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  1. Bad64chevelle

    How many Deer Permits do you pay for?

    All around , plus zone 17&50 bow and shotgun. Too many . I mostly harvest tags for soup.
  2. Bad64chevelle


    These are all great stories I'm enjoying the read ! Ive got one that startled me , and one that scared the crap out of me . My first season hunting , I was doing a predator sit on a new property to my buddy and I , we were calling fox and a few coyote in left and right but nothing was closing the gap (we were just getting into predator hunting ) and it was our last sit . We had a dog working this huge field we were fixated on . It was coming in slowly trying to wind us , when a fox came in right behind us , and jumped across my lap , and brushed against my hand as it went by . Needless to say we never saw it , and I jumped straight up as it startled me pretty damn good . Needless to say both the coyote and the fox took off after that . Just this past season I was on my first Maine deer hunt , with the same buddy and my cousin who lives up there . We had studied some maps the night before and we all had picked a place to sit . As I made my way to where wanted to sit I was realizing that there was a fresh narrow logging cut where I was looking to go . I quick changed my plan and wanted to head down straight to a pond which was where I intended on heading to as my final destination . It was THICK woods on either side of this cut and I was climbing straight down the mountain going over these logs it was beginning to kick my butt . I went over a decent size tree and as I came over , the sling on my rifle broke and it went straight into the mud , business end first . As I cursed up a storm , and began ejecting rounds I heard a bull moose give off notice that he knew I was there ! He was close ! I couldn't see him but I had nowhere to go quickly . The only thing I could do was pull my pistol and found a rock to get behind . I never saw him , only heard him move away but I can tell you as that sun was coming up , I sat on that rock perfectly still for quite a while ! I gave it a few hours and made my way back to the truck with only what happened to take away from it .
  3. Bad64chevelle

    Need Tires for my Ram

    I had no idea wish I had known! Very cool !
  4. Bad64chevelle

    Need Tires for my Ram

    I don't know if you means woodsman or me , with the AT/x but so far they've got amazing traction on and off road dry and wet pavement , I've had the truck in some decent mud while fishing and it's a beast with them on there now . They're not any louder than a standard all terrain , the only thing that could even be an isssue for someone is they pick up stones , and you'll be sending them flying . My driveway is all stone and for the first half mile of my drive down my road I'm flinging rocks into my inner fender . Like I said I am a fan !
  5. Bad64chevelle

    Need Tires for my Ram

    I've run both over the years , I liked both about the same . I went from a set of the coopers (33s) to a set of the bfg (35") and swapped those out to a set of pro comp xterrains which I actually liked the best of the three . This was on my old 2500. I didn't have either the coopers or the bfg for longer than 10k miles each so I can't say longevity wise , but for off-road capability I thought the bfg were better . Onroad the coopers were quieter. I actually tossed a set of the new General Grabber AT/x on my 1500 I have now and I have to say I'm IMPRESSED so far . Only have put about 1k miles on them so far but they've been on and off road , wet and dry and I love them .
  6. Bad64chevelle

    Took the day off

    Awesome ! Looked like a great day to do that ! Candlewood lake is a nice spot . I fished a practice session for a tournament up there years ago ! It was a nice lake .
  7. Bad64chevelle

    What's your weakness??

    A nice cold LongTrail Blackbeary wheat (Vermont beer) . Unfortunately it's only made in the summer and it's pretty tough to get these days . Thank god I leave for Vermont next week . I'll be stocking up !
  8. Bad64chevelle

    Would You Shoot (POLL)

    I answered no , truthfully . If it was a neighboring property where I'd have an issue , absolutely not . I've got two sides to my property like that . I don't shoot over that line and USUALLY that's the case the other way . The other two sides I would absolutely shoot , we've got things worked out .
  9. Bad64chevelle

    Farmers hunting already

    In talking to Tom , I believe they've met and it was not very cordial !
  10. Bad64chevelle

    Farmers hunting already

    More shots in the dark tonight . Gotta love it !
  11. Bad64chevelle

    Discharging a firearm to scare a bear-legal?

    As long as you can afford his therapy bills , and can find him a safe space filled with puppies , unicorns , and leprechaun farts , when you leave him feeling "triggered" I think it would be better to call a c/o in this state because someone will have an issue , god forbid anything ever came up .
  12. Bad64chevelle

    McKenzie River Canada trip

    Awesome have a great trip !
  13. Bad64chevelle

    trophy rock? liquid minerals?

    Where are you located ? I think the local Agway had them last weekend . Ive used buck jam with success . I spread it it all over , in piles , on logs , everywhere . They mow any vegetation around it down , and dig up the soil .
  14. Bad64chevelle

    Nice Gray fox on camera

    Very cool to see ! I saw one for the first time two years ago in zone 50 while hunting . Caught it out of the corner of my eye right around first light , I thought it was a coyote . I grabbed the bow and swung around trying to get a shot , but stopped when I realized It was a gray fox . It was at an all out sprint , and it completely caught me off guard . Thanks for sharing the picture .
  15. Bad64chevelle

    Got a good one

    Great fish ! Congrats !