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  1. Sticks n' Stones2

    Knife Sharpening

    KING Japanese water stones, cheap n' amazing.
  2. Sticks n' Stones2

    Your dream hunt, your dream fish

    My dream hunt would be either a bow hunt for Brown Bear in Kootznoowoo 0r another boar hunt with my Japanese Officer's Katana. For fishing, either bonefish in Maracaibo or going with my father up to Alberta for Trucha.
  3. I think antifa actually is classified as a domestic terrorist group. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/antifa-domestic-terrorists-us-security-agencies-homeland-security-fbi-a7927881.html
  4. Sticks n' Stones2

    wtb recurve/hybrid longbow 70#+

    I like shooting heavy bows, not trying to accomplish anything considering I shoot a 100# bow, I'm just weird I guess
  5. Sticks n' Stones2

    wtb recurve/hybrid longbow 70#+

    Want something stronger than my recurve, but not as strong as my warbow.
  6. Sticks n' Stones2

    Question about Takedown bows

    Does anyone know of another bow company or a bowyer who makes takedown bows with a limb attachtment similar to the bear takedown latch system? (https://beararchery.com/product/atdbr/) I think mechanically speaking this is a stronger and more simplistic system than the standard bolt takedowns. I'm also open to a used RH bear take down, either full bow (limbs to be 65#-70#)
  7. Sticks n' Stones2

    8 yr old girl find pre Viking sword

    Cool find!
  8. Sticks n' Stones2

    Bear hunt lawsuit is filed on behalf of NJ sportsmen and women

    I'm probably gonna crap for this, but I'm not 100% for the bear hunt (mainly for personal reasons with intertwined with my little war with a group of jackasses who've poached and trespassed too many times to count on my land and surrounding private land) However, I'll definitely give praise to the groups who are fighting the good fight.
  9. Sticks n' Stones2

    Sinew backed shortbow-WTS Price Reduced

    Thanks I can't take all the credit though, I had the bow itself floor tillered and had the tips steam bent by a bowyer, I did the final scraping, and backed it with the sinew glued with hide glue. The bow took awhile to leave his place and get to mine, and somewhere along the way it developed a warp in the lower tip.
  10. Sticks n' Stones2

    Sinew backed shortbow-WTS Price Reduced

    49", 55# @ 26" max, the bow is west coast pacific yew with deer back sinew backing for added cast and performance. The bow is a replica of a Wintu tribe bow in a museum somewhere that I forget. The bow works best with lighter arrows, 3oos-low 500s. It has rabbit fur silencers on the tips which are covered with rawhide. The handle is wrapped in buckskin. I coated the bow with 4 coats of outdoor poly to protect the sinew. Being that it's sinew backed, the poundage can fluctuate a little based on humidity mainly. Ideally the bow would perform best in an arid environment out in hot sun, however I've shot it during the summer when it's been 90%+ humidity and didn't have much issue. Keep in mind this is an all natural bow and not a compound, you won't be able to perfectly tune it. I put a 56" 14 strand Flemish twist string on it (not pictured, brace height same or little more) One of the tips are warped, however it is still perfectly safe to shoot. I'll get more pictures and more details about the bow tomorrow. PM me for questions or if interested. I'm in Sparta, 07871. I'd like $285, sinew backed bows usually are $400+
  11. Sticks n' Stones2

    War has been declared

    Hose him down outside and use lots of that fancy dog perfume. My Westie got sprayed by a skunk caught in my chipmunk trap a few months ago, that's what we did.
  12. Sticks n' Stones2

    Are there advantages to treeing squirrels?

    Ha! I probably would've realized that but the zero on my air rifle changes every season it seems like, so when I was going after a few squirrels up in a tree all my shots kept missing, granted branches and leaves probably didn't help, after scaring all 5 of the squirrels down and running after them I managed to get my squirrel with a neck shot (unintentional) I was aiming for the head but went a little behind, hit his spinal cord anyway so it worked. He was a fat one, tasted like wood grilled chicken, needed a little salt though.
  13. I noticed when I was practicing my distress call yesterday that squirrels tend to run up a little ways on the trunk and peek out to see what's wrong. (in this case I saw a squirrel from my bedroom window and went out on the porch where it's vision was blocked by a hill in my yard) I've only squirrel hunted once and only have gotten one squirrel splayed out on a log at 30yds, just was wondering if keeping a squirrel up in a tree has any benefit? My concern was they could jump a few trees n' disappear and that they are cunning with the whole moving round the trunk thing they do.
  14. Sticks n' Stones2

    WTB a flintlock MZ

    I'd like $1,000, but I could to $950 as my lowest. I have 50-90 roundballs (can't remember how much), a ball starter, some cleaning patches and a few tips for the ramrod. The rifle from muzzle to butt stock has wood burning and small bits of metal engraving. Who ever had it before me didn't clean the bore well, so it's got some residue. not sure exactly what but the rifling still looks pretty good, I never got around to shooting it, but it was test fired once and the lock works fine. It was completely hand made by the riflesmith who from what I found is now gone.
  15. Sticks n' Stones2

    WTB a flintlock MZ

    I've got a .45 cal longrifle made by Coleman Cherephy, definitely more of an ornate piece than something to be dragging through the woods, but if you like nice things then there you go. I'll get some pictures if your interested.