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  1. bullwinkle

    Gut shot backing out - all on film

    My guess- Liver, maybe clipped 1 lung. Looks like he is showing signs of blood loss with the random tail flicks and tilting his head as he walked off. I would grab some good lights and look for him 4-6 hrs after the shot for best chance to salvage meat.
  2. bullwinkle

    Recall Booker

    Sounds like our last president - careful what you wish for
  3. bullwinkle

    Brittanys: part two

    Brittanys are more of a pointer than a flusher.
  4. Any way to find out how much NJ will lose? The best way to sway the 80-90% who doesn't care about the bear hunt would be to expose the a-hole Gov'ner for giving away $$s while he keeps increasing taxes on everyone.
  5. bullwinkle

    To those that requested tickets to New Egypt Speedway....

    Got em today, Thanks!!
  6. bullwinkle

    China just Retaliated with 25% Tarifs

    Will all the dollar stores now be $1.25 stores?
  7. bullwinkle

    Free tickets to stock car races!

    Great offer!!!!!
  8. I would say it is not legal just l i ke it would not be legal to kill a fox or yote in a stand 300 feet from an occupied building as the 150 foot safety zone only applies to deer.
  9. bullwinkle


    Tomorrow marks the 15th anniversary of one of the most sorrowful days in US history. Let us remember and honor: 1) Those in the towers and on the planes who lost their lives that day. 2) The First Responders who bravely risked and/or lost their lives that day. 3) Our troops over seas bravely working to prevent a repeat of the events of that day ever since.
  10. bullwinkle

    Coming here from NJH

    Given your vast knowledge of driving deer. Perhaps you can put together the first annual NJW&W Deer-a-Thon