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  1. Bad64chevelle

    Slug Gun

    The time may come soon. I will for sure let you know .
  2. Bad64chevelle

    Slug Gun

    I had a mossberg 500 with the field barrel , and the cantilever slug barrel . The thing shot well ... but to be honest , I got tired of switching the barrel out . I would use the slug barrel all day then swap it at night to hunt coyotes and it grew to be a pain in the butt . I ended up getting a 220 , and would never look back . Two months later I bought a semi auto 12 gauge and with exception of for when a buddy wanted to try out some waterfowl hunting , the 500 has collected dust but that’s just the way it goes sometimes . Not to mention I also just last year purchased a muzzleloader and now I don’t think the 220 will come out much anymore .
  3. Phenomenal deer ! Congratulations on that buck !
  4. I’m in North Hanover ... funny I’m sitting there now , at the bar . Small world .
  5. I live about 5 minutes away , had all intentions of going and completely forgot . I’m kind of pissed at myself for that . Glad you got a deal pjb
  6. Sitting on an old (now closed) section of snow mobile trail here in Maine . Last day here . Two in our group have tagged out . I missed out on a buck of a lifetime last night due to swirling winds . Had him coming in on a sting but the wind was starting to swirl . He decided about 100 yards out that he wanted to fully identify what was there and he changed course to get up wind . Unfortunately the brush was too thick to put a round through and once that wind hit his nose he was gone .
  7. Funny you said that , I was smart and carried my rifle , my buddy carried his shotgun . Didn’t see anything . I damn near stepped on 4 of them this morning deer hunting , and couldn’t find a damn one when we went out . I won’t lie , the last one I saw I contemplated shooting with the rifle , but I don’t know if anything would have been salvageable with a .300wsm
  8. Not in NH , but Just outside of Rangeley, Maine . 1 buck down still have three guys on the hunt come Monday .
  9. Good luck guys , looking like you’re in some awesome. Country ! we’re looking forward to the snow coming in tomorrow afternoon , should ramp things Since were walking on ice Over here . No sneaking up on anything ! Just had shots ring out on the next mountain over , my cousin knocked down a 6 pointer .
  10. Spent the last three and a half days chasing ghosts in the western mountains of Maine . Buddy and I just got fed up, backed out from the deer chase and doing a little partridge hunting after lunch . Spending the snow day tomorrow resting up with some whiskey and back at it on Monday . He did happen to shoot a banded Canada goose on the river yesterday during lunch though . Which is his first .
  11. That’s funny I was just there back in August when I came up to visit my family . I may make it up there on Sunday and I will .
  12. It’s been a rough go here too . Cutting tons and tons of buck sign , we went up and down the mountain today . Checked cameras and had a shooter buck follow my tracks out about 20 minutes after I went through . You’re seeing more scrapes and rubs than we are over here though! Good , you’re in the sign up there !
  13. Best of luck dominant buck . We rolled into the rangeley region at 130 today and by 230 I was sitting in a stand , my cousin set earlier this week . After a good nights sleep tonight , we will pick up some tracks tomorrow. Had tons of buck tracks and a bunch of coyotes going off just before dark tonight . Where are you hunting ?
  14. I have to look . I had a friend give them to me and I never even opened the bag . I’m assuming they’re Barnes , that’s what he told me . I will keep you updated . if they don’t group like the powerbelts, I won’t be using them . They were spot on through my gun.
  15. Cva optima v2 with 2 white hots and a power belt aero lite . Going to try a load with Barnes tomorrow
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