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  1. Well I havent got the time to make it to the southern meeting.I was hoping to get there.If Ted has your name and info. Great. I'll be calling him today and passing the names I received, to him. Thank you cecil973 for the offer.I will pass that along to Ted also. Thanks Wayne
  2. Calls consisted of higher pitch,more birdy I think,for fox.Started call sequences soft then picked it up, waiting for at least 15-20 min.before moving.Close to edges.swamps,Woods roads and power lines to my back with a cross wind or wind in my face.But the wind yesterday was just swirling couldn't get a steady wind.I had some tracks that actually looked like feral cats,maybe I should start meowing.Really,I mean that.
  3. Thanks Droptine. How many moves would you actually make and call from?Im hunting watershed property so I can walk for miles but with the crunchy snow I'm scared to move around.
  4. Been out day hunting the woods.Theres really no fields.Been setting up on power lines,swamp edges and woods roads.A lot of tracks but no coyotes coming to my calls.The wind was swirling sat. So were ever I set up I couldn't get a good wind.Its tough hunting.I don't like going back to the same areas week after week.So I move around a lot and scout for tracks.The snow is crunchy so I let the areas settle down longer and call louder trying to pull the predators from further away that may not not heard me walking in. Baiting the big wooded areas would produce better results.Just my opinion.No matter how you look at it,it's just tough calling in predators period.Theres no easy solution.
  5. Thanks Jay that would be great.I got a suggestion we meet at pub 199 for now until we could get a location better suited for our northern unit meeting.If anyone has any other suggestions please feel free to post them.Something centrally located.Ive been asking around but the places want a fee or donation.
  6. Ted had mentioned he had guys already signed up from the northern area,he has all the info. Ted had also mentioned he wanted to give us the Info. on what the club is all about. Remember guys there is no fee for signing up. Jcol6268 got you.
  7. Thanks for the Pm's Guys List is generating.
  8. Thanks for the PM Droptine. The List has 2 so far,keep em coming
  9. If guys want to PM me there info. That's good also. Sorry Thanks Wayne
  10. Great to hear from everyone that posted there interest.Talked with Ted yesterday,He is willing to come up here to speak with us.(51msd)Posted Teds link.If you want more info directly from Ted click on link... He posted The time and place for south meeting and his number.Great guy to talk with.From what was relayed to me from Ted.We need to find a place generally located we all can get to without driving too far.He also asked if I could get info from guys so we can make up a list.It will also be easier to find a good place to meet if we all know we're we are from.My ph.#862-266-2908 My name is Wayne and I live in butler.I say call because I understand guys don't put personal info. on forums.So I'm here if anyone wants to call.Ill start compiling a list for NJ Predator hunters NORTH.
  11. Maybe we all can get together after feb 7 meeting and talk.We would need a central spot for a meet and greet then see what we all are willing to do to get this started a bit.
  12. I'm happy to see we have some more interest.From what I understand 6-7 guys from the north were at centrals first meeting and signed up. Good luck to all that are gettin after them predators!!!!!
  13. guys and gals I've spoken with Ted Pres of the south and Matt in the central both are trying to organize the NJ predator hunters. I live way north 10 min from Nys border I hunt Sussex and Passaic cnty. .If there's anyone interested in getting the north off the ground,post or pm me.It will take some time,but I'm willing. I believe there's a south meeting happening February 7.Im really going to try and get there. 2.5 hrs from where I live.I believe it's a great thing to be active in.Anyone interested let me know. Thanks Wayne
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