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  1. Try then all let us know . We were up that way this past weekend and, Thought about stopping there for dinner . Definitely will be making another trip up soon .
  2. Holy crap! That could have been a lot worse . I had a buddy’s reel get backlashed and sent a rattle trap into my neck . I was laughing hysterically at his facial expressions while he was pulling barbed hooks out of my neck , pretty sure he was almost crying thinking I was going to drown him . I also had a buddy during a night tournament who got a hula popper stuck in a tree . He yanked and yanked and it finally let loose I turned away , he turned away and bent over ..... well he caught that hula popper in the area between his you know what’s and his butt . Needless to say I was useless , laughing so hard At him . .
  3. First car was the Chevelle that I bought as a pile of parts when I was 13 for a few hundred bucks . That didn’t make it on the road till a few years after I had my license though . First car I was driving around was a 79 Ford Granada that my grandfather gave to me before he passed away . It had under 30k miles , and this was in 2003 . I quickly learned why it didn’t have many miles on it . It had a stack of receipts from dealers / shops / etc that all worked on it trying to figure out its issues . I used to be able to shut of the ignition , run into wawa , get a breakfast sandwich and a drink , pay for it , bs with a buddy or two and get back in time to put the key back in the ignition before it would actually shut off .....it was a sweet trick ! We never really sorted it out , then one Friday evening headed to the beach for the weekend I had a front tire blow out , went from the right lane of the east bound side of 195 to the left lane of the west bound side completely sideways , then headed back into the east bound lanes . Car was pretty beat up after that and I sold it off and bought my parents 92 Jeep Cherokee they were getting rid of .
  4. Lmao thanks . Few years too soon for that though !
  5. Thanks ! Poor thing got spared from the inevitable poaching that I’m sure will begin at any time now if it hasn’t already .
  6. That would be a blast , haven’t been out there in years . I’m going to have to see when that is even just going for the day to drool would be fun . Thank you ! It’s ridiculous how easy to speed it is . Cruise control is my new friend ! We took a drive out into PA yesterday and going out and back on the highway even just keeping with traffic , and going to pass someone I had to really watch myself .
  7. Thank you ! That is awesome ! What year is his ? They’re fun cars !
  8. For the past few months I’ve been passively looking at vehicles , I have my truck that doesn’t owe me a dime and still runs great , so I didn’t NEED a daily vehicle but it gets terrible gas mileage and the Girlfriend I think was getting tired of having shotgun shells / feathers / blood all over when trying to go out to a nice dinner ... so it was time to find something . Being a car guy I can’t own something normal . This popped up two weeks ago online for a great price so I had to jump on on it . It’s a 2013 Charger SRT8 . 30k miles , already had some exhaust work done. I’ve got plans to do a tune and some other modifications but at 470 horses + it already moves rather well for a big sedan. Best part is , it actually gets good gas mileage if I keep my foot out of it . It’s fully loaded , I’ve never owned something with this many bells and whistles so it’s kinda fun!
  9. Wow great looking car ! Seems like last week was the week for new vehicles !
  10. Ahhh she’s beautiful ! Best of luck with it !
  11. Nice fish ! And the deadly Ned! I’ll be throwing the ned and a drop shot on some bronzebacks up in the islands VT hopefully in August . Nice work !
  12. Looks 66/67, yes. They’re gorgeous cars !
  13. Awesome thanks for the info . If I’m going to make it up I will send you a message to see if you’ll be over there . Yeah , I am lucky to have a work truck and my normal truck so when a clean low mileage SRT came on the market for an excellent price I jumped on it . I can’t complain with almost 500 horse and 25mpg
  14. Looks like a great show . I’m going to have to keep this in mind . 68 GTO will always hold a place in my heart . I just picked up a SRT8 Charger as a “daily” toy and we’ve hit a few local shows ... we may have to venture up that way one week. Is it a weekly show ?
  15. Jeez . Yeah I was just sitting here watching some tv and had them fire up maybe 75 yards from the house . Definitely chasing down some fawns . Took everything I had from touching a few off to try to save the deer . They went silent unfortunately .
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