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  1. Do you have an upper receiver / bolt / carrier yet ? Or are you looking for a complete upper ? this is a link to a complete upper , add sights / optic and play https://www.rockriverarms.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_ID=158
  2. I have a Rock River 24” varmint upper it’s a stainless bull barrel . It’s an absolute tack driver. It’s my go to predator rifle when I’ve got some room to stretch it’s legs . What are are you looking to do with the gun?
  3. Bring the Jon boat or kayak and enjoy the lake . It’s a gorgeous spot ! Any time I’ve gone the wind has been hell though .
  4. Years ago I would check out ram forums but it’s been a while ! 245k on one 120k on the other . Knock on wood besides brake a brake line being blown on the one , no issues !
  5. Oh I fully understand and respect that fully ! I’d do the same thing. I just would lose my mind .
  6. Maybe it’s just me but that would absolutely piss me off , more power to you guys who can fish like that .
  7. Last I checked it was not working any longer .
  8. Got my 14 E . My first year going after them .
  9. I started on Friday fishing for bass , got a real nice one . Kicked off my season well . I’ll Be fishing for them , headed down for some blues and striper in the coming weeks . Possibly headed to Maine for my first turkey hunt .
  10. On Lake Champlain we stayed at an old farm house they had a floating dock. 17’ bass boat was tied to that . Over night the dock broke and dropped 4’ , pulling the back of the boat under and putting it on the bottom . Returned in the morning to see the motor and the trolling motor being the only two things out of the water . Luckily the neighbors had an excavator we got them to pull it up on shore , we emptied the water and got it running again. Fishing had been HORRIBLE all week . That afternoon after the boat was drained and everything dried up the fishing turned on like someone flipped a switch . Still to this day , unparalleled fishing ! Since then the joke at camp if the fishing is slow , someone needs to go pull a plug .
  11. Two of my early season techniques ! Nice work . I’m going to try to get out this week for the first time.
  12. They started smoking through my clover plot in the last four days . I had 8 feeding and laying in there from about 10 am to 5 pm yesterday .
  13. Wow ! Looks great ! Nice work. I’ll keep an eye out for the LMC catalog !
  14. Buddy of mine used Cheyenne mountain . They did a decent job .
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