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  1. Light field is out of business unless someone else bought them. They closed up shop in freehold
  2. Prices on sweet potatoes
  3. No food before running not worth the risk
  4. Dans cordura bibs. Very thin and lightweight but do there job. Wear them deer hunting and small game. No restrictive at all
  5. I got a 03 Honda sport trax 90. My daughter is going to upgrade. 1200$. Howell 07731
  6. The Max's on park ave in freehold has more kegs than the other ones . FYI
  7. Call fish and game. Game wardens need to do there part.
  8. Just ground venison with some onions? Or do you add more to the meat?
  9. I just heard about the "lowdown" card reader. It's a 9" iPad just for se cards and you can save the pics you want to a different card. Looks like a good product. Anyone have one?
  10. They can buy pheasant just as easy getting chukar . We paid for "pheasant/quail stamp". Not "pheasant/quail with a chance of chukar stamp" the state is just cheaping out
  11. Bow was used for 2 seasons. It's is like new and ready to be put to use. It is currently set at 60 pounds and 28.5" draw. Only selling because I bought a triax. Bare bow only as I moved my accessories over to my new bow. Will trade for or towards a 20 gauge over under. Located in Howell nj 07731. Looking for $500.
  12. Please Pm me a price for four 285 75 16 e rated installed on a 2003 f250. Thanks
  13. They hold birds back just so they can publish this extra bird crap to make themselves look better. I wish they would just post real numbers instead of the inflated ones. Inflated numbers are just to boost liscence sales. Just like last years extra bird day in January was a pitch to sell more liscences in January rather than November.
  14. Been very slow. Hunted a wma that is supposed to have 70 birds stocked every stocking day and the state is putting out 25-30 tops.
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