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  1. Our first time trying them . I added a bunch of sand and manure to the soil to get it to loosen up a little , this soil here is almost like clay . I’ll report back once we harvest how it goes .
  2. My favorite rifle to carry is my Browning A bolt in .300wsm . A lot lighter than my last deer rifle , and very accurate ! I’ve yet to harvest a deer with it though . I carried my cousins kids youth model browning x bolt in 7mm-08 on one day of a trip , and go figure that’s the day I had a deer infront if me . I’ll tell you what , that round HAMMERED that mountain buck . I would carry that thing any time !
  3. If it’s my Russian Mosin - Nagant , it’s six shots of vodka for me and just toss another round in the chamber ... good to go ! Lol
  4. You guys are way out ahead of us . We started most of our stuff in the greenhouse and haven’t even tossed them in the ground yet . I think this week that will change. We do have 1500 carrots and around 100 potato in the ground , as well as a bunch of greens and little odds and ends we started on the deck and to be honest they will probably stay there . We’ve already harvested some spinach and a ton of basil . Lots of great looking gardens ! No pictures really , just from the day we planted the carrots and covered until they sprouted .
  5. Not the best picture but the sun came out for a while earlier , and I snapped this while I was on the way to pick up some supplies .
  6. That’s right across the street from me . I left this morning for an issue on the farm , came back a little bit later to all the flags out . Usually the Boy Scouts would have been out this evening doing it . I’m glad to see someone stuck it to him ! news is he will be out here Monday . I’ll be sure to one finger salute him .
  7. He just got a new boat , not sure if it’s in the water or not yet . His number is on the site , I’m sure he’s chomping at the bit to be out on the water .
  8. I second Dom . I’ve never gone with him fishing yet but I know him . He’s a good guy !
  9. Had a Tom get just under 100 yards and something spooked him . Was nice to take the safety off the shotgun finally , at least .
  10. Out in 14 . Wind is just picking up . Birds were non stop again this morning but went silent as soon as they hit the ground .
  11. Agreed with that statement . Family is in the north west part of the state . There’s tons of area up there , with great moose . great bulls nomad !
  12. Thanks bonefreak! You too . Two of us non residents know we probably won’t pull , but my cousin and his son who are residents , well their chances are marginally better .
  13. The deadline to apply for the 2020 Maine moose lottery is 11:59 p.m. on May 14. Good luck !
  14. What brand are they ? I’m looking to do something with my mossberg also , that will be a dedicated turkey gun, and have been on the fence on what route to go.
  15. For whatever it’s worth , I had a leased ‘15 1500 with the 5.7 and the 8 speed automatic . On the highway I’d get 25-27 mpg . The truck was really freakin quick too . It’s all in the final gearing . My buddy had a 15 1500 also and his was stupid fast off the line comparably to mine but he would struggle to get 20-21 on the highway. His was an outdoorsman which came with a higher numerical gear ratio than my big horn . another buddy had a 16? Eco diesel and he ended up having a lot of issues and ended up getting out of his truck completely . I’d have to ask him the issues and the true final outcome .
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