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  1. I have 20 old carry lite goose floating decoys. Some are rigged up with weights. These have been sitting around for years and are dusty/dirty. Nothing special but good fillers for your spread or a cheap way for those starting out. Asking $60.00. PM me for pictures if interested. Thanks.
  2. Hornady sst’s are sold. Everything else still available.
  3. I bought the new model about a month ago. I bought it as a Cabela’s exclusive combo that came with rings and a weaver scope. I ended up putting on a leupold 3 x 9 on it. It is a tack driver. I was able to get a few boxes of accutips in 3 inch. My savage seems to really like them. Trigger is very nice on it. The gun fit me very well so I didn’t adjust the stock but I do like that feature for when my son is old enough in a few years. So far I am pleased with it. I will be able to tell you more come December.
  4. I have a cabelas electronic cassette game caller. Works great. Includes speaker, new battery, charger, carrying case and cassettes. I have gotten a bunch of foxes over it but finally upgraded to a fox pro. Would love to see a youth or new hunter get first dibs. Free just pm me for pick up location.
  5. Ralphie9n

    Bear Down

    Congrats. Nice bear.
  6. Congrats on a nice looking bear.
  7. I checked mine in last night and they gave me a location within 10 miles of where I was hunting when I called the number. There was no waiting around. I called and they answered right away. No issues at all.
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