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  1. fathernature

    Favorite Movie Line

    "The bitch hit me with a toaster" Scrooged.
  2. fathernature

    Cool tree I found in Z4 last week

    I'm stuck, can you get me out of here?
  3. fathernature

    Gas prices....

    Price is one thing but also consider top tier fuels. https://clark.com/cars/top-tier-gas-stations-clean-engine-aaa/
  4. No! But I guarantee they'll get it anyway.
  5. fathernature

    Thermacell foot warmers

    Just get yourself a pair of booties that go over your boots when you get in your stand. It's like wearing a comforter over your feet!
  6. fathernature

    Which are you using on the opener?

    Air conditioner.
  7. fathernature

    Single or Both Eyes Open to Shoot

    Eye dominance can screw you up. Especially if your left eye dominant but right handed or vise versa.
  8. fathernature

    What's your weakness??

    Wife. She's my kryptonite!
  9. fathernature

    So confused....my head hurts

    Toss a coin.
  10. fathernature

    America's addiction, Coffee... What do you love/hate?

    I grew up drinking Bustelo in NY. Aways black, no sugar....Unfortunately now a days if don't have a cup in the morning, I get a headache. But I still enjoy it!
  11. fathernature

    WTS Brittney Puppies.

    OP has informed me that there are actually 4 females and 4 males available.
  12. fathernature

    If you loved R.Lee

  13. fathernature

    New Garmin Bowsight

    I like this better!
  14. fathernature

    I don't know...

    Looks like he/she was doing you a favor. Skinning!
  15. fathernature

    Saturday Morning 11/11

    I wait till the masses are done. Never a rush on opening day, or any other stocking day for that matter.