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  1. Strange. Been working in that area for 15 yrs and this is the first time I've seen roaming birds in two weeks.
  2. Reason I ask? Well, last week on main st. a pheasant (cock bird) was crossing the road that stopped traffic. Just took it's sweet ass time and didn't want to spend any energy flying. And today, another cock bird not that far from the last on Belmar Blvd. I had to stop, if not, road kill.
  3. "The bitch hit me with a toaster" Scrooged.
  4. fathernature

    Gas prices....

    Price is one thing but also consider top tier fuels. https://clark.com/cars/top-tier-gas-stations-clean-engine-aaa/
  5. Just get yourself a pair of booties that go over your boots when you get in your stand. It's like wearing a comforter over your feet!
  6. Eye dominance can screw you up. Especially if your left eye dominant but right handed or vise versa.
  7. Wife. She's my kryptonite!
  8. I grew up drinking Bustelo in NY. Aways black, no sugar....Unfortunately now a days if don't have a cup in the morning, I get a headache. But I still enjoy it!
  9. OP has informed me that there are actually 4 females and 4 males available.
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