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  1. Nice buck ! Enjoy your trip ! I’m headed to Maine in a 3 weeks for our yearly trip . It may get extended through thanksgiving this year , being I didn’t get to use any other vacation time . The rest of my family pulled an any deer tag , and bonus deer , so I’m sure there will be some deer hitting the ground soon up there.
  2. Thanks ! It was a good night , saw a few deer nothing in range . My buddy saw his target buck but it was a few hundred yards at closer to last light .
  3. First deer sit of the year for me out in 48 . What a cluster you know what getting in! Good luck all
  4. No our local farmer with a depredation permit took care of all the deer .
  5. If you were close , I have two boxes I would give you . They’ve Been sitting in the barn for a few years .
  6. cheaper to plink with my .300wsm
  7. Did a completely blind hunt came into a little creek hole . Had a bunch of ducks woodies and mallards catch us off guard right at legal light . More geese going overhead than I can remember in the past few seasons .
  8. Koz , thank you for the message . I replied , just check your messages !
  9. Free : To a youth , or military / LEO hunter . don’t message me if you don’t fit any of those requirements . I acquired a bunch of decoys earlier this year , and planned to re rig them and use them . I got them and never really went through the bags , but there’s a bunch of flambeau mallards, and I genuinely don’t know what else . Some may be rigged , some may not be . I would plan to re rig them all . these were part of a bunch of decoys that I purchased as a whole but really only wanted the goose decoys that came in the bunch . I do have a mess
  10. 4 shots 4 down . She brought me luck , since my shooting was sub par last weekend .
  11. Good luck everyone ! I’m out last evening for goose , brought the gf with me , hopefully she brings some luck !
  12. Shooting some dirty ammo ? Mine hasn’t had that issue yet but I up my cleaning game when shooting stuff like the black cloud .
  13. For whatever it’s worth , I’m another one who has a stoeger 3500 and I had a heck of a time with an ejection issue . It turned out to be the extractor , I swapped to the benelli extractor and spring (under $20) and its been an absolutely amazing shotgun . It shoots WHATEVER I put in there ! Saturday I shot 3.5” bb black cloud in the morning at geese and then did some very very cheap target loads in the afternoon at some clays , cycles just perfectly. I’ve got probably 3k rounds through it now and it takes a beating and just keeps going ! My cousin has one who he thinks is probably 7-8k rounds
  14. Two years ago . Spent a week straight in Maine in multiple feet of snow tracking mountain bucks . Miles and miles . Decided the last day I was going to sit in a blind we have . Got a late start , forgot my rifle , had to borrow my cousins daughters rifle , hiked in getting in with one minute till legal light . I no sooner sat down , put a round in the chamber , and my cousin nudges me and says buck ! Opened the window and dumped him . I was ass in seat less than a minute .
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