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  1. I recommend Triple Creek off 94 in Columbia. Plenty of taller trees
  2. Is it safe to eat the meat/ my daughter passed on a similar 8 Saturday in Zone 9 Didn't want to kill something she couldn't eat https://www.northeastwildlife.org/disease/bullwinkle-deer
  3. NJ Fed. of Sportsman's Clubs only concerned about gun season and bucks for the gun only hunters. But my opinion. Get rid of early bow and January/February Gun. Early bow too easy to pattern bucks, Winter Gun decimates the herd. If anything a two week Sept, Youth season.
  4. I traded in my Ram a couple years ago for a 2016 HD with the cummins. Loved the truck, hated the EPA emmissions crap, so after a year traded it in for a 2018 (Corporate Lease)Gas Titan with 12K on it. No problems, plus balance of 5 yr 100K bumper to bumper warranty. They were designed by an ex Ram engineer and the engine is built in Tennessee and the truck assembled in Mississippi. More American made than my Mexican Ram.
  5. Selling 2013 Trail Sport 29kbs - Excellent condition Lightweight <5000# dry- easy pull with 1/2 ton truck Asking $13,500 Bunks and kids entertainment area in rear. Outdoor kitchen 1-slide out Weight Distribution Hitch, sway control included All hoses and other equipment also included. Hook up and go camping Located in Warren County - PM for info
  6. Surprized me because the area is fairly developed and i run a camera 50 yds from where I saw it every August til Jan/Feb and never seen or heard of any in the area.
  7. Trout fishing Saturday in a small creek that goes through a spot I hunt in Morris County. Heard movement behind me, and saw something black, I'm thinking bear, walking along a quad trail along the bank. It gets downwind from me an stops in its tracks. It is <10yds away and I can see it is a pig, a boar I believe, based on the "smile' under its snout. I freeze, and after a few minutes of it sniffing the air, it turns around and goes back from where it came. It basically acted very similar to foxes I have had wind be in the tree. Below is a pic I found online th
  8. How about this. Open State Parks to Turkey Hunting only, Pretty easy for enforcement. Camo - hunter Spandex - Liberal abusing state land to socialize
  9. https://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/visible-planets-tonight-mars-jupiter-venus-saturn-mercury
  10. Still nothing "official" on the srate website
  11. Will they allow bait before the 11th, or just flies and spinners? Hopefully everyone handles the fish properly and the herons don't get them all.
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