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  1. Just One Lure?

    That's a tough one . In NJ solely ? Probably a keitech as others said . It gets the job done . When im fishing places like Champlain ... chrome rattletrap .... I've caught everything on that there . Ridiculous .
  2. Old school Hondas

    Awesome machines you got there ! I grew up learning on a 350x and a 250r
  3. Finally back in the woods

    I've done a bunch of looking on different properties but my ADD kicks in which never helps . Thank you for the tips , if I ever get done working 14 hour shifts right now I'll get back out and really try to put some miles on. The one in a parking lot was very odd to say the least . It shocked me for sure.
  4. Finally back in the woods

    Very nice ! What's the trick ? I've found two . One in a parking lot at work , one while setting up on a new property this passed season . Both by sheer luck .
  5. Murphy Signed An Executive Order Yesterday.

    I heard the same thing , but I never found anything either .
  6. Mega Millions Winner

    I'm still here and posting .... so you know it wasn't me .
  7. Favorite/ intriguing Member........

    I'm not sure why everyone wants to meet Tom Cook .... he shot my buck . Lmao . That's how I met him . Wealth of knowledge .
  8. Nh ccw

    Maine is also constitutional carry ! As long as you're over 21 (unless Leo or military 18-21) and legally alowed to possess a firearm you can carry . I spent a week in Maine carrying on a hunting trip with my cousin who is a Maine Leo discussing how he felt about the law and what not . Look for yourself though I don't think any things changed in the last 5 months .
  9. DIY Driveway gate install

    I can attest to the absolute piece of art this is , pictures don't even do it justice . Not to mention how heavy that gate is too ... lol
  10. Who Still Shovels Their Snow By Hand?

    Driveway is 800' long . So we have a truck we use to plow it . Still shovel out by the doors and what not . However the plow truck is in need of some work and I ran out of time before this storm , so last night I just threw my truck in gear and drove up and down and made tracks ... no one comes here with a car anyway , everyone's got a truck . And if you can't make it up , I didn't want to see you anyway .
  11. Lake George fishing help

    Fished for smallmouth on a very short trip there , had luck across from Bolton Landing on the points and rocky areas fishing a shakey head and some rattle traps . I wish I had info on lakers , but figured I would offer up what I do have. .
  12. Good ! I hope they actually follow through .
  13. Pretty cool/ full circle with an old Vette

    Really awesome they were able to get it back ! Always love to hear these stories . My uncle had a '65 vette L78 396/425 he bought when he got back from Vietnam , I know he'd still love to get that back . He was just visiting last week , and I got to hear all the stories of his "exhibitions of speed" across the GWB . I'll pass this on to him , thanks for posting !
  14. Sound of SPRING

    They let me know it's time to start fishing .
  15. Fox hunting tips needed

    i don't think volume is really your issue , we call in more fox anymore these days just lip squeaking . Are you walking in and starting calling right away ? Or giving it a few to calm down ? Maybe pick up a mojo decoy or something to get their attention off of your caller and help get their sight on something else . I've had fox trip over my feet and attack my mojo decoy . Mole squeaks like said above is fox candy .