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  1. Trying hard to comprehend how the following is going to stimulate the US economy... "Pakistan: $15 million for “democracy programs” and $10 million for “gender programs” (page 1486). Sri Lanka: Up to $15 million “for the refurbishing of a high endurance cutter,” which is a type of patrol boat (page 1489). $505,925,000 to Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama to “address key factors that contribute to the migration of unaccompanied, undocumented minors to the United States” (pages 1490-1491). $461,375,000 to Colombia for programs related to counternar
  2. Walmart...was just there last night looking as well. I couldn't believe how inexpensive TV's are. They have "Black Friday" sales going on right now. https://www.walmart.com/search/?cat_id=0&facet=resolution%3A4K+UHD&page=2&ps=40&query=tv
  3. Absolutely...I have one out since late June and it's just now about time to put out a new one...not to mention the deer love it...they are on it everyday.
  4. Gentlemen, thank you for all the feedback...it's much appreciated. I think we are going to hold off on making this trip for the time being. Sounds like we may be biting off more than we can chew. Perhaps we'll hit the big flatbrook early morning instead(depending on water temps) then head over to do some trap shooting at the Flatbrook ROY range and finish off with some smallies on the Big D to make a day of it. Be well.
  5. The wife is heading down the shore next weekend(not my thing) so my son and I are contemplating heading up to the West Branch of the Delaware to give it a go at some wild browns and rainbows. Figure to fish Saturday, stay overnight and fish Sunday as well. Been fishing our whole lives but we both got into fly-fishing this past year and we are hooked...have no desire to take the spinning gear out to trout fish on rivers any longer. Anyway, the last time we were out was in late May...we are dying to get out again and figure this is likely our best bet given the time of year and hot weather.
  6. Solid Fish....That is the best water I have ever fished for smallies.
  7. Is that pic with the fish on the Kenai? Well done...some great eats right there!
  8. I envy you...AK is amazing...I fished the Kenai and Russian Rivers last year in early September. Caught Silvers, Pinks, Sockeye, Rainbows and Dolly Vardens. Fished the Anchor River for one day where I caught my PB Steelhead along with a Halibut trip out of Seward. Your in for a treat if you have never been there.
  9. Beautiful fish guys! Hands down the best freshwater fishing I have ever encountered is on the St. Lawrence River. Smallmouth, largemouth, pike, musky, walleye, perch, catfish, etc...and no shortage of any of them. Been going up there for roughly 20 years... Now it's with my family and friends. Heading up on July 29th for a full week of camping in Wellesley Island SP right on the water. If anyone is looking for a great place to camp...I highly recommend it. They have a beach, marina, boat rentals, general store, showers, etc...and very clean.
  10. The net is an absolute work of art! I purchased it for my 14 year old son...it's so nice that now, I may have to get one for myself.
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