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  1. Bad64chevelle

    Dream gun

    I’d love to blame it on him but that ban has been in affect for many years .... he’s still a dickhead though .... it’ll only get worse . As for the m1carbine They’re a blast to shoot . Atleast it’s still in the family !
  2. Congrats to your buddy ! It’s on my list of eventual hunts !
  3. Bad64chevelle

    Dream gun

    I’ll never be able to own one while living in this communist state , but one day I will own a wwII paratrooper m1 carbine. I learned to shoot on my uncles m1 carbine in Maine , and I try to shoot it every time I’m there . It just has a special place in my heart.
  4. This , I was just about to edit my original post . I’m not sure what her experience is with pistols , so start out there. The only thing I will say is , out here , anyone who comes all the way out ... is up to no good . They’ve already made the decision to do no good . While not thinking stopping power , to get used to Firearms is a great idea ... at some point you need to think it . Would I want to get shot with a .22 ? Hell no .... but I’m not up to no good , or on drugs , or crazy (the last one can be debated)
  5. Tom , I’ll bring down my smith , and you can see if she likes it , it’s my conceal carry . Take her to a good shop and let her hold them and see what she likes the best , then from there some places you can rent them and fire them . Find what’s comfortable to her and she can get used to loading / firing / unloading . if you’ve got your FID card , from there you (I believe this is the case now) apply for a pistol permit online and get printed , etc . We used to be able to go right down to the station and do it .
  6. Ok I composed myself . I had 15 deer behind me in one field , I was watching two does on the next property . One went running behind me , as I watched her , I hear out infront of me running . I picked up the 220 and settled the pins and squeezed one off . She went 70 yards and tipped over. It’s been a horrible season in the deer woods for me , and the freezer was empty , this one will do . edit this is also finally my first NJ deer .
  7. Out in 48 . First time deer hunting in what feels like a while . I saw two does , and one large bodied deer for a split second , unsure what it was . Hopefully I can connect with something tonight . Good luck everyone .
  8. I’m in the same boat as you , Im new to this and really haven’t had anyone to show me the ropes . Went on a few hunts with a few buddies and then , I found myself on my own with a buddy whose just as new as I am . I don’t have a boat or any spots coastal to help you , but I’m hoping someone can help you out . I’ve got a few spots for goose here in Burlington & ocean county ,but Canada ends on Wednesday here . Maybe can set something up in the future.
  9. If it was a normal day with normal scheduled jobs , I would have . But I promised this client a 7am start today .... he was okay with me being late but I couldn’t leave him hanging .
  10. I left from exit 7 on the turnpike at 515 .... I just got onto my first job, in Staten Island at 930. Usually what would have been about an hour and 15 mins took over four ....
  11. If you get in a jam and get permission to hunt it , I live next town over , and hunt chesterfield in a few locations , if you need a foxpro , I’ve got one you can borrow. edit . never mind . You have one
  12. Stoeger 3500 with the factory turkey choke and longboard xr. Hope to finally harvest my first . Last year we would call them just about into range , and something out of my control would push them off .
  13. I haven’t tried the 2.0 yet . I used the original , #2 for duck last year and it was great . Patterned great , no issue . I went over to 3-1/2” bb for goose and my gun and my buddies gun hated it . Failures to eject were common . I’d switch to other 3-1/2 bb and non issue . It’s sucked because it patterned great out of my gun and it would hammer birds very well , but our guns just didn’t like ejecting them .
  14. Out in 48 But for a goose hunt . Slow morning . One snow goose down though .
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