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  1. Bad64chevelle

    Newbie decoy spread question .

    Thank you ! I’ll find out tomorrow night !
  2. Bad64chevelle

    Newbie decoy spread question .

    We went over and did a quick jump shoot today with only 30 mins of light left . Ended up taking two.
  3. Bad64chevelle

    Newbie decoy spread question .

    Okay , thanks ! Were running 19 dozen socks , 1 dozen shells , and almost a dozen fliers at the moment . We’re watching them , hopefully get a few this week. One spot they keep ending up i know I’ll be able to jump shoot them, i may try after work today .
  4. Bad64chevelle

    Newbie decoy spread question .

    I’ll have to pick up some tyvek after work today ! How many decoys were you running ?
  5. Bad64chevelle

    Newbie decoy spread question .

    Yes , we’ve been out three times , we get them to look and drop but won’t commit . First time I didn’t have a layout blind , resolved that but I need to mud it some , it’s new . Could be some of my issue too.
  6. Bad64chevelle

    Newbie decoy spread question .

    I am VERY new to waterfowl hunting , Its quickly becoming a new obsession of mine . Im lucky to have permission to hunt a large farm that’s loaded with snow geese . It’s difficult to narrow down where to set our spread since there are many different fields they land . We are collecting decoys and socks and now with the conservation season , using the electronic caller . I’m noticing the snows are following and landing in fields where there’s Canada’s already landed , and it got me thinking maybe we could add a bunch of Canada’s to the spread for a little realism, and one of my buddies asked a question that made me rethink that . Is it legal to have Canada’s out in a spread even though we aren’t hunting them ? I don’t want to put them out and have a visit from the CO and have any issues . I’m currently looking for my copy of the digest to re read through .
  7. Bad64chevelle

    How was your year? - Deer Hunting

    I had a pretty crappy NJ year this year . My property was ruined by neighbors with a depredation permit . I had a total of 6 does and three small bucks on camera all season . Hunted it once during 6 day . On another property I have permission to hunt , I got on a great buck and had him patterned during muzzleloader and he never gave me a clean shot within 200 yards . He up and left once the guys nearby began pushing those woods . After that it was a crap shoot on seeing anything worth shooting .
  8. Bad64chevelle

    Bastard got me good!

    They hurt like a son of a b ! I’m one of those pricks that leaves them in , but believe it or not it’s saved my bumper from morons on more than one occasion !
  9. Bad64chevelle

    2/9 - last firearm day

    Nope . I should have gone this morning instead of going out for snow geese .
  10. Bad64chevelle

    Maine Moose Tag Lottery is OPEN

    Family lives in 12 and 7 , I’ll be putting those in later today !
  11. Bad64chevelle

    What bucks did you let walk this year?

    In NJ a few small ones and a decent 8 that I regret not shooting but I was after a significantly larger buck that was on that same property . The 8 ended up getting shot two or three weeks ago. In Maine none . The one and only deer I saw in a week and change , in the woods while hunting was the buck I shot . And I didn’t even know what he was when I pulled the trigger . I saw two antlers found the opposite shoulder and fired . It happened way too fast and he was already almost out of my life when I finally saw him. It didn’t matter at that point . Too many miles in too much snow , that 7 pointer is a trophy to me !
  12. Bad64chevelle

    What kind of Smoker do you have?

    I have the Masterbuilt 7in1 propane / charcoal . I absolutely love it . It took me a few tries to get the hang of it but it’s really a lot of fun . Food comes out awesome . I had one mishap this past summer the factory tank hose actually split and caused a rupture . I checked the hose frequently , never saw any issues but apparently it was a factory issue and there was a recall on it . I emailed Masterbuilt and 3 days later I had a new hose on my doorstep , they covered everything including expedited shipping . It’s a labor of love and I enjoy getting to relax and tend to the smoker in the warm months, enjoying a few beers. Damnit now I’m mad I didn’t pick ribs up to make today .
  13. I don’t see the issue with why not either . Most people are thumbing their noses to those who do drives all day and are all over the woods turning things up . I hunt both bow and gun hunt with probably less impact on the herd than most , and I wish I was able to get out with the gun more than just Saturdays and maybe one afternoon a week with my schedule .
  14. Bad64chevelle

    2/01/19 Check In

    Took the shotgun for a walk this morning , just to get out for a walk , kicked a few up but nothing in range . Drove around to a bunch of different properties to scout out any snow geese and stopped to pattern my new choke . Should be good to go next weekend !