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  1. Elevated - Thee are two websites you should look at. The first is the American Field website and the second is the AKC website. The American Field website has a calendar feature that you can scroll through to locate trials. The trials are presented by date, but could be anywhere in the USA, so you have to look at each one to see where it is being held. Kind of a pain if you don't know who does what in your geographic area, which is where you are right now. The site does carry info on all FDSB sanctioned trials, walking and horseback. The Indian Creek trial i
  2. Elevated - I know it is not the same as hunting over your own dog...but... If you want to see some nice dogs do their thing, you should take in a field trial or two while your dog is on the Disabled list. Indian Creek has a trial scheduled for Nov. 8. It is a walking trial and I suspect you will se a bunch of nice dogs entered there, mostly pointers and setters. There will be several trials down in Medford, at the English Setter club in the coming weeks. Most of those trials are horseback events, but there is often a wrangler at the trial with horses to
  3. Smitty - Be nice! Somebody could say your dogs have too much hair and are burr magnets. Haha. Just bustin' on ya. I haven't been to Game Creek in a long time. Nice to see it is still a quality destination. Thanks for sharing the good dog work. RayG
  4. Smitty - I occasionally had the same sort of encounter at Colliers. Thievery was a constant down there. I guess it hasn't changed. They would steal dog bowls with water in them. Colliers was like parking your work truck on the street in downtown Newark or Jersey City. Lots of folks with sticky fingers. I generally used tip up cages there, but I locked them to a tree with padlocked steel cable. When I was by myself I ALWAYS kept the vehicle and trailer locked, with dogs inside. Many times I saw footprints in the sand next to my horse trailer door where the dogs were. It was
  5. I was wondering about the second bite of the apple myself. Like I said previously, I used Colliers quite a bit when I lived in Jersey, and never had a problem. But there are plenty of other places to go and train your dog. Perhaps I was fortunate. I lived in South Plainfield and was within striking distance of a whole bunch of WMA's that had dog training areas. Clinton and Black River were within an hour to the north and west and Colliers and Greenwood were an hour and a half to the south. Assunpink was 45 minutes away. Lots of choices. and most of the time, I had the places
  6. Guys - I'd also be willing to bet that a fair number of the folks you are castigating for "hogging" the area at Colliers have valid NJ hunting licenses and probably pheasant stamps as well. You should be aware of the fact that the people who compete with their dogs are some of the most vocal and involved sportsmen in any given state. They are the ones who push the state to mow and cultivate and keep the grounds in some sort of decent state for upland hunting. Without pressure, the state, any state, would be perfectly happy to let their grounds grow up into forests and impene
  7. It has been a while since I was down there, but the two large fields, on either side of the main road were the places the state stocked training birds and where most folks went to run their dogs. I used to drive into the property and hang a left off the main road. I would be at the very back end of that main field, so even if there were folks in the front, we would not interfere with each other. And YES I often found birds there and in the fields farther to the north out by the power lines. The place is HUGE. There is really no reason to get into it with folks for training. I tra
  8. Guys - Unless I am mistaken Colliers Mills encompasses about 11,000acres or so. At least it used to. Also there is(or used to be) a second water impoundment farther back on the property with associated fields. The interior impoundment was bigger and the fields smaller than the ones up front, but there was plenty of room to run my dogs there, and I assure you, my dogs run waaaaay bigger than anything you have. I strongly suspect the Nahra folks did have a permit, which they paid for, BTW. If it was a hunt test, it is entirely likely that most of the folks there paid entr
  9. I have always used the electric dryers that slip in to the individual boots. My feet sweat and the boots tend to stink after a day of hard walking, especially if the weather is a bit warm. I like them because they don't take up much space when not in use and are easily packed. Unless the boot is completely submerged and wet, overnight will dry the insides out. As far as funky foot smell goes, I routinely take the removable footbeds out of my boots, wash them with soap and water , hit them with Febreeze and let them airdry. A shot of Febreeze in to each boot every now and then
  10. Dexter Russell makes incredibly good solid knives for reasonable prices. I have a couple different ones for skinning, boning and one for filleting fish that all work very well. They ain't fancy but they get the job done. For filleting a larger fish, I do prefer the big Rapala as it is a bit stiffer, but for most things including filleting out a pheasant breast, the Dexter gets the call. The Dexter knives take a good edge and hold it. They ain't a Shun, but they ain't $200 a knife with a delicate razor edge either. RayG
  11. There will also be a trial down at Greenwood starting on the following Monday, 10/12-14. It is a 1 hour Brittany stake and it will use pretty much the whole place, so there should be birds all over. So again there should be birds on the grounds on the 15th and for a few days after. Not aware of any trials down there after that...but you could always check with the Division folks or the AKC and AF websites. RayG
  12. Some of my very best memories are intimately involved with bird dogs. Too many to pick just one, but there was a hunt that my son and I did down in Greenwood Forest on the day after a six inch snowfall that was pretty magical. We had the place to ourselves since they hadn't stocked in a couple of weeks and the place was like a fairyland. As I recall we even found some birds, but that wasn't important. There was another time when my son and I were at Clinton the day after a 2 ft. snowfall. it was cold, still and crisp and the snow was like powder. The dog burned the edges like he alway
  13. Lyme - There are two books i want you to order...right now....if you don't have them already. The first is Training Pointing Dogs by Paul Long. The second is Training with MO by Martha Greenlee. Each book is short, sweet and to the point. Both are packed with good solid information and very little fluff. both are written in straightforward language and easy to read. Each book details a different way of training a bird dog, but both ways work well. I strongly recommend that you read both books, then decide which way you want to go with your training and follow that program.
  14. Lyme - A whole lot of what you will see from your dog on live birds depends on what you have done in the yard as training. You are exactly right about not allowing the dog to learn incorrect things that you will have to un-train later on. If you have not done steadiness drills in the yard with the dog, you have no right to expect the dog not to bust and chase...because it most certainly will do just that. If the dog has not been yard trained to stop and stand, I would not show the dog birds until it has been so trained. I would also suggest that you get the dog
  15. I think the only field trial or hunt test within 45 minutes of Montclair would be held at Gary Malzone's place in North Jersey and I think that trial runs in the spring. The next closest field trial grounds to you are in Weatherly, PA and then in Medford, NJ, both of which are easily 2+ hours by car. Your best be would be to search the American field website for trials in NJ and PA and the American kennel club website for pointing dog field trials or pointing dog hunt tests in your area. Navhda might also be running a hunt test in your area. If you are into flushing dogs or re
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