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  1. Winetree

    Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs

    Please Pm me a price for four 285 75 16 e rated installed on a 2003 f250. Thanks
  2. Winetree

    Additional Pheasants To Be Stocked!

    They hold birds back just so they can publish this extra bird crap to make themselves look better. I wish they would just post real numbers instead of the inflated ones. Inflated numbers are just to boost liscence sales. Just like last years extra bird day in January was a pitch to sell more liscences in January rather than November.
  3. Winetree

    Additional Pheasants To Be Stocked!

    Been very slow. Hunted a wma that is supposed to have 70 birds stocked every stocking day and the state is putting out 25-30 tops.
  4. Winetree

    Yamaha factory rims and tires

    I will take these if you are near Monmouth county. My stock tires on my rhino are toast
  5. Winetree

    Got a phone call this morning from F&W

    I personally addressed the mountain bike issue with a co last year in the manasquan wma. He informed me that there was nothing he could do. Hopefully they have changed their minds and will go thru with enforcing the law.
  6. Winetree

    Wtb Benelli

    Since nobody has any used ones. What's the best price on a super black eagle 2 25th anniversary edition? I'm in Monmouth county and will travel a bit. Thanks
  7. Winetree

    Wtb Benelli

    Looking for a camo super black eagle 2. Close to Monmouth county. Let me know