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  1. A coworker of mine is selling his perrine sneakbox. It has been in his garage for years. He offered it to me but I just can’t swing it right now and he is moving so he wants to sell it. It’s in real good shape. It has a second hatch for a dog. He wants $900.00 for it. I figured before he puts it on eBay I would post it here for him. PM me for his contact info.
  2. I have a chainlink dog run that I have no use for. It could be used for chickens or other uses. It’s located in Middlesex County . I am looking to get $50.00 for it. Pm me with any questions.
  3. No tag for me this year. I already drew twice but I was hoping lightning would strike three times.
  4. I will take it if no one claimed it yet. My sister lives in Hamilton so I’m sure I can get her to grab it aslong as I promise her some jerky out of the deal.
  5. I have been lucky enough to have drawn in Maine twice for moose. The first time I ever put in, I put one chance in and got drawn. I almost didn’t go until I found out how hard it was to draw. I then decide to put in three years after my first tag and I drew again. It can happen. I now have 14 points in New Hampshire, 5 points in Maine and I have been applying to New Brunswick for about 6 or 7 years but haven’t drawn. I actually hope every year that I don’t get drawn until my son is old enough to go with me. I took my father with me when I drew and he had the time of his life. That was his only guided hunt he went on and passed away shortly after. I will never forget that trip. I hope to make those kind of memories with son one day.
  6. I am looking to buy a trapper Nelson pack. I bought one about a year ago of a member of this sight to display in my man cave and would like to pick up another one. Please message me if you have one that you are willing to sell and the details. Thanks.
  7. I am looking to buy a square stern canoe to use for duck hunting next season. Before I go buy a new one I figured I’d see if anyone had one that they were looking to sell first. If you have any pm me with details. Thanks.
  8. I will be out tomorrow . Got permission today for a field last minute since my normal fields aren’t cut yet. Been seeing a lot of birds in the cut bean fields . Should be a good morning.
  9. I will take the stand and extension. PM sent
  10. We got 8 woodies and 1 mallard. Great morning out. Only hunted a little over an hour because I needed to get to work but it all worked out.
  11. I was fortunate to get my bear down at 8:01 am Monday morning and my buddy got his at 9:30 am on the same day. Everyone I talk to said the bear activity dropped off a week before the season. Natural food is the main cause in my opinion. There is still a ton of bears out there .
  12. I have way too many knives in all shapes, sizes , and blade material but I always carry my bucklite folding knife that my father gave to me when I turned 10. My friend was even teasing me yesterday when I was having a panic attack after I gutted my bear and thought I misplaced it. He kept saying you have knives worth way more then that old buck knife why do you even carry it? I told him that my knife is priceless. It was the first piece of hunting equipment I received and It got me into hunting. You can’t put a value on that.
  13. Got back late this afternoon from the decoy show. It was my first time there. What a great day out. Took my 4 yr old son and spent a few hours. Weather was great, good amount of vendors, and a great location. Was pleasantly surprised to see plenty of kids and youths there. My son had a blast and everyone was so nice to him. He told me he can’t wait to go duck hunting when he gets bigger. That made my day. We are already looking forward to next years show.
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