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  1. I've been in sales for 30 years. Software for 18 years, 15 years at IBM and the last three at a Oracle division as a competitive intelligence analyst. The grind at these large companies makes me scratch my head alot - can't wait to reire. I was a road warrior for many years at IBM, heading to Newark airport for 7am flights on Monday morning and coming home on Friday nights. Luckily I could slip away for 1/2 day hunts on Saturdays. Management could never figure out why come October/November I would need to stay local where I had alot of "meetings" in NYC or CT.
  2. I come from a hunting family, my dad got me hooked. My grandfather came from Ireland where he hunted birds and then hunted pheasants in the meadowlands when he lived in Kearny. My uncle lives in the same house that my grandfather was born in over in Ireland. Over there its hunting natural pheasants, he would walk all day sometimes only seeing a bird or two, bonus if he got one. My brother has only hunted deer once, birds a few times. My dad took my brother deer hunting the one time. They were up in Stokes, my father put my brother in a spot and told him to sit and wait - he will push de
  3. I do the same now and use borebutter after cleaning, thanks for your help Nomad
  4. Thanks Nomad! No issues with sabot residue on your Hawken 54?
  5. I bought a TC Renegade .54 in 1993, the only modifications I made to it was put in hot nipple which has a slightly larger hole and fiber optic open sights for shooting in low light. The sights make a huge difference when its getting dark or hunting areas with alot of shadows. I did just recently get a TC 700 which I'm thinking of selling. I like the traditional fact being that I hunt with a recurve as well. The .54 Renegade has taken alot of deer - it shoots like a rifle out to 100 yards. I'm using 80 grains of powder and maxi-hunters. To you guys that still use the .54, what are y
  6. There was oil heat in my house when we moved in, even the hot water was heated using a tankless heater on the boiler. To run a bath for the kids you had to let the water slowly come out of the tub spout, because the tankless heater was small and inefficient. In the winter when the boiler came on, it sounded like you were standing on the runway at Newark airport - it was unreal. Luckily there is a gas line in the street, PS came and ran a line to the house for "no charge". I had a gas hot water heater installed, a new gas furnace, gas instead of electric stove and dryer. What a huge diffe
  7. Reading Bushden's post - what a memory! A neighbor of mine worked at Citi Bank in the 60's, Hank Aaron came in one day for a promotional signing. He came over one day and handed me a signed bat from Hank Aaron. We had an empty lot across the street from my house, we played every kind of game in there you can think of, and alot of baseball - when the movie The Sandlot came out, it reminded me of growing up playing baseball there. So one day our bat breaks, game was almost done but I ran home and got the signed Hank Aaron bat. We used it for a few days, it cracked and we fixed it with screw
  8. Being a CO in NJ is a tireless job, a friend of mine is retired. The stories he tells are amazing, and the things that people say in their defense are head scratching for sure. It's like when you were a kid making things up to tell your parents, not realizing your parents have been around the block a few times. He always says that you can tell in the first 2 minutes that something isn't right, and in asking more questions they always trip themselves up.
  9. I used to enjoy reading his column as a kid. My parents lived in Newark when they were first married, as did my grandparents when they came over from Ireland. My father bought a shotgun from Bambergers in Newark when he was young. I still have the receipt. Can you imagine buying guns in Bambergers in Newark? Time have sure change!
  10. Hey Frank, I'll take it if they are still available, I'm in Passaic county as well. Thank you!
  11. Amazing, I grew up in Fair Lawn and never saw a deer all those years. We used to pheasant hunt (as kids) over by Dunkerhook. I can't believe the amount of deer in Fair Lawn now, I see them all over. My father used to chase them out of his garden.
  12. Thank you Bill and nmc02 for your help, I appreciate it.
  13. I have a .54 T/C Renegade, and the maxi hunter's shoot great out of it! I've had that setup for about 20 years and the performance out to 80 yards is fantastic. Does anyone know where I can .54 Maxi-Hunters in 360 grains? Or if anyone has some for sale I'm interested. Thank you!
  14. Great bow Nomad! I've been shooting recurves for about 30 years now, just love the simplicity and the beauty of all wood bows. Started with a few Brackenbury's, Jim was a great guy to talk to on the phone. While ordering the bow I'd be on with him for an hour at minimum, he was one hell of a guy. Went to Great Northern and now shooting a Black Widow. Best of luck with it!
  15. My one son deer and pheasant hunts with me, but his time is limited due to work and young daughter. My other son enjoys archery and shooting, says he wants to start hunting - I can't wait! I always ask but don't push too hard. If he texts me during the day and asks me if I want to go shooting, I always say yes, even if my wife has plans. She knows how much we both enjoy it and understands. As a kid in bergen county, my town had a youth league sponsored by the police. I would come home from school on Tuesdays, grab my .22 and ride across town with the cased gun across my handle bars
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