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  1. Great bow Nomad! I've been shooting recurves for about 30 years now, just love the simplicity and the beauty of all wood bows. Started with a few Brackenbury's, Jim was a great guy to talk to on the phone. While ordering the bow I'd be on with him for an hour at minimum, he was one hell of a guy. Went to Great Northern and now shooting a Black Widow. Best of luck with it!
  2. My one son deer and pheasant hunts with me, but his time is limited due to work and young daughter. My other son enjoys archery and shooting, says he wants to start hunting - I can't wait! I always ask but don't push too hard. If he texts me during the day and asks me if I want to go shooting, I always say yes, even if my wife has plans. She knows how much we both enjoy it and understands. As a kid in bergen county, my town had a youth league sponsored by the police. I would come home from school on Tuesdays, grab my .22 and ride across town with the cased gun across my handle bars - imagine seeing that today? My best friend had family in PA, where during gun season the kids would hunt their way to school, put their rifles in a gun room during the day, and after school hunt their way home. I'm showing my age, but it seems like 3 weeks ago!!!
  3. Great info, glad you are ok ! A few things I always carry in my pack are a road flare, waterproof matches and tourniquet. Almost needed the matches years ago up in the Adirondacks with a buddy. Thankfully we barely heard a semi go by out the road - in the opposite direction where we thought the main road was! A spare set of keys saved me once while hunting by myself. Left my truck at dark, came back at dark and reach into my pocket to find nothing but pocket fuzz. I take my flashlight and there they are hanging out of the ignition. "Of fuuuudge" - then I remembered I had a spare set in my napsack. That would have been a long walk of shame.
  4. Years ago I bought a Filson jacket, the double mackinaw cruiser. I just looked at the cost, its up there but well worth it. I've worn it on below 0 days and it keeps me warm. I use cold gear as a base layer, heavy wool shirt and a british commando sweater underneath. Wool pants and insulated muck boots on the bottom. When I hike in I strap the jacket to my backpack, and put it on at my stand.
  5. I have 2 now, and 2 previously since 1986. The first and second were chewers - remote controls, kids backpacks, and a nice long wool coat that I got for my wife on xmas - she put it over the dining room chair after opening it, within an hour he chewed the sleeve. The one even got into a kitchen cabinet and had a blast with a bag of flower, the joys of owning dogs. We still crate the younger one while we are out but the older one hasn't been in a crate for a few years, only in my truck while traveling. They are great with kids, my son at one point was pulling on his ears while he was eating, he would just stop eating and give him a look like "really, do you have to do that now". My wife will put a piece of meat on her finger and both will use their lips to get it off, very gentle dogs. They do get riled up when the door bell rings or they see someone out the window - which is good. Although my yard does look like my kids used to ride a dirt bike in a big circle around the house, hey its only dirt. They both hunt great and honoring each other now, that did take a few years. During the season its a great excuse to go for birds, I have to give them exercise!
  6. Things like this are becoming the norm. Guys, also do yourself a favor and keep your cased guns separate from your ammo. I have a pickup with a cap, my guns are cased in the seat behind me, ammo is kept in the bed. If you have a Tahoe or something like that, the ammo has to be kept in a locked box in the rear. A club member was pulled over one morning while driving (with his orange hat on), State Police saw him and pulled him over. He was lucky that he just got a ticket for not having his ammo locked in a box in a Chevy SUV. It really seems to depend on the cop, as I was pulled over for speeding on route 23 last year, state cop followed me and finally pulled me over. I always say hi how are you so as not to put them on edge.He stopped by the passenger back window, hand on his gun asking for license etc. He asked what is in that case? I told him a shotgun. He asks where are you going, I told him bird hunting as my one crated dog was barking at him through the window. He asked me a few hunting questions like whats the limit? I told him its private, we set our own limit, usually 2 birds by 12 then after that it doesn't matter. He gave me a ticket for obstructed license plate, second one I've gotten in 2 years - watch those speed traps! Again I said - "My license plate is clear as day", he smiled. Afterwards I always say be safe out there. That one stopped him, he turned around and said thank you.
  7. All great advice here and on point, I shoot a Black Widow 52#, current arrows are Heritage 250 cut to 29 3/4" with a small weight in the tip and 125 field point/broadhead, nothing on the nock end. I did cut my feathers to the lowest possible height with a new feather chopper, they shoot like darts. For years I shot 2219 and 2117 arrows out of my Brackenberry's - they flew great out of both bows. Here is a youtube link to Ken Beck talking about tuning It can get frustrating tuning with a bare shaft, just hang in there.
  8. I'd have to say around $250 across all the seasons, so if we can hunt for 6 months, that's around 42 a month. I don't get out as much as I'd like to with work and travel, alot of my hunts are 1/2 days with around 5 full days out. But on the days I do go I can disconnect from the world along with email and cell phone. I have 2 bird dogs and just spent 500 at the vet for both for shots etc. I just spent 28 for a 2 day hunt with my friend who was my college roommate and his son in zone 15, no deer but the 3 days we were together we had a blast. To me it was well worth it. My one son bird hunts with me and deer hunts a few days a year. You can't even begin to put a price on the time we spend together like that away from family and work, the laughs we have and the memories shared. Sure, it all ads up but so does every other sport and hobby. Thinking back in time, I cringe when I remember the mornings I woke up to a few crumpled dollar bills in my pocket with a ripping hangover, hair standing on end, all the while thinking where did my money go last night?
  9. I'm far from a expert in beer, but reading this post I've seen some brands that were easy on the wallet back in college - back then it was Genny Cream ale, Iron City, Rolling Rock or Red, White & Blue I love Guinness, have been to the factory in Ireland a few times, it tastes nothing like what you buy here in the states, when its fresh it is out of this world. Crickett Hill makes a good beer, the owner was great to us years ago when you could stay all Friday night and drink "on the house" after taking the "tour". On the way out each of us would buy a case as a thank you. Lately its been Sam's, Blue Moon or Summer Shandy. I've thought about starting home brewing, but a friend of mine does it and he just gives me what I need. I think I'm one hobby shy of needing a bigger garage or basement!
  10. I saw this post and got excited, but now see this is for .50 cal - anyone have any in .54 cal ? I still use my TC Renegade - love that gun! Good luck with the sale.
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