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  1. Put a call into my cousin who lives there . He’s got a few friends who are guides . I’ll let you know if anything comes along .
  2. Not to hijack the thread but Thanks for the info , I’ve been looking for someone to do my Maine buck , I will give Brian a shout today or tomorrow !
  3. Out in 50 for an evening sit at a buddies place . Gorgeous evening so far . On doe patrol for him but , should anything decent step out I’ll have to let one fly . Good luck everyone .
  4. Two drake mallards and one mallard hen down between a buddy and I . He woke up late and joined me . Good am so far .
  5. Out for some ducks this am . Buddy whose got my decoys decided to not wake up so I changed tactics and am hunting a field with a little sheet water hoping for some passing shots. deer in 17 were already on their feet at 430 I saw a big half rack in our front field , two smaller bucks and 6 does before I hit the end of my road .
  6. Good luck everyone ! Stuck on a job this week, so I’ll be living through some of your hunts for the time being . Hope to see some bear and bucks down!
  7. Good to know thank you for the info ! I’ll be switching over myself now !
  8. Yes a 3500 . Ironic you say that ... I just went through a bout with the gun , getting FTF and FTE non stop to the point I was about to bend the barrel around a tree. It was new October of last year . Gun ran excellent through the break in , on my Maine trip on my very first duck hunt , through the last few weeks of coastal wildfowl , through the beginning of snow goose season .... then it began to have issues . I couldn’t get it to go away . 2-3/4 would cycle fine .... go figure . But 3 or 3-1/2 would no longer eject or feed after the first round . I took it apart and put it back together probably 10 times . I finally blew it apart completely , and lubed the actual hell out of it and it’s back to functioning smooth as silk ! I’m going to do it again this weekend , I’ll take pictures , where the bolt rides in the carrier , I’ve got a Knick in the receiver where it was getting caught . Between that or like you said lubing up the rotary , I was losing my stuff . I learned it likes to run wet lol . Come later in the year I’ll be afraid it will freeze up some but I’ll cross that road when I get there .
  9. The duck was delicious on it own. I pulled one of the poppers apart and ate just the meat on it’s own and it was very good .
  10. Yes I could still taste The duck actually ! The jalapeño and bacon were prevalent but still got the the duck flavor .
  11. Thanks everyone ! tossed the breast in a Tupperware , covered them with franks red hot / Worcester / minced garlic . Let it sit for 24 hours in the fridge . Preheat the oven to 400* cut the jalapeños in half , got the seeds and the other crap out of there . Added cream cheese into the jalapeño halves , just about half a spoonful . You can add more or less depending on your liking . We used the 1/3 fat cream cheese and it tasted great still ! Cut the breasts into 1” wide strips , laid them into the cream cheese filled jalapeño . wrap with bacon and use tooth picks to hold it together nicely . Here again use whatever bacon you’d like . We used the low sodium stuff . Trying to drop a few lbs before my Maine hunt , but I can imagine a GOOD bacon can make this even better . spray your baking tin down , and toss the poppers in until your bacon reaches your preferred done ness . It was about 35 minutes for mine . just a tip , that cream cheese is going to be about 9 degrees hotter than the sun , let them cool off a few . my girlfriend was afraid of the jalapeños being too hot (spice wise) even she admitted the flavor of the jalapeños remained but the spice had subsided substantially . If you’re concerned about that kind of thing . im going to try to go jump a few after work and make some more tonight with a slightly different recipe . If that happens I will re post with those results .
  12. Shot my first wood duck yesterday . Decided to marinate him in some hot sauce / Worcester / garlic over night . Grabbed some cream cheese / jalapeños / bacon today and made them up in the oven . We like our bacon crispy so don’t hate me . But I’ve been instructed if I don’t go get some more this week , I’ll be in the dog house . Excuse the horrible plating picture . Too damn hungry once they hit the plate . the duck took on some of the jalapeño and bacon flavor , was tender and flat out amazing .
  13. Spent some time out for duck this am . Set a spread , couldn’t convince the ducks to drop in but the geese sure wanted it . Packed it up , and went to another spot . As we walked up a bunch of ducks got up , and I was able to take one shot and got this wood duck. It’s a relatively new spot to us , we plan on putting a blind in this week . Should be a productive spot
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