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  1. Same here, nice meeting you. I'll definetly be reaching out as I explore those areas more. Took my 10 y.o. daughter out this morning for an "adventure" and practiced using the climbing sticks. Hope you shoot a buck out of that stand this season.
  2. I could sell it for $200. Forgot to mention I'm in Manahawkin and work in Tinton Falls.
  3. Looking to trade for a Lone Wolf Hang On.
  4. So far it sounds like it's worth a look. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. I live in Ocean but work in Monmouth County and am starting to explore Allaire. I know I'll get some of the standard responses to this question (find out for yourself, do your research, etc...) but since it's not deer season I can't answer this question with my own scouting. Is Allaire overrun with bowhunters or is worth Looking to take a couple does to fill the freezer and am hoping this could be a good spot to do that.
  6. pse_ss

    Deer Blind

    Anyone is south or central Jersey have a blind they want to sell? I'm in Manahawkin for a reference point.
  7. Anyone aware of someone who does euro skulls in south Jersey? I'm in the Manahawkin are but travel the Parkway north for work.
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