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  1. I agree with you Bonefreak, despite the kids argument, the program is great and should be a model for other parks. As to the insurance issues, IMO State laws supersede County laws. From an insurance aspect, so long as State laws are followed regarding hunters (i.e 10-13 must be accompanied by hunter 21 years or older) I don't see how youth hunters can be prevented if they are following State laws. That would be like saying 18 year old kids can't drive into a park. I just don't think anyone has ever challenged the Park System.
  2. Review of what is up for sale... https://bestcrossbowguide.com/reviews/barnett-recruit-terrain/
  3. Monmouth Parks are NOT about the sport of hunting, they are about "deer management". For years I would go to the meetings advocating that they could really elevate the already great reputation of Monmouth Park System by advocating how hunters help deer overpopulation and using the program as a prime example of why hunting is important. Nope, let's not talk about it so as to appease the anti's, quietly using hunters to save the parks in the background. I've always wondered what would happen if hunters boycotted.
  4. The cop who knocked her out just got suspended. Now, I think she deserved it as she was assaulting someone (not just because it was a cop). But how much different is what he did from a guy kneeling on a neck? (and to be honest, yeah, I can't believe I just said that!)
  5. The best advice ever given to me was that a turkey can hear from a mile away and track your call within a few yards. This was from a world champion call maker (and self admitted not a champion turkey hunter!). One you hear a gobble response, shut up. If you are getting itchy and have been waiting 20 minutes, give a very very soft moaning purr "like Mae West saying "C'mon baby". I'm not the greatest turkey hunter, but it works for me just about every time. Bottom line, don't over call.
  6. Sorry I hit send before I was done. You can go two ways...sear and bake or bake and sear. First and foremost, let the steak reach room temperature before you do anything. Season with kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper. Under 1 1/2" thick....sear and bake. Pre-heat over to 350. Put steak on a hot pan and sear for 2-3 minutes. (a grill can work as well) Get a nice crust on top and sides. Flip the steak over and place the pan in the oven until temperature is 145. Let rest 5-8 minutes If you have say 1 1/2" or bigger, put it in a cold oven, set temp. for 225 and wait until
  7. How thick? That makes a difference
  8. Remember that carton??? I still HAVE that carton!!
  9. When my son took it with crossbow 2 yrs ago, he had to stand but could use a shooting stick.
  10. A Big THANK YOU to Garden State Archers and especially Mark Machulsky and RJ Krajcsovics! At the UBNJ dinner last year, my son Matthew and a few other youth hunters were given the opportunity of a guided hunt from GSA. Tonight after a few dead on practice shots at the incredible GSA range, RJ took Matt out to a very promising spot where a plethora of deer had been on cams the past week. Unfortunately, the deer decided to not cooperate and word was no one had a much luck today. (Ironically, after dropping Matt off, I come home to 7 deer at the end of my street!) So one would think the boy
  11. Selling Brand New with Tags/Box. I bought my son a crossbow for his birthday...a week later I win this in a drawing! Go figure Anyhow, looking to get $200 to offset my costs and offer a good deal to a fellow hunter. Everything you see on link is in the box! Barnett Recruit Terrain Ocean Township, Monmouth Cty. (near Asbury Park)
  12. That seems kind of high to me and my vet ain't cheap! (Oakhurst Veterinary)
  13. "I thought his obedience was good. The distractions in the field have proven otherwise. We will be going back to square one. It was overwhelming for him....Collier's Mills sunrise hunt. It can be overwhelming for me at times." Great words of advice! Remember, your training this dog is not about this year's hunts; it's about next years and the years beyond that. He needs to crawl before he can run!
  14. So now that football and lacrosse has wound down, my son finally has time to hunt (which means finally for me too!!) He has his shotgun/rifle license, but the bow test was not offered when he took his test. We plan on going to the next test. I anticipate walk-ins (age 12) will be ok?? Does he have to have a workbook filled out?? Does he just take the written archery test and then the field test or does he have to go through the whole program again?? Any assistance will be helpful. We have a big 8 pointer just waiting for him!!!
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