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  1. Someone calling me !? Lol
  2. Best behaved dog I’ve ever owned , was my pit . He loved little kids , he loved friends and family , and would of protected any of his “people” . We had a black lab who would randomly snap and attack him . He would submit to her every time. One night I broke up the fight and she bit me , and broke my hand . She attacked him one more time and he almost killed her . The dog peed the floor and whimpered the whole Time he had her neck , his jaw was locked . He eventually let go and she survived but she never attacked him or anything again . needless to say ... I don’t buy the whole pits
  3. Depends what gear you’re running too . I used my own calculations . My buddy has the identical truck to what I had , except he had the 3.92 axle and he gets gas mileage like you get .
  4. It really is ridiculous actually . I have a ‘13 charger SRT with the 6.4 . It’s probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 530-540 horsepower and I took it to Maine this past august and got 26 on the way up and the way back , keeping my foot out of it and using cruise control . Boggles my mind , a car that runs in the 11s at 115mph in the 1/4 mile gets good gas mileage
  5. I personally don’t have any skin in the game with the eco diesel . I had a buddy who bought one in hopes of getting great gas mileage and ended up having a bunch of issues . Ultimately he got rid of it and wished he hadn’t gotten the eco diesel . My ‘15 1500 5.7 got phenomenal gas mileage, averaged 27 on the way to Vermont and I got about 19 around town . Which was on par or better than he got with the Eco diesel .
  6. 5-6 so far . Still going strong .
  7. Bad64chevelle


    Call pinelands sporting goods in Jackson .... he maybe able To find you one too.
  8. They fed hard next door last Thursday and Friday . Set up a spread in the dark on Friday night knowing the weather early was going to be garbage ..... Saturday started slow , broke three off a small group and let them have it , but that was it . Birds have been missing since then .
  9. I *may* have a 12 bolt out of a 70 chevelle , that will need to be rebuilt . I bought it years ago to put into a 63 Chevy II I own , but I think those dreams are gone for now . I believe it had a posi with 5:14 gears in it . Let me make sure my father hasn’t sold it or utilized it elsewhere , if so I can offer it up for sale . Obviously it would need to be rebuilt and have some street able gears installed .
  10. That’s awesome , is that a shotkam? pretty cool Tool to not only learn from , the footage is fun to watch!
  11. I built my own this past year , using a bunch of parts I had laying around . They’re a blast !
  12. Great binoculars ! I just got a pair a few months back , they’ve been awesome . Good buy.
  13. Yikes I’m glad she’s okay . That’s a giant icicle .
  14. Thousands of decoys , and electronic call , are just the beginning during the conservation season . Even if you’re where they want to be , they’re Amazingly smart and will pick you out of some of the best hides . We’re lucky enough to have a farm they want and we went out there in the lull of the storm and the birds already landed . We ended up getting three on their way out . Oh and we watched the birds out there Monday night , and Tuesday night . We went out there Wednesday night, set up , and the birds never showed up . Tonight there were tons but had landed way early. So
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