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  1. Hey guys I'm looking for some recommendations in some shooting huts or blinds. I have a 4x5 platform already built with stairs going up to it. It's about 8 feet off the ground. I'm looking for a hut or blind to put on top of the platform. Other than building a hut from scratch let me here some ideas or advice.
  2. Both shot 2016, first one with the Mathews in permit bow 11/7, second buck was the Thursday of 6-day. Both are around 125" and 22" wide. These are my biggest for Jersey.
  3. Hey guys I was wondering which woodstove inserts you all like/dislike. I'm looking into buying an insert for my fireplace. I am reading a lot of mixed reviews on a lot of them. Not looking for an overly fancy top of the line Stove, just something that looks decent and burns wood efficiently. I have a big pot belly Fisher Stove in my sunroom but I am looking for an insert for my living room. Let me know what you all think. Thanks guys! -Joe
  4. I went shed hunting yesterday and found 5 dead racked bucks and numerous does, most of them being by a river. Im assuming blue tongue or EHD? All were skeletons, nothing fresh. Anyone have similar problems last year. This was in a hunterdon county off route 78. I know somerset got hit hard a few years ago and this seems to be very similar. Let me know what you guys think.
  5. Both are right around 22" outside spread
  6. Joe at TrailsEnd Taxidermy in Freehold/Manalapan does our work
  7. My Brother and I got our bucks back from last (2016) season. Mine is on the bottom, his on top. Both NJ deer. Mine was taken 6 day shotgun and his taken muzzleloader New Years Eve. Thanks Joe at Trails End Taxidermy.
  8. Got one of my bucks back a few days ago. Shot last mid September in zone 50. 25 yard shot from my Mathews Creed. Nice early season buck here are some pictures
  9. It also has been a bad year of trespassers this year. Worse than I've ever seen it before. Unreal.
  10. Hey guys, I'm looking into an Ohio hunt for next year (2018). Looking for the first 3 days of the firearm season and hit PA rifle season on the way home since the seasons overlap. Any suggestions would be great! Figured I'd ask to get some good or bad opinions. Thanks- Joe
  11. Thanks guys! I came over from the dark side of NJHunter haha. I see a lot of familiar names on here. Def like this site a lot better. No drama and BS.
  12. Thanks Hunt Em Up Taxidermy in Atlantic Highlands for another great job and quick turn around. This is my widest buck, taken November 8, 2016. He has a 23" outside spread. upload images url
  13. Looking into buying a tactacam for both bow and gun hunting. Any certain model I should look into? I know nothing about them but they look pretty simple to use.
  14. I made a mineral site and also put out a trophy rock. I bought a few bags of Record Rack Golden nuggets and mixed some with the normal daily corn i dump out.
  15. Hey guys, I'm looking to feed my backyard deer something with high protein and minerals. I feed them corn year round but looking into adding a supplement. Not looking to break the bank either. What are some suggestions? I do bow hunt here but it's not my normal spot. There's a decent sized herd here with 8-10 bucks being regulars. All the young ones got a pass and most of them made the season and shed. Just looking to improve the herd if possible and perhaps add to some antler growth. -Joe
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