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  1. Any one know about Gene Salomon ? Heard he wasn't doing good and the place is closed. Thanks, Dave
  2. I've seen them the last few nights here in Carbon Co . PA . Soon it will be daily sightings . Dave
  3. If you post this up on Marlinowners.com you will get answers quick. You need 25 posts to sell though . Dave
  4. Looks good . What cut of meat did you use ? Dave
  5. Still seeing bear , had one last night . Carbon County Pa . Dave
  6. I liked going to deer camp in Pa so much I moved here three years ago. Good luck to all . Dave
  7. Dave McL

    Did you vote ?

    Hope everyone went out today . I live in a small Pa town , in and out in 5 minutes . Hope things stay calm across the USA the next few days . Dave
  8. Glad I saw this , left my beef jerky in the truck . I see bear every day . Thanks, Dave
  9. No stickers but an American Flag for a front license plate.
  10. Lived in Brick 3 miles from the ocean for 60 years . Had a lot of fun there. Now live in Carbon County Pa . Glad I made the move. Dave
  11. Anyone go to the Silver Ball Museum in Asbury Park ? Great place to play lots of machines and you can bring in beer too !
  12. I too am surprised that knife went out , there better than that . They will make good on that . Dave
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