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  1. They work great use one on my 870 super mag, they 'reach out'
  2. Awsome Sounds like you guys had a great hunt Congrats
  3. Good Luck to all the ' Trout Hunters" can't make it to day, doing the Grandpop thing, kids too little to take fishing.
  4. Welcome to the site
  5. Got my two Zones 16 & 22 Good Luck Guys/Gals
  6. Retired in '03 Police Officer 30 years Now hunt as much as I can
  7. Welcome to the site Welcome to the site
  8. Remington 870 super mag, thumbhole stock with a kicks choke an a truglo red dot scope, it does the trick.
  9. Atlantic County Game Preserve in Estell Manor (south Jersey) 2000 acres see the website
  10. Awesome video I'm always 'pumped' up for turkeys
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