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  1. That seems kind of high to me and my vet ain't cheap! (Oakhurst Veterinary)
  2. "I thought his obedience was good. The distractions in the field have proven otherwise. We will be going back to square one. It was overwhelming for him....Collier's Mills sunrise hunt. It can be overwhelming for me at times." Great words of advice! Remember, your training this dog is not about this year's hunts; it's about next years and the years beyond that. He needs to crawl before he can run!
  3. So now that football and lacrosse has wound down, my son finally has time to hunt (which means finally for me too!!) He has his shotgun/rifle license, but the bow test was not offered when he took his test. We plan on going to the next test. I anticipate walk-ins (age 12) will be ok?? Does he have to have a workbook filled out?? Does he just take the written archery test and then the field test or does he have to go through the whole program again?? Any assistance will be helpful. We have a big 8 pointer just waiting for him!!!
  4. Not Kapernik, but sort of related. I just got back from vacation down in the Gatlinburg area. I can't tell you how many T-shirts I saw with the phrase below on them! Hundreds in dozens of stores! My 15 yr old gets bashed daily for his conservative views. We walked into a store with a bunch of Trump T-shirts and the number of like-minded people was astonishing and not afraid to speak their peace either! He walked away realizing that there's a whole lot of the country who "gets it". Funny thing is...almost everything he has is Nike...because they fit his larger stature! Not sure what he's gonna do after this Kapernik crap !
  5. ^^^^ Same here. Funny thing is...my wife has taken it over! Killer pulled pork butt, shoulder, etc. She loves it. I put mine on wheels for easy storage and it's real consistent. The only thing (and I think that this is the same for most) is that you need to load the chips every hour. It's not something you can just load and walk away from. I think the Traeger's have an auto-timer thing on them which loads the wood for you, but I didn't want to fork out the dough for that!
  6. As a Monmouth County resident not far from Holmdel, I would be glad to help you reduce the herd in the area! Does that answer your question?
  7. What Tarhunt said...get the real sticky ones and put a piece of dog food or something in the middle. I caught no less than 30 in two days!
  8. Can you imagine...? Ban all knives. Every steakhouse goes out of business!
  9. At our local park (where it is WAY over populated, but the mayor wants "no-lethal" control", my wife said all the deer looked mangy. Is that wearing off of winter coats or a sign of something else?
  10. I'm the next town over from Asbury in Ocean. Brando's is well worth the stop! Not inexpensive, but well worth a good night out. Your wife clearly has good taste...so how'd she end up with you?
  11. My grandfather made his own longbows which I learned to shoot with as a kid. There are a few still in his basement that are close to 50 years old, most not even shot for the last 30 years. The basement has decent, consistent humidity and temperatures. Aside from replacing the string, are these still good to shoot after all this time? My son shoots compounds but has always had an affinity for long bows. Might be a nice birthday gift for him...unless it blows up! Any advice would be appreciated!
  12. Dad's should do that for their daughters...now if you said you were doing it for your son, we'd have to have a chat!
  13. "normally all he wants is tv and his iPad to play mine craft " Mine was the same way. He would always go along on a hunt and liked the outdoors, but at home it was always some electronics and minecraft was the biggie. Suddenly at about 9, he got "bored" with video games and if he plays 45 minutes a day that's a lot now. Instead, he's always tinkering and building things. If its a cardboard box...it's suddenly a trap or a gun or sword or a marble maze or whatever else he comes up with! Two weeks ago he took a foot long piece of copper from the shop and made a crossbow/slingshot thing that fires a weighted bamboo skewer hard enough to penetrate sheetrock!! He explained it was his forth version and metal works best Then I go in the shop...8 feet of new 1/2" PVC cut up, laying all over the place, duck tape, smushed markers, bent nails and screws; couple broken drill bits and a completely dull hacksaw blade! How the heck can anyone get mad at that???!!! You're in for some good years ahead of you!!!
  14. Williemo

    Holy crap

    It ain't got real...yet!! You'll know when it does!! Looks good, at least you have a head start!
  15. This is my stellar 2017 season......... Zip, nada, zilch, not one bird, deer, squirrel, fish, turkey, bear, or any other game. Unless you count ticks....I got some wall mounters there!
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