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  1. Oh 100% . Could have been catastrophic , it does make you think . I know anytime I’m ever up there I know , anything can happen .
  2. First of all I hope everyone’s alright between the storm, covid , the suck known as 2020 . I need to atleast insert some comedy and irony into this situation . With us coming into deer season quickly , I turned to setting a camera , and Starting to think of stands/ locations etc . I have a double stand that’s my “I got home too late and I’ll just slip into quietly” stand . To be honest , I’d say 60% of the time I know , I’m taking a nap in it . It’s on the property , I can be in it , and back out , in a two minute walk from the front door , without alerting much . Last week I was talking with a buddy and said , we don’t shoot anything out of it , let’s move it . I had a new spot picked out and everything . I got home from work today , to find the power back on , and as I went to closing windows and turning the air on , I notice a tree down .... and I immediately knew .... Mother Nature told me I was a little too late and she moved it for me . Not a major loss , it’s old , it was going to need some attention , but it had me being sentimental , as I cut it out of the tree today , Of all the glorious naps I took , and probably all the big bucks that walked by while I was snoring away in it ...
  3. I rarely ever carry at home , I usually tend to more often prior to a trip to a free state , where I will carry , just to re acclimate myself to it being on my hip . being said , after an incident I had here (I live well off the beaten path too ) there’s a firearm close by anytime I’m home .
  4. Not a deer I killed unfortunately , but this passed year in Maine , my cousins neighbor stopped me on the road as I was about to walk into a cut to sit in a stand , and told me he just watched a good 8 point cross the road above me about 1/2 mile . It was a little later in the morning as it snowed over night and into the morning , so I hiked up the mountain on the road and sure as hell there were a good set of fresh buck tracks crossing the road in the snow. I stayed on his tracks , trying not to spook him , but trying to catch up . I was successful in never spooking him , and I caught up to watch him cross another road and head down into a ravine . I got to the road edge and came up with a game plan , knowing he was probably headed down into the swamp , I cut straight down the road headed down to a pinch point where I was gambling he would come to . As I’m trying to hustle , and trying not to bust my butt and falling down , I hear a gunshot go off in the direction I was headed . I can see down in there and there’s a hunter in a stand , and the buck is down . I was very happy for the hunter As it was a decent deer , I was happy that I was on the right path , but I’ll admit I was a little let down wishing he wasn’t there and that I could have had a shot after all the work . I just went back looked on google earth and as the crow flies from where I originally cut the tracks to about where the buck was shot was a bit over a mile and a 1/4 . He didn’t go in a straight like that’s for sure !!! Would have been a hell of a story if that had panned out .
  5. Bad64chevelle


    Tom , you selling any night hunting slots ? Seems like all the neighborhood kids are doing it again these days ! They’re getting lazy and not even leaving the truck or road !
  6. Very nice ! My buddy is right there and has been telling me to head up to fish , looks like You’ve convinced me ! Thanks for the pictures !
  7. You must have me confused with someone else in the neighborhood
  8. I had parts laying around for a while and decided during Covid that I should finish it up . I had a stripped blemished Lower and upper receiver sitting in the closet for close to 7 years now , as well as a stock , and flip up sights off of a previous rifle . My goal was to build a pistol caliber carbine , and not break the bank . This was far from my first build but it was my first time building a pcc . Today I was able to button up a few pieces as well as pin and weld the compensator on . I did a function test and fired 5 rounds , and couldn’t be happier . The sights need to be dialed in , but that’s for another Day when it’s not this hot . Heavy bolt and buffer , the thing shoots like a .22
  9. Yeah , lots of history there . I grew up at atco , spending a lot of time in the stands when I was young , and did a bit of racing there until just a few years ago . Hopefully make it back atleast once more , when it cools off to make some runs . As for Island , I went to college with Their daughter and last I heard , she took over but that’s been a long time and I very well could be wrong. Only been there two or three times , as it’s a really long way from me . hopefully they’re still holding it together !
  10. It’s sad , that it will go the way Englishtown did . Guess that leaves Island all the way up north , or Rt 206 !
  11. Bad64chevelle

    R.I.P. Elli

    Very sorry to hear . It really is brutal . You both had 12 great years and that’s what counts !
  12. Bad64chevelle

    Oil Change

    I’m a weirdo when it comes to things . My pickup I do my oil changes , bought filters in bulk , bought oil in bulk . It takes me almost no time, whenever I remember that is . When comes to my Charger , that thing sits too low, so, to be honest , I don’t mind letting the dealer do that one . Plus with a warranty , I have all the records that the dealer touched the car .
  13. Same here . We have a dwindling supply from when I was up in Maine in November. I’ll be re supplying in September during bear season
  14. If it has a flash hider , and or a bayonet lug , it is NOT legal in NJ. those two things are easily rectified though . You said A1 so I’m picturing a rifle stock , but if it was ever changed over to a carbine stock , that’s collapsible , that would make it illegal also .
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