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  1. suburbanhunter

    Hunting club NJ

    Highview Hunting Club is looking for members. Zones 2 and 5. Dues are $1000 per year, hardle ever see anyone on properties. You can find them on facebook or call me at 973-599-1587. Thank You. Bill
  2. suburbanhunter

    Hunting club

    Highview hunting club is looking for a few members zone 2 and 5 .
  3. suburbanhunter

    2nd season clover growth

    mow it high only take a little off the top.
  4. suburbanhunter

    2/15/2018 Check In

    zone 36
  5. suburbanhunter

    2/15/2018 Check In

    I was out yesterday afternoon the deer were moving early shot a big doe around 3 .
  6. suburbanhunter


    anyone know of a jotul dealer in north jersey . thanks
  7. suburbanhunter

    How to gain access to hunt town land

    what town are you looking into ,I do a lot of bow hunting in essex county .
  8. suburbanhunter

    10 pt from this morning

    very nice .
  9. suburbanhunter

    Son's First Bow Buck

    great buck.
  10. suburbanhunter

    11-4!buck tag filled

    Very nice.
  11. suburbanhunter

    What would you do?

    Thats a pass .
  12. suburbanhunter

    Last day 6 point

    very nice.
  13. suburbanhunter

    My daughter with a real nice Buck!

    nice shot.
  14. suburbanhunter

    Old guy gets lucky EAB Doe down.

    very nice.
  15. Been a member for 6 years, all properties are under hunted. Great group of hunters. You will not be disappointed.