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  1. Wind is brutal up in Warren county but figured I have to try. Just turkeys so far.
  2. Message sent. Great offer to get the kids interested.
  3. Nice buck John. Congrats.
  4. I have my old school cabelas electronic cassette game caller. Comes with carrying case , charger,car charger, and 5 or 6 Jonny Stewart cassettes. Works with no issues. Got a mess of foxes over this caller. It’s just sitting around collecting dust so I figured I’d see if anyone had any interest. I think it has to be worth $20.00 to someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a new foxpro but still wants to try predator hunting. PM me if you are interested.
  5. Ralphie9n

    Got Bear ?

    I got my boar at 7:20 a.m. on Monday morning. He dressed out at 215.5 lbs and was not a tagged bear. My family is happy that I put bear meat in the freezer again this year.
  6. I will be out Monday. It took awhile for my bait to get hit this year but It finally did so I am hoping to keep my streak going.
  7. Milltown in Middlesex county.
  8. I researched the cool bot a lot before I put a commercial walk in up at my house for hanging/aging game. A guy I know runs one in New Hampshire and his works great. I also believe that’s what Charlie from Shahanas taxidermy is using. From what I gathered as long as you built the box to the specs on their website and have realistic expectations I think you will be fine.It is my understanding that it can’t keep up like a commercial walk in so it’s not meant for the door on the box to be opened and closed a bunch of times an hour. If I didn’t get a good deal on my walk in I would’ve went this route. Plenty of info on the internet on the cool bot. Good luck and post pictures if you decide on installing one.
  9. I have a 7.5ft by 7ft chainlink dog run if anyone can use it. I can text pics if you send me your number. I need it picked up this week though. It’s all there , in good shape and has a built roof on it. If someone can use this let me know.
  10. A coworker of mine is selling his perrine sneakbox. It has been in his garage for years. He offered it to me but I just can’t swing it right now and he is moving so he wants to sell it. It’s in real good shape. It has a second hatch for a dog. He wants $900.00 for it. I figured before he puts it on eBay I would post it here for him. PM me for his contact info.
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