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  1. That’s awesome , is that a shotkam? pretty cool Tool to not only learn from , the footage is fun to watch!
  2. I built my own this past year , using a bunch of parts I had laying around . They’re a blast !
  3. Great binoculars ! I just got a pair a few months back , they’ve been awesome . Good buy.
  4. Yikes I’m glad she’s okay . That’s a giant icicle .
  5. Thousands of decoys , and electronic call , are just the beginning during the conservation season . Even if you’re where they want to be , they’re Amazingly smart and will pick you out of some of the best hides . We’re lucky enough to have a farm they want and we went out there in the lull of the storm and the birds already landed . We ended up getting three on their way out . Oh and we watched the birds out there Monday night , and Tuesday night . We went out there Wednesday night, set up , and the birds never showed up . Tonight there were tons but had landed way early. So
  6. I go up knowing damn well I’m probably eating tag soup , but working towards and praying for the best . I hope you’re right !
  7. 2020 was tough up there for me . I did the same time frame , saw absolutely nothing ! The lack of snow really messed things up ! 2019 I spent an entire day tracking a buck in fresh snow . I believe I did 4 miles , was finally catching up to him , he crossed a main road and he walked right in front of another hunter who harvested him . Huge letdown . My last night I watched an absolute giant , definitely over 200lb walk in right after legal light . Overall it was a great week there but just couldn’t seal the deal.
  8. Not in the big buck club but my biggest (and only) Maine buck weighed in at 158 . I’ll keep trying ! Congrats to everyone who’s lucky enough to have gotten one . It’s not easy !
  9. Just got done putting them in and was about to post up !good luck to everyone who applies !
  10. We usually have tons of them and have killed a bunch already , but they haven’t been in really much at all .
  11. I’ve shot three deer with the accutips . One last year at 75 yards through and through no blood trail but deer tipped over dead in 30 yards . This year I shot one at 110 yards and I thought I missed . But the deer had dropped dead and never moved . Then, I shot one at 20 yards and I actually shanked the shot , found a ton of hair , no blood , never found the deer . I thought for sure it was dead somewhere but the deer re surfaced , alive , and not using its one front leg . My buddy shot one with a 12 g foster slug at 12 yards there was no exit wound , but the deer was down in under 20 yar
  12. Wow that’s a hell of a Chevelle to find !!
  13. Predator hunting , snow goose hunting , shed hunting , crow hunting , maybe a nap or two .
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