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  1. I saw Floggin Molly there and I never was more than 10 ' from the exit . That place was so crowded if something happened lots of people were not getting out quick. Dave
  2. Opening day , every can dream big . Let's go Mets !
  3. Thought it might be fun to brag or whine about your picks . Good luck to all. Dave
  4. Everyone knows what a bear looks like. Just letting people who live in bear country know they are waking up. Have to take a few precautions now that they are about. Dave
  5. Had a bear on camera last night. Gently took down the bird feeder , emptying it then ate all the deer corn. It was nice not having them around the past few months. I live in Carbon County on the Lehigh river. Dave
  6. Let's get Officer Opie on the case !
  7. Dave McL

    22 ammo

    SGAmmo.com has some great prices. Picked up some Winchester 36 grain hollow points for 3 cents a round. With what I bought and what I have I'm good for life. Also picked up a bunch of CCI CB longs and 30 carbine. Check out the site , haven't seen prices this low in a look time. Dave
  8. I picked a few chestnuts from the Asa Packer mansion in Jim Thorpe Pa this summer. It is a very big tree. They have been in the refrigerator since I got them. If you would like a couple send me a pm. Dave
  9. I made a corned beef dinner today also. Great appetites think alike. Dave
  10. I bought a Lazio ceramic heater at the Allentown Costco yesterday for $65. Works well so far. Good luck Monday. Dave
  11. Give Bent Creek a call. Sure they have plenty. Not too far a ride from TR
  12. Very nasty weather in Pa. Scranton area getting rocked. I'm a bit south of there not too bad. Dave
  13. Hi Rosceo if you want to sell the wood stock let me know. Thanks , Dave
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