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  1. Bad64chevelle

    Shotgun Choice For 6 Day ?

    Savage 220 shooting accutips .
  2. Bad64chevelle

    A Dog's Life

    100% do . I can come home any time of day / night mine doesn't bark . Sometimes at work I have to bring a different vehicle home he goes insane until I open the door .
  3. Bad64chevelle

    Deciding when it's time

    This is the absolutely one of the hardest things ever . Lots of great advice already . I lost mine last October. He was back and forth for a long while he would be in bad one day great the next . We also found that stopped when we removed his collar and his flea/ tick collar . He got an extra 5-6 months of good life after that . I knew it was still coming , and dreaded it . After a lot of research those flea and tick collars are bad on the neurological systems especially on an older dog . He decided when it was his time , and I actually got the call he had passed while I was in stand about to let a bolt fly. I wish you the best with her . You'll know when the time is right .
  4. Bad64chevelle

    Maine bound

    Best of luck ! What zone ?
  5. Bad64chevelle

    Congratulations Justice Kavanaugh

    Sitting down with a nice porter as I type this . It's a great day !
  6. Bad64chevelle

    Best Semi Auto Shotguns/pumps

    I'm on the Burlington / ocean county line. I appreciate the offer , that's a possibility I may take you up on , but I may end up picking one up on the way home from work tonight . If not I may take you up on it if you're close .
  7. Bad64chevelle

    Best Semi Auto Shotguns/pumps

    I've been back and forth on what to buy recently , I'm coming down to the 3500 I think . I've been reading a lot of great reviews .im glad to see another . Ive owned a mossberg 500 for 10 years now , I bought it new . Never had a single issue . It's been used very hard since day one . Only thing I replaced was the front Bead sight when I wacked it on a branch one night hunting coyote .
  8. Bad64chevelle

    10/1 management Doe hunt

    You're in my neck of the woods tonight ! Good luck !
  9. Bad64chevelle

    a guy on facebook said

    This ! I had it for a few years then got rid of it, when I was pursuing a different career . Best thing I ever did by far . It's hilarious seeing people twice my age asking if I have Facebook and when I say no they look at me like I'm crazy .
  10. Bad64chevelle

    LMAO...now for something really different

    That's hilarious ! Working an overnight tonight , and that was just what a co worker and I needed!
  11. Bad64chevelle

    Maine Moose down 2018

    Very nice ! Congrats ! What zone ?
  12. Bad64chevelle

    Bear Shot Placement (Newby)

    Granted I'm no expert by any means . But when I shot my bear earlier this month , he was slightly quartering away and I put my round directly between your post (dlist) and hammers yellow dot . He went 30 yards and was dead within seconds . Granted that was a .300 wsm but the damage was ridiculous . Both lungs and heart were gone . Everything I kept reading said middle of the middle which in theory makes sense but all I knew was that I wanted to get the heart so I brought my crosshairs forward a few inches and had confidence in the power behind that round to do the rest .
  13. Bad64chevelle

    Belated Constitution Day and a thought

  14. Bad64chevelle

    Anyone out in this heat today?

    Spent the morning working on re doing the front porch , had lunch , then baited and pulled cards . Now it's probably a nap before I go to bed . Too hot to hunt for me .