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  1. You forgot about the fact that the hunters actually have money which the government can appropriate in the name of fines and such. So targeting travelers with money actually benefits the government financially. The illegals only have what they carried over the border, so there is no point in arresting them for anything. That would only end up costing the government more for room and board. RayG
  2. I bailed out in 2003. Didn't go real far, settled in central Delaware. We looked as far south as South Hill, VA and as far west as Gettysburg. Didn't go north because I am not a fan of cold weather. South Hill is waaaay too hot and muggy in the summer. Got offered a good job in northern DE after my plant closed and we found a little place in central DE that was close to most services and yet pretty rural. Worked that job for a year and then packed it in for good. Not sorry for the relo choice. We were and still are within a few hours of most family and friends and
  3. AWESOME !! My son is 40, but I vividly remember many of the outings we did when he was younger. Shooting, dog training, hunting, reloading, fishing...all of it. The really neat thing is, HE remembers them even more vividly than I do. I'd bet both you and your daughter will too. Memories are forever, so make a bunch of good ones. Funny thing is, you never know how things are going to work out, and what is going to be important later on. Some of those outdoorsy things we do with our kids open doors for them that they would not otherwise even know about.
  4. Yes - You need a permit to raise birds or to keep them for an extended period. BUT...you do NOT need a permit to stock quail on a designated dog training WMA. All you need is a bill of sale for the birds. RayG
  5. Really nice looking youngster. Good luck with her. First off, I would NOT take the dog anywhere outside of your own back yard until she has had her 16 week shots. Just not worth the risk. as far as shots are concerned, I would seriously consider including Lepto vaccine for a dog that will be out and about in NJ. Ask your vet. As far as runnign and exercising your youngster, there are several WMA's where you can run the dog off leash. They are listed in the regulations as dog training areas. Colliers Mills is where I would go with a youngster, but be sure to carry pl
  6. No it is not. Commercial gamebird breeders need a license. They are a business. Hobby breeders, trainers, 4H kids only need a permit. If I, as a hobby breeder, sell you a half dozen quail, give you a receipt for the sale and you take them to Colliers Mills to train your dog...you are absolutely, perfectly fine under the existing law. There IS a difference between a permit and a license. RayG
  7. Says WHO??? There are plenty of folks with permits to raise or keep quail, chuckar or pheasant. There are a variety of legitimate reasons you can keep gamebirds and you can get a state permit to do so. You are allowed to do ANYTHING with those birds on private property, including release them. Period. If you have a purchase reciept you are allowed to stock quail on all but a select few WMA's and areas, where I believe they are currently trying to repopulate the area with quail. I lived in NJ, and bought and kept birds every year for training on WMA's. I did tha
  8. If you want to hit something with a shotgun...it has to fit you. Pick up the gun, look hard at something about 30 ft. away, like the corner of a ceiling. then close your eyes and mount the gun. If you open your eyes and the gun is pointing pretty much where you were looking, that is a pretty good fit. Years ago, when Griffin and Howe was in Bedminster, NJ they had a program where they would fit your gun to you when they sold it...as a part of the purchase price. Also, their selection of used guns was pretty extensive and... if it came from G & H, you know it was in perfect mec
  9. Congratulations on your acquisition and the very best of luck going forward. If the woods is too thick to walk quietly, I suggest that you look into a drum chopper to go through the thickest of the woods and create a couple of lanes for travel, both by you and the deer. It would be sweet if you could quietly walk to a stand on the edge of your field from under cover, inside the woods. It is my understanding that these choppers will grind up about a 10 ft. swath, which should be plenty to quietly move through nd if you get old and gimpy , like me, an electric golf cart would work too.
  10. That is SOOOO TRUE. On one hunting excursion the club was going to do a drive. I had station wagon, so I parked on the road and walked in. Most of the rest of the club members were in 4X4 vehicles and they drove in. One brave soul tried to go across a big plowed field and got buried up to the doorframes in mud. Then another brave soul in a Toyota Land Cruiser went out there to pull him out and buried his vehicle also. I walked to my car, drove to Tubbs cordage and bought a reel of 1 1/2" polypropylene rope. It was about 800 ft of line as I recall. One of the club members had a
  11. You might try try Collier's Mills. The WMA has two good sized water impoundments. If you do go to Assunpink, be aware that they do a lot of fishing there and, when I went there some years back there are usually rigs and hooks and all manner of junk, including broken glass in and around the parking areas. I would be careful about beer bottles and such close by any roads and parking areas in ANY WMA. RayG
  12. Gyuys - I have a stupid question. Why is it, with all of the sportsmen and women in NJ, and all the orgainzations they support, that a PRO hunting and training bill has not been put forward in the NJ legislature. Why do we have to wait to respond to this nonsense? Why doesn't the AKC, the NJ Federation of Sportsman's Clubs, and a consortium of sporting clubs WRITE AND SPONSOR a bill that clearly and conclusively states the RIGHT of the citizens to pursue lawful hunting and training activities, both on private and on state owned properties, and perh
  13. Nobelhaus gave you a pretty exhaustive list to consider. I tend to focus on some parts of the process more than others. For example, my first question to the breeder would be : Is this breeding expected to produce companion hunting dogs, hunt test dogs or trial dogs? Do you hunt, do hunt tests or do field trials? If you do any of the above, do you train your own dogs? Can I see the sire or dam in the field? Do you own both? If they used an outside sire, I'd ask what he brought to the dance. Since I focus on field trial pointers, I am not so concerned abou
  14. I see no reason why you can't develop most any dog, with the possible exception of a sight hound, into a reasonably decent flushing dog. Keep the pup close. Just about any dog has a far, far better nose that we do and once it figures out what you are wanting it to do.... I saw a teacup type dog in the field once, on a preserve. I have no idea what breed it was but if it was ten pounds of fluff and fur... that was a lot. The little SOB put up three pheasant for its owner and darn near snatched the tailfeathers out of one of them. I didn't think such a little dog could jump that
  15. Knew a couple of folks who were members some years back. They said it was a very nice place. it was out of my price range at the time...probably still is. Looks like you had a marvelous day and that is all that really matters. Good times make good memories. RayG
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