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  1. Sticks n' Stones2

    Old gun

    Definitely isn't a mosin or arisaka (they had straight bolt handles), can't be a krag since it doesn't have the funky side loading box next to the action. I know the hole in the buttplate was generally used to house a small thing of gunoil and some small tools to help with field stripping the rifle and adjusting the sights. Definitely a service rifle since it has a bayonet lug. It looks like it used to have a laddersight right in front of the bolt that is now missing. I haven't got a clue.
  2. Until stone gets legalized, a solid two blade will do.
  3. Nah just scalp ya with a dull rusty knife
  4. Nice looking bow, would've taken you up if it was a higher poundage, saw a beat up one on ebay a few months ago, something like 82 pounds, surprised they even made them that strong back then, guess there was a market for it.
  5. Oh I know full well that there are people already doing it, fact of the matter is that it will increase once it has been legalized (some articles https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/10/19/car-crashes-up-states-legal-marijuana-studies-show/1693567002/ https://www.lexipol.com/resources/blog/impact-marijuana-legalization-dui/) A factor on whether or not people do stuff is how it may affect them in the near future. I know for myself with kids at my school, everyone is going to college, everyone is expecting to "go places" when they finish however many years they're doing. I personally know a fair amount of kids who specifically do not smoke weed since they don't want to take the chance of messing up their record, or geting arrested for that matter, that doesn't stop some from driving to school while smoking a joint, they usually get caught though. Granted besides the increase in DUI's, worrying about your future can be thrown out the window when you're a deadbeat stoner out of high school.
  6. Get ready for an influx of DUI's, people will be hot boxing their cars everywhere.
  7. I might be able to come by, I'll bring my cruiser axe and atlatl with a couple darts (bows take a rest in winter), I might have a few pheasants left that I could bring to cook, but would need to serve as appetizer portions. Also if someone could bring a thinner bit splitting axe for me to use I'd appreciate that since my splitter got stolen, 2.5lb cruiser is for smaller tasks, or showing off my axe skills .
  8. No, just no. That's the kind of ammo Gamo skews their tests with, you'll get fps, but beyond 15 yds that stuff will fly a few counties over and hit like a marshmallow compared to a solid soft lead pellet.
  9. I'd personally recommend a Benjamin 392 in .22 cal (prices went up since last year). https://www.cabelas.com/product/Benjamin-reg-Air-Rifle/740656.uts I've done a good amount of squirrel hunting with it and it doesn't fail (Unless you venture into PCPs or expensive magnum springers, headshot your quarry), it'll always retain consistency (cause of fixed barrel), will never loose power (pressurized air), and will out live a spring. Now numbers speaking it won't compare to a Gamo Air rifle because they dope their testing if you will with shooting pellets that weight around 5 grains. to achieve 900-1000 fps with .22. I like Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum Domed pellets which are 14.3 grains (A 392 should go around at least 650fps with these using 8 pumps), inexpensive compared to other brands, great performance and they keep a good ballistic coefficient if you go out to 50+ yards. (25-30 yard zero is good, you should try to keep it within 40yds). For accuracy potential of a 392 at 25 yards I shot a Coldsteel blowgun dart in half, that kind of target is around 4mm in diameter.
  10. God no, scares everything off. Hell I've shot my pellet gun and have deer avoid coming by my house and that's quieter than .22 subsonic, break out the bow they come back within the day. Unless suppressors ever get legalized, which let's be honest will never happen here. Just too much noise in the woods.
  11. Little on the small side for Turkey but gets the job done.
  12. We got a 25x Zeiess on our 6.5 Sako, my .308 has a 16x Nikon.
  13. Stock PPU Match FMJ, great brand but isn't Hornady or Handloads, good testament to the tolerances of the rifle. The Swede is my father's which is synthetic stainless, my personal Sako is a synthetic black in .308 specifically since it's a NATO cartridge, no ammo shortages on em' unless the end times come (plus if it came to that I'd try to use a bow and as much as possible).
  14. Ah I remember the day I walked into school with a MAGA hat, I was called all the names under the sun, berated, that poor hat got flung across too many hallways and classrooms to count. Instead of getting into 20 some odd fights that day, I chose the path of civility (more for my disciplinary record for college instead of moral high ground). Well it worked to show the utter rudeness of leftist teachings instilled in the indoctrination of the feeble minded. The hat endured and still is vibrant in it's beauty in simplicity.
  15. Course it is if you take the whole target with all 25 shots, the 1st photo was the first group on that target (5 cartridges in my magazine), the flyer shots in the body and green that are all over the place was when I was standing, head group was with the other rifle, and two in top left target was just firing off last two rounds in the box.
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