encounters now that the bear hunt is closed.... ..
  13. LRG

    I got a rock

    Hunted The afternoon yesterday on Public Lund. With Trucks in all the usual spots I Planned to use the Climber so I can move a bit. Well move I did... walked down a road about 1/2 mile and entered and set up about 1/4 mile in. After finally finding the right tree and getting up and settled in I had 3 bucks come out to feed and lightly spar for almost 50 min about 30 yrds from me. They were Small and Prob 1-2 yr old four and Six pointers. Just watched them and was hoping for a does , but none followed. Got down at 7:40 and walked back to truck. Man, felt great to be hunting again!!! Good Luck All Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. LRG

    Get your Thermacell ready !

    Thermacell is on the way!! gonna be the best 25 bucks i've spent since I got a Huckelbuck at the local strip joint....
  15. LRG

    Started getting ready yet?

    Been Scouting (Hiking/MtnBike) since June and shooting the bow. I put out cameras and corn out in July and gone through a few spots that I have hunted last year and will hunt this year. I haven't put up stands yet (i have 3 hanging stands), but I am not hurrying as I think I am going to stay mobile with the climber during Early Bow as I can move around and scout and hunt to identify best areas for permit bow. looking to check out new areas this year.. Clothes were washed 2 weeks ago bagged with the Fresh Earth Wafers... I purchased that ThermaCell yesterday ...... us Early Bow Guys will get sucked dry this year by the mozzies..