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  1. While the pics may not be enough to convict, they should at least be enough to warrant investigation. Trespassing at a minimum.
  2. Try looking at a Stevens 555 O/U
  3. Went to website How do I sign up for a time slot? Every year, take the kids(and dogs) for a preserve hunt for Xmas gift somewhere. To be able to help someone else makes it even more of a gift.
  4. Congrats n the buck. As far as the advantages and disadvantages of the XBow vs. verticle. The one thing everyone seems to be overlooking is the time it takes be proficient the weapon. I switched to the crossbow several years ago do to a shoulder injury. I wound up keeping with it because I do not have the time to shoot regularly due to work and family obligations. When I was younger, I could practice every evening. With my current circumstances I cannot. The X-Bow offers me the opportunity to make clean kills which I owe to the deer.
  5. Team:Team 2 Username: Bullwinkle Type: Buck NJDFW Confirmation Number: Your harvest confirmation number is 895237W. Deer Entry Points: 10 Number of Antlers: 8 Inside Spread: 15 Inside Spread Group: B Subtotal Deer Entry Points: {10} Subtotal Antler Points: 8 Subtotal Inside Spread Points: 6 Subtotal Picture Points: 6 Total Points : 30
  6. My guess- Liver, maybe clipped 1 lung. Looks like he is showing signs of blood loss with the random tail flicks and tilting his head as he walked off. I would grab some good lights and look for him 4-6 hrs after the shot for best chance to salvage meat.
  7. Sounds like our last president - careful what you wish for
  8. Brittanys are more of a pointer than a flusher.
  9. Any way to find out how much NJ will lose? The best way to sway the 80-90% who doesn't care about the bear hunt would be to expose the a-hole Gov'ner for giving away $$s while he keeps increasing taxes on everyone.
  10. Will all the dollar stores now be $1.25 stores?
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