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  1. Bad64chevelle

    12/12 Check In

    Headed out in a few minutes z17
  2. Bad64chevelle

    Big Monmouth County 10 point

    Nice Buck again man! I know nick was pumped when you texted him that you shot him. He sent me a text right away . Congrats .
  3. Bad64chevelle

    For the Wood Guys.....

    Looks pretty good ! Ironic I actually almost took a good snack from my hatchet tonight in the dark cutting some kindling , so I'm ordering one . I sat down and saw this and instantly was cursing at myself. Thanks for the share .
  4. Bad64chevelle

    Pics of deer you passed this week

    I was on the heels of a great buck all week . Friday evening I couldn't make it out due to a work party , so a buddy of mine slipped in and gave it a shot . He texted me there were no doe to be seen which was odd , the doe had been stacked up all week in this spot . At 4:15 he texted me that a good 6 pointer had run by into where this big buck was coming out , deer didn't slow down , kept running . 4:16 he texted me someone shot that 6 . My guess is that guy went into those woods and blew all the does out and more than likely that big buck earlier in the afternoon . It's all good , I'll get him re patterned with any luck . I think a new muzzle loader is going to come home tomorrow so I can stay on this deer if I need to .
  5. Bad64chevelle

    12/8/18 Six Day Check In

    Out in 50 this morning . Good luck everyone .
  6. Bad64chevelle

    Good 8 down boys!! (and ladies)

    Nice one ! Congrats !
  7. Bad64chevelle

    12/6/18 6 day checkin

    Good luck everyone . I took the afternoon off , was feeling kinda crappy and work, so I came home semi early to get a nap in. Tomorrow is the work Christmas party so no sit for me. Planning to head out Saturday morning , and see if my luck changes .
  8. Bad64chevelle

    Mossberg barrel 12 ga

    Sorry Capt , don't have one of them . Sold the gun with it . Just the slug barrel .
  9. Bad64chevelle

    Mossberg barrel 12 ga

    It's for a 500. Should have added that.
  10. Bad64chevelle

    Mossberg barrel 12 ga

    What type captain ? Ive got a cantilever slug barrel laying around .
  11. Bad64chevelle

    Opening Day Buck Down

    Wow nice deer. Congrats !
  12. Bad64chevelle

    12/04/18 6-day Firearm Check In

    Good luck today guys . With any luck I'll be able to get all my work done early and be back out this afternoon , where I left off last night .
  13. Bad64chevelle

    12/03/18 6-day Firearm Opener Check In !!!

    Ended up seeing 4 does , two turkey, one coyote . Around 4 I had to stretch my legs I looked over my shoulder and out across the field in the opposite corner was a giant buck . I knew he wasn't crossing the entire nursery so i got down and tried to sneak closer . Got across half way , got to where I could check back towards him and I just saw white walking back into the woods . He showed himself , maybe tomorrow I'll catch up with him . On the way out I saw the land owner and he said he's been seeing it often . oh and I heard over 30 gunshots from 215 on . Zone 17.
  14. Bad64chevelle

    12/03/18 6-day Firearm Opener Check In !!!

    Just got in to my swamp stand . Found a blood trail and a gut pile , accompanied by quad tracks coming off the next property to right under my stand. Too late to move now , just gonna send it .
  15. Bad64chevelle

    Goose Hunting

    I've never gone but just purchased a new shotgun in preparation to start off . If you've ever got an open spot for a complete newbie to goose hunting let me know . I live right outside of Allentown .