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  1. I have an app called antler insanity . I have a bunch of my stands or properties listed and it will show me the wind direction , speed , temp , weather , and I can plan where I want to sit . It’s been pretty accurate for me . Just a few clicks and I know what the weather is at whatever stand I choose to check .
  2. We had some wicked hail come through . Not looking forward to checking the vehicle damage after the storm .
  3. Pompano . Sharks . Speckled trout . Drum . It’s bringing me back to my early 20s fishing down that way in the summers .
  4. Wow that looks great Mr. Putz . Thanks for sharing the pics ! Congrats on the successful hunt too !
  5. I haven’t had moose in a long time , and never have had caribou . I’d have to agree not much beats a steak (beef) but my Maine bear has become my #1 game meat then elk and venison .
  6. Stern , or power pro . Depending where and what I’m fishing for. I’ll Throw a fluoro leader once in a while if they’re being picky .
  7. Bad64chevelle


    they’re in Englishtown . No joke I saw an entire flock of them this morning . I’ve never seen so many.
  8. I dodged a bullet on that one . I posted that and said Tom Calls me a homo in 3...2....1....
  9. I have a bachelors degree , don’t use it . Work 60 ish hours a week on average with my hands , come home sweaty and dirty . Live out in the middle of nowhere NJ but would much rather live middle of nowhere north east . I love a good bourbon , and drive a shiny, fast ,leather (heated AND cooled ) seat 500 horsepower Charger , but feel most at home with a PBR ( I liked it before the hipsters ruined it ) in my hand , and driving my 20 year old Dodge pickup (not at the same time). When I die , I pray there’s a giant white tails, my .300wsm, football sized smallmouth , and a bass boat waiting for me... where would that put me?
  10. Yup we’re just outside of new Egypt .
  11. Nope , not holding my breath . There was a con Ed truck there last night for 3 mins assessing it , but then he drove off . I saw one jcp&l truck coming up 537 this morning at 530.. but I’m sure he was just lost .
  12. Went out 6 on Monday . We got a text originally for Friday night . Today we got one by 730 tonight . Saw the jcpl trucks headed out , just as I got home , then got a text by 730 tomorrow night . I don’t expect it for a few more days , to be honest . Had to fix the generator to get it running again . Fired it Monday night and it just spewed fuel all over . Luckily it turned out just to be the fuel hoses , no big deal . Keeping the freezers happy , and a few fans to cool it down before bed .
  13. No power here . From what I’ve heard they’re saying days until we get it back possibly . Scrambling in the am to get all my bear and deer in freezers especially the bear hide .
  14. We just had a hell of one rip through central . Power went out right away and cell service is really really out of Whack !
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