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  1. birddogger

    Staying in Jersey

    Guys - I was born and raised in NJ and did fine with a decent paying job, the fishing, hunting and other recreational opportunities. Having New York City and Philadelphia within an hour was huge for the entertainment opportunities. The food choices are endless and some of the very best of the best is within easy reach. The educational opportunities are also topnotch and widely varied. New Jersey is a great state to live in, when you are working. Not so much when you are out of a job. Back in 2001 my company closed its plant and punched my ticket. We looked around , as far south as northern North Carolina and as far west as Gettysburg, PA. I cannot stand Florida. it is far too hot and sticky for far too long and there are far too many retirees down there waiting to croak. Georgia and SC have the same problem with hot weather and I didn't have enough money for two places. I got a job in northern DE in 2002 and we found a place in central DE in 2003. I traded a 2000 sq. ft. Bilevel on 100'X 125' in central NJ for an 1800 Sq. Ft. colonial cape on 10 acres, with a 30'X50' pole barn, and a brand new Kubota tractor with three implements in central DE. My taxes went from $6500 a year to under $1000 per year. There is no sales tax in DE. Since I was boarding out my horse in NJ and was able to move the horse onto my own property, that saved me at least and additional $2000 a year. FWIW, since we qualify for an age related reduction to our property taxes, our tax bill is still under $100/year and there still is no sales tax. I have since retired. DE does not have the sporting opportunities that neighboring states have, but I can still drive to them and now I have the money to do it with. Short of having a place in GA for the winter and a place in the north or north central part of the US for summer, the Delmarva works pretty well for us. RayG
  2. birddogger

    My Dog Passes On

    They are never with us long enough. I know. Your girl had a good life. You gave that to her. She got to do what God and the breeder created her for and she shared herself with a loving home. She could not have asked for more...and you did that too. You also did the very best you could for her, all the way to the end of it...even though it hurt. The hurt will pass and you will remember, and cherish...the good times because a good dog finds a place in our hearts and lives on there. She will be there, in your heart. RayG
  3. birddogger

    Baiting VS Non Baiting

    I haven't deer hunted in NJ for a very long time. Just not worth the hassle to me. Too many hunters. But that is just me. I can remember going bowhunting on any given Saturday in October at Clinton WMA and not seeing another soul in the woods...all day. Them days are gone. However, I do chuckle when I think of all the things that used to be ILLEGAL or UNETHICAL back when I was hunting...that are now perfectly legal and acceptable . I particularly laugh about the current regulations which permit muzzleloaders and slugs today, because...forty years ago they were banned because the state was too populated and they were a safety hazard. Somehow I don't think there are less folks living in NJ than there were 40 years ago, but what do I know? FWIW, if it is legal, it is fine by me. Go for it. RayG
  4. What do you want to do with the dog? Hunt only, hunt and AKC hunt test, Hunt and Navhda or hunt and field trial? What kind of range do you want your dog to operate within? Depending on what you want to do with the dog, I might have some contacts for you. You can PM , if you wish. RayG
  5. birddogger

    Medicare ?

    Contact a law firm that has a well oiled eldercare and estate planning group. Sit down with them and find out what your Mom's legal options for preservation of capital are. If that firm also has the services of a CPA who specializes in this kind of situation...so much the better. It might cost you a few hundred dollars to get the best legal and financial advise, but it will be well, well worth it going forward. You need to keep in mind the fact that the deck is stacked against older folks who own their own homes. It is in the government's best interest to siphon away all of that accumulated wealth, if they can. As far as nursing home and assisted care facility staff is concerned, they will, of course, tell you what is required under the law. Some may be very helpful and knowledgeable. Some may not be. What they are under no obligation to tell you...is how to work the system so that your mom and her heirs get to keep as much of her hard earned assets as possible. Always remember whom the folks at the Medicare office and at the nursing home facility work for. They DO NOT work for you but rather, they work for the govern,ment or for the corporation managing the care facility. As far as that goes, lawyers and CPA's work for themselves, not you or me...but for themselves.... Get the very best information you can, put it together and make a plan that your Mom can live and be happy with. RayG
  6. birddogger


    There is absolutely no question in my mind that these "bombs" are a publicity stunt. It is obvious that they were never intended to detonate... or at least one of them absolutely would have by now. The question is: "BY WHOM?" I personally would not put anything past the radical fringe element on EITHER side of the equation, because both are desperate, just for different reasons. I could honestly see either side doing something like this. Radical is radical, right or left. I do expect this to escalate before the mid-terms, especially if the publicity stunt does not have the intended effect of the perpetrators, in the polling and the media. It already has seemed that the liberal press and leading democrats have attempted to use this to condemn and silence dissent from the right. We will see if the FBI, ATF, NSA and whomever else...will be allowed to get to the bottom of this. It does indeed make one wonder. Maybe the Russians ARE coming! Unfortunately, the next level of "incivility" may well have victims. RayG
  7. birddogger

    For all you Diesel Owners

    I have had two diesel P/U's. Bought both used. First was a 2001 F-250 with a 6.0. Got about 17-18mpg empty and about 11 towing a 3 horse Bumper pull trailer with two horses, water and gear. It was pre DEF. My second was a 2014 F-350 with a 6.7. I get about 18mpg over the road empty and in the mid 12's to 13 towing the same rig mentioned above. Both had plenty of power. If you didn't look in the rear view, you wouldn't know you were towing anything most of the time. The 6.7 can get up to highway speeds as quickly as most cars... with the trailer attached. I think both had a 3.73 ratio but not sure. RayG
  8. birddogger

    Best Semi Auto Shotguns/pumps

    Well let's see... I bought a 3" 20 ga. Browning A -5 with a 26" barrel choked Improved Cyl. around 1971 or '72. Shot all kinds of pheasants and quail, a few woodcock and a few grouse and some chuckar. Back then I bird hunted four or five days a week throughout the entire stocking season. Shot a couple of deer with it when they made slugs legal. Can't recall it ever failing to cycle if I put the rings in correctly...well maybe once or twice. I cleaned it at the end of hunting season every single year... Honest! You had to change the rings around when shooting dove and quail loads instead of high base 6's for pheasant, so when I did that, I would wipe down the tube and hit it with a drop of oil. That's about it. Used this gun pretty much exclusively until about 1990 whenI bought a Citori O/U, also in 20 ga. and have been using the Citori ever since, but my hunting is much less often now than it was. I still have the old humpback and have a set of clamp on sights if I ever need to use it for deer. It'll put a foster style slug in a pie plate at 60 yards every time...resting on a fencepost or tree. That's all I need out of a shotgun. RayG
  9. birddogger

    Upland Boots ?

    Lightweight slip on rubber boots. Lacrosse are pretty sturdy, but Muck Boots or Bogs(a little less expensive) fit my foot better and have more cushioning. For upland I have to say I prefer a leather lace up with a NON-aggressive sole. When it is wet and soggy, I don't want to be lifting an extra half pound of mud every time I pick my foot up. Some of these hiking type boots have deep lugs that can trap and hold a ton of mud. Since I am walking, if the boots leak a bit either through the lacing or over the top. and my feet get damp, it is no big deal. When I get back to the vehicle, a towel, fresh pair of socks and slipping into Muck shoes takes care of that. As others have said, walking in to a stand for deer is one thing and walking for three hours in the fields is another. back when I deer hunted in North jersey, I would wear a pair of lace ups into the stand area(which was usually uphill over rocky, icy terrain) and then change into a pair of heavily insulated rubber boots for the stand. Back then it actually got cold in NJ every once in a while during firearm deer, especially in Stokes Pequannock or up on the Appalachian trail. RayG
  10. birddogger

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    I just read that this "accuser" now wants to tell the Senate judiciary committee how they should proceed. Apparently she is insisting that the FBI conduct an investigation...on a 30 year old "crime", that was apparently never reported to any authority until this past July. For the lawyers out there... Just what is the statute of limitations on assault? Is it normal process for the FBI to investigate assaults? I think not but my name is not followed by an Esq.. Is a sexual assault even a Federal crime. Again, I think not. I should think that would be the local or state that has the jurisdiction and the responsibility. Is it just me, or is it just a tad presumptuous for an ordinary citizen to start making demands on the United States Senate? I personally hope that the committee has their scheduled meeting on Monday to interview both Mr. K and his accuser. If only Mr. K shows up, then I believe they should thank him for his attendance, cancel the testimony portion and immediately vote the nomination out of committee with a recommendation to approve to the full senate. Once that is done, I believe the full senate should have a roll call vote as soon as it is possible to bring the matter to the floor. The only productive way to deal constructively with delay and misdirection and refusal to deal in good faith... is to steamroll it. If the Democrats insist on playing dirty... I say stick the bat...well you know.... RayG
  11. birddogger

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    If Colin Powell did in fact do the exact same thing as Hillary(which I have to say I seriously doubt), then he too should be serving time in Leavenworth. Violating the public trust, knowingly, after signing documents detailing those responsibilities and restrictions...is criminal. In Hillary's case, I have no doubt in my mind that she did it to be able to delete incriminating information. And as far as the allegations against Mr. K., The whole thing is beyond reason and it shows just how desperate and underhanded the liberal democratic leadership is. Thirty years later? And just now she has a "come to Jesus" moment? Come on. Give it a rest. It is purely and simply political theater of the absurd. The Democratic Party just shot themselves in the foot with this one. The sleazy, mean truth of the allegation and the fairly obvious political and financial motivations of the accuser and her political allies is already beginning to come out. Now that we know who she actually is, the media has started digging into her past, and what I've seen so far...don't paint a very pretty picture of the accuser and her family. Credibility is a funny thing. This reminds me of the Tawana Brawley brouhaha that Al Sharpton championed. I bet this is going to turn out the same way. Betcha. RayG
  12. birddogger

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    I personally think that the FBI should get involved with this, as well as Mr. Mueller. I would like to have all her financial records subpoenaed and examined with a fine tooth comb, out find out just who is paying her to come forward with this allegation. Perhaps if Mr. Mueller buried the accuser in charges like he has some others in his probe, the accuser will plead guilty to something...anything, to get the weight of the entire federal bureaucracy off her back. Doesn't anyone think it is kind of strange that the "anonymous" accuser did not come forward until she hired a lawyer? Why should the accuser need a lawyer? Doesn't anyone think it is kind of strange that the "anonymous" accuser waited THITRY years to speak up? If it is indeed true that Ms. Feinstein knew about this allegation some months ago, should she not be censured by the Senate for withholding what she now touts as damaging and important evidence? I personally would like to see her removed from the judiciary committee for withholding this information, much as I would like to see Hillary charged with treason for KNOWINGLY and DELIBERATELY mishandling top secret information and potentially putting American lives at risk. I wonder what kind of dirt we could dig up on Chuck Schumer or Diane Feinstein if we went back thirty years? Never mind...they are Democrats. Different rules apply. Always have...always will. RayG I do wonder though, what would happen if Jeff Sessions were to announce a special prosecutor to investigate the charge of treason for the Hillary use of an unsecure private e-mail server. It is patently clear that she knowingly and deliberately violated both the law and a signed contract which specified how such classified information was to be handled. it is also patently clear that if a person in uniform were to do what Hillary did...they would be in Leavenworth prison now. I bet 'ol uncle Chuckie would quickly be doing his best Monty Hall imitation. Let's make a deal. RayG
  13. birddogger

    Serena Williams

    Hey I really don't much care about tennis ...BUT there is no doubt in my mind that a double standard for behavior is very much present in the sport. Not that a double standard is anything new in sports. I think Serena should pay her fine. here's how. I suggest that she contact an armored car company and arrange to have the $17,000 delivered to the corporate offices of the Tennis organization that levied the fine. Deliverd to the office of the president... in NICKELS! I strongly suspect that the governing body will seek to have this same individual officiate at another major woman's tournament very soon...just to show who is in charge. tghen I would hit them in the pocketbook...REAL HARD. I would quietly and secretly organize the other woman players and the next time that particular umpire is slated to officiate a woman's match, I would have all of the female players withdraw the night before the match was to begin. That should really hang them out to dry. It is really hard to have a televised tennis match when there are no players. You cost these organizations money, embarrass them with their sponsors and have nothing to televise, where the real money is. THEN, you will get change. RayG
  14. birddogger

    Brittanys: part two

    Kype - There is a field trial at the English Setter club in Medford, NJ Sept. 22 & 23. It is sponsored by the Eastern German Shorthair Club and will have several different breeds of dogs competing. All the stakes are walking. Two weekends later Sept. 28, 29 &30 there will be another field trial, this one sponsored by the Del Val Brittany Club. There will be all breeds there as well, but a large portion of the entries will be Brittanys. This is a horseback trial but there will be one walking stake. I encourage you to go there and see some of these dogs perform. you will get a good idea of just what a good bird dog is capable of and you might just make a connection or two with regard to training yourself so you can train your dog. As far as that is concerned, the Setter Club is quite probably the finest bird dog training facility in the northeast. and some of the folks there are absolutely top notch trainers. My personal favorite training book is Paul Long's book "Training Pointing Dogs". I also really like "Training with Mo" by Martha Greenlee. Both of these are a wealth of bird dog training knowledge and both are easy reads and very straightforward. There is another book, "Favorite Training Methods" by Mark Payton which describes a number of training techniques in detail. It is not a training program per se, but rather a detailed description of several very useful training techniques. A really great book and method (IMO) is "The Burnt Creek Method" by Jim Marti, but unfortunately that one is out of print and near impossible to find. I strongly recommend that you get several books and read through them. Then after you have read them, PICK ONE that you want to follow and put the others aside, for now. Pick the method that seems to work best for your personality and the one that you are most comfortable with. and follow the progression, step by step. Training a bird dog is NOT rocket science, but it does require patience and does require time for you to actually do the training, pretty much every single day. There are literally dozens of bird dog training books and videos and DVD's. Most all of them will get the job done and in each of the books, there will be tips, techniques and insights that will help you become a better trainer. No one method is perfect for every dog or every trainer but every method in print has worked for that trainer and probably several hundred dogs which that trainer has developed. You have lots of time, but don't waste it. Educate yourself first and get comfortable with what it is you will have to do to get the dog to the training level you need. Brittanys are neat dogs. The ones I knew had great attitudes and were fun to be around. Enjoy. RayG PS - I screwed up the date of the Eastern GSP trial. I corrected it above. it is the Sept 223 & 23 weekend. FWIW - I will be at both trials and would make myself available so that you don't feel like you are in the middle of a Chinese fire drill all by yourself.
  15. birddogger

    Smoothbore 20 gauge as a good all-around gun?

    As far as what choke constriction/type of slug combination is best on a smoothbore, I suggest that if you go that way that you do some testing. Five packs of slugs are relatively inexpensive. The only thing that you will need is time because shooting slugs in rapid succession our of a relatively thin smoothbore barrel will tend to cause the barrel to heat up and that usually changes the point of aim(typically walking it vertically as it heats up). I would suggest that you start testing with either skeet or IC choke, as it seems that most guns shoot slugs best with a small amount of constriction. FWIW, I found that Foster style slugs shot the best out of both guns. One likes Remingtons a bit better and the other likes Winchesters a touch better. Neither gun liked Brenneke style slugs. There is no question that a saboted round out of a rifled shotgun barrel will afford a higher level of accuracy and precision at greater ranges. The weight of the projectile is reduced, but it is my understanding that saboted rounds do have higher muzzle velocity, which will compensate. The question is...do you need that additional range and precision for the type of hunting you will do? RayG