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  1. Dave McL

    1983 Ruger Mini 14 with accessories

    Good luck. Dave
  2. Dave McL

    1983 Ruger Mini 14 with accessories

    Hi Rosceo if you want to sell the wood stock let me know. Thanks , Dave
  3. Dave McL

    Truck rental

    Hi folks. Need to rent a truck for my move to PA. One way rental 150 miles ,20 foot or so truck. Any recommendations ? Thanks Dave
  4. Dave McL

    a moment of silence please

    After seeing that I had to have a taste of Jim Beam. Dave
  5. July 6th is the closing date on my house in PA. Just another reason I can't wait to get out of this hell hole. Dave
  6. Dave McL

    Chillin in Turkey Swamp

    Nice to see you fly the flag. Always have mine camping (and at home) . Don't see as many as I would like. Thanks, Dave
  7. Dave McL

    Other Forums

    Bushcraft USA Marlin firearms forums If you have never visited Bushcraft take a look , great outdoors stuff. Dave
  8. Dave McL

    anyone here cook on cast iron?

    Have about 30 different pieces of cast iron. Dutch ovens , pans ECT. Just took two pans out of the oven that I seasoned today. Dave
  9. Dave McL

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to all. Now go tell your kids to find all the eggs you didn't hide. Dave
  10. Dave McL

    Am Vets Jackson gun show

    Show hours are 7:00 till 11: 00 3 /25. See you tomorrow.
  11. Dave McL

    Just watched a guy fall through the ice!

    Hold my beer and watch this . Dave
  12. Dave McL

    Need firewood in Brick

    Thank you. Dave
  13. Dave McL

    Need firewood in Brick

    Thanks for your help. Dave
  14. Dave McL

    Need firewood in Brick

    Any recommendations for a cord of wood in Brick ? Thanks, Dave