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  1. fathernature

    America's addiction, Coffee... What do you love/hate?

    I grew up drinking Bustelo in NY. Aways black, no sugar....Unfortunately now a days if don't have a cup in the morning, I get a headache. But I still enjoy it!
  2. fathernature

    WTS Brittney Puppies.

    OP has informed me that there are actually 4 females and 4 males available.
  3. fathernature

    If you loved R.Lee

  4. fathernature

    New Garmin Bowsight

    I like this better!
  5. fathernature

    I don't know...

    Looks like he/she was doing you a favor. Skinning!
  6. fathernature

    Saturday Morning 11/11

    I wait till the masses are done. Never a rush on opening day, or any other stocking day for that matter.
  7. fathernature

    Denver Broncos & NY Giants

    Giants need a complete reboot (Ctrl-Alt-Delete)!
  8. fathernature

    Cool turkey trail cam pictures

    Sussex? While spoke pipe hunting years back, it wasn't unusual to see 50-60 turkey dancing in the middle of the fields.
  9. It's all about speculation. Maybe they think the world is going to end tomorrow.
  10. fathernature

    1000 yd cell photo

    Are you sure it's not a dog?
  11. fathernature

    Came across this in my yard.

    Bottle opener.
  12. fathernature

    Oliver Stone did a Harvey!

    Here we go again, a hundred years later they bring this up. Must be low on funds.
  13. fathernature

    Who is watching the game let's go Yankees

    Yankees, Devils all good.