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  1. You did the right thing . Good job . Dave
  2. Nice but not the Rachel I'm looking for.
  3. Does anyone know where Rachel from Shooters has relocated ? Thanks, Dave
  4. Wish people who play games , sing songs ,make movies would shut the fuck up and do what there paid to do . They don't get a dime from me. Dave
  5. $4000 Betsy Ross Nike's on e bay now. Sure some a-hole will bid .
  6. I'm watching. Hockey fan ,Rangers fan . Game 7 is fun to watch.
  7. Drove from Carbon County Pa to Grand Rapids Mi and back this week on I 80 . Must have seen 50 + deer or what was left of them on the road . Saw one truck picking up road kill , they were stacked high. Dave
  8. Did not get mine yet but mail is slow in my area. Looking forward to it. Thanks, Dave
  9. I saw Floggin Molly there and I never was more than 10 ' from the exit . That place was so crowded if something happened lots of people were not getting out quick. Dave
  10. Opening day , every can dream big . Let's go Mets !
  11. Thought it might be fun to brag or whine about your picks . Good luck to all. Dave
  12. Everyone knows what a bear looks like. Just letting people who live in bear country know they are waking up. Have to take a few precautions now that they are about. Dave
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