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  1. Bad64chevelle

    Best Highway tire for a Ford F-150

    I just put on a set of General Grabber at/X on my ram , I absolutely love them so far ! Traction on and off road are really phenomenal . They have a 55k mile warranty I believe , also . I'm looking forward to seeing how they are in the snow ! They're a LITTLE noisy but they are a cross between an at and a mt.
  2. Bad64chevelle

    My grandson's first pickerel !!

    Wow awesome to see ! Congrats to both of you .
  3. Bad64chevelle

    Monster Smallies!

    What part of Champlain ? That place is FULL of smallies of this caliber , atleast further north . I'm just curious , where you were . We fish mostly the northern , Vermont side and with the exception of last year there are days where 4, 5 and up to 6 lb smallies are almost the norm . My personal best is 6 lb 4 oz I believe it was . It also happened to be my very first smallmouth I ever caught . It was just 2 oz shy of the record on Lake Nicatous , Maine . Lonewolf congrats to you and your buddies those are some gorgeous fish ! That looks like a perfect trip .
  4. Bad64chevelle

    Dodge dependability

    Very nice . Here's to another 300k ! Ive got 215 ish on my 97 2500 gas and 90 on my 00 1500 . Both still running strong . Only reason I turned my '15 in was because the sound of no truck payment for a while sounded nice .
  5. Bad64chevelle

    Aaron Lewis concert tonight

    He's just upset because he recently came to the realization that his favorite boy band member bats for the other team ..... don't read that far into it .
  6. Bad64chevelle

    What kind of fish is this?

    Definitely a pompano
  7. Bad64chevelle

    Spinning Reel ?

    I'd agree they're made for DSG and I really wouldn't trust them . As others asked , what are you fishing for ? I've usually run Shimano but last year I branched out some and picked up a Lews speed spin and speed spool . I've got nothing but great things to say about them so far . They came in just before my Champlain trip and they performed wonderfully through some giant smallmouth and good size northern pike . They're super smooth with great drag systems . I've put them through hell this year so far catching some great size largemouth locally and I'm still really not missing my shimanos yet they haven't come out once , I'm finding myself grabbing the rods set up with the Lews .
  8. Bad64chevelle

    Favorite place to relax?

    Thank you ! I need to get it out of its hiding place and get it back out .
  9. Bad64chevelle

    Maine Moose Permit 2018

    Congrats on getting drawn!
  10. Bad64chevelle

    Favorite place to relax?

    This was the only picture I had on this phone . Don't mind the mismatched wheels . This was ocean city Maryland for the cruising weekend and the night before we left there was a slight incident where a pothole cracked a front wheel . I don't normally drive on the street on the skinnys lol.
  11. Bad64chevelle

    Favorite place to relax?

    Lake Champlain in mid July catching football smallmouth and monster northern pike . Hands down one of my favorite places to be and relax with friends , family , and a favorite adult beverage.
  12. Bad64chevelle

    Small but good cruise night/TAPS

    Awesome ! Great looking cars ! I'm going to keep this in mind . I need to dust the car off and take it out for a good cruise soon .
  13. Bad64chevelle

    Smoked Ribs

    They look awesome ! Good work ! Ive been working on perfecting my recipe . I prefer them wet and perfected my own sauce , but I've recently began to add an hour in foil with a splash of whatever beer I happen to have in the fridge . It's taken the whole falling off the bone to a whole new level . Good stuff i like seeing what other people are doing !
  14. Bad64chevelle

    Big change in Weather

    It's so nice out , I'll take it ! Yesterday and Friday were not enjoyable .
  15. Bad64chevelle

    Belly of the fish

    A few summers ago on lake Champlain we tried to save a 5 lb smallmouth that had a huge bluegill in his throat. We got to him a bit late and if I recall the guys who ended up filleting him up said he had a few others in there . Same trip I hooked into a nice northern pike that became dinner for a musky. Unfortunately I couldn't land the musky .