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  1. I drew it twice so far so it can happen. Stick with it. When you draw and see your first bull it will make it all worth the years of putting in.
  2. That’s awesome. This is one of my dream hunts. Hopefully one day.
  3. I am glad the grinder is going to a great guy and to good use. Good luck with it.
  4. I have an old hobart 2 hp meat grinder for sale. It’s a size 32 head. Was 3 phase but converted to one phase. It’s a tank. I have 2 grinders and this one is overkill for what I need so it rarely gets used. Asking $400.00 pm me for pics or more details.
  5. TTT pm me for pictures or more info.
  6. My buddy I hunt with is looking to get rid of his standup freezer and I don’t have room for another one.I figured maybe someone here is looking for one. It’s 17.6 cubic feet. It’s in good shape and no issues. He just doesn’t need it since he has 2 other chests. He’s looking to get $75.00. It’s located in South River. PM me for his contact info.
  7. Back up for sale due to buyer not being able to come up with the money. PM me with any questions or for pictures.
  8. Yup. One bird limit. A lot of work for one bird. I saw more birds this season then years past. I will still go out because I really enjoy it but to set up a big spread of decoys for one bird might get old.
  9. I am looking to purchase H decoy weight molds to pour my own lead decoy weight. PM me if you have any molds that you would sell. Thanks
  10. Sold pending pickup .
  11. Real nice bucks guys. The mounts look great.
  12. Thanks for the advice everyone. I was able to source a lee pot and some ladles. Now I just need some 12oz-16oz decoy H weight molds if anyone has any they want to sell.
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