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  1. What if you have TWIC card I wonder....
  2. Shooters has 3.5” long beards I believe. Might have 3” too. Midway has 3” TSS for those looking. Limited to ten boxes. I bought a few boxes of Kent Penetrator TSS to try from Rogers when they had it in stock. I got a back up 30 rounds of some Grand Slam. Then TSS when I found it. Should be good a couple seasons.
  3. My current driver, an 11 sierra is pushing 215K. It isn't as pretty cosmetically as it was when I bought it, but I sure have gotten my money's worth out of it. I fully intend on getting another Sierra when I decide to turn this one into a farm vehicle.
  4. Pop pop's best piece of advice; the only good cat is a dead cat.
  5. Tons of different ways to do wild turkey. My personal favorite is smoking turkey breast. Really can't beat that. I like frying turkey nuggets too in a mixture of panko crumbs with some lemon pepper seasoning mixed in. Fried cutlets...turkey parm...Turkey jalapeno poppers...Thighs I usually save for sausage, or I'll crockpot them for bbq sandwiches. Kind of endless.
  6. I hunted almost exclusively public last year, thought it was going to be an issue. I crossed paths with maybe 3 or 4 people all season hunting A B C and E weeks in 4 zones. And by cross paths I mean saw them at a long distance or a vehicle parked in an area I hunt. I don’t think it was any different than any other year. Didn’t have any issues.
  7. Had a couple vets out Saturday. Shot their mallards, their pintails, a black duck and a goose.
  8. Snow geese are better than honks in my opinion for it. Tend to be leaner or more tender I should say.. But can’t go wrong with either.
  9. Might find somebody in area willing to help but best advice I can give is don’t worry about calling #1. Scout your butt off, hide well, then hide better and shut up. If birds don’t finish, refer to your hide. And if calling isn’t working, shut up more and hide better.
  10. I would not go smaller than 14-15’ feet for a duck boat, match it to your use. I say that though having boats from 8-16’, but they all have different purposes...Gear adds up real quick and so do people. Last thing you want is an unsafe boat load and get caught up in not so great weather...then there’s do you want to build a blind or just have boat get you to spot then park boat elsewhere? Blind adds extra weight...lot of things to consider.
  11. My go to. Thick applewood bacon, salt, pepper, garlic. When the bacon is done, so is the meat. Nice and simple. Cut into medallions to eat.
  12. Seeing more bad publicity than good this week. Seeing less about what’s been “good” and more what is bad. Can’t say I’m surprised.
  13. I saw in one of the council reports fishing only being up like 4 or 5% that’s mentioned. Far cry from 35%.
  14. Stevie wonder must have picked those numbers because that’s not even remotely correct....still is certainly up, but doubled, no.
  15. Gonna head out shortly with bow.
  16. I’d shoot if I had opportunity but wouldn’t lose sleep making him a prior to target..I’d be fine if he grew too.
  17. Deer harvest and license sales are up this year across the board this year..Trend will continue for 6-day...take that to the bank.
  18. Look at the stocking map for it online, it should have the parking areas labeled
  19. Rogers is the way to go anyway... The “foremost outfitter” is circling the drain....
  20. Got back on blood on other side of swamp fortunately this morning. Tracked another two hours maybe 150 yards. Dead ended so I backed off. See if we can find him with pouch. I’m running on E.
  21. About 80, thought he went down but he was plowing running on 3 legs instead down ridge... Yeah. I think I honestly got a little greedy and tried really sucking in tight to shoulder and hit bone. Poor move on my part. 15 yards on ground should have been a chip shot. I hate it but it is a good, harden lesson it not being complacent with your equipment or your abilities. Should have double lunged and left it at that. Be posting a photo of a deer tonight. Tracked for 2.5 hours tonight, about 225 yards from shot in to a swamp. Smelt a deer in there but backed out to not stir stuff and go
  22. Shot one at 4:15 and hit him little forward. Bolt broke, not sure I got a ton of penetration...maybe 6-8”..gonna give him a couple hours and go look. Ran off with shoulder busted up looking. Looked like he started slowing down over ridge. Fingers crossed....
  23. I'll chime in with my two cents. I'd never called for a tracking until a few weeks ago. My apprentice hunter made a low, touch far back shot on a doe. We followed not much blood for about 150 yards, but I could tell the deer was back tracking on us and we lost blood. I explained to him we needed to call for one. Fortunately we were able to get one out after explaining it was his first deer, etc. In the meantime we ran to Wawa to grab some cash from the ATM. He was fairly local to where we were..maybe 20 minutes. We meet up, I explained to him shot, where we backed out, when, etc. Said I was pr
  24. Had to jump out early, forgot I had a meeting at 8. D’oh! Bumped a couple walking in but that was it...
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