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  2. Flatbrook tap house get a calzone too
  3. My dad only ever went to the big plastec garbage can full of rods with a price (usually 5 bucks or less on the can). He was the best fisherman ever. Never broke a rod.
  4. I saw 3 bucks yesterday all still antlered up. I saw no bald bucks I've shot rack bucks in Feb. Keep hunting boys.
  5. Well your meter is AFU CJ i shoot one like this every year in 36, could shoot more but i can only eat 1 a year.
  6. This bad boy came around for my pie scraps. I'll wait for the 6 day An addl. 56 bucks to shoot him now is just rediculous. If not ill be out again in Jan. And Feb.
  7. Cant beat it.. 1961 dad and i tracked my first deer together, a stokes 8 pt. Snow on the ground, jumped him and we empties our 12 ga doubles. Only buck shot allowed then. He is on the wall. Congrats.... you are correct, unforgetable, and people wonder why we hunt.
  8. I can guarantee that none of the bear check station marchers with the signs or our governor have degrees in wildlife management. Why do the people who know the least talk the most?
  9. Aalso a big diff especially with bucks between pre and post rut. Rember we can hunt for almost 6 mo in NJ. As an aside my dads favorite meat (he never shot a doe, only ever hunted the 6 day) was a neck roast. He sat at the kit table with a pearing knife, a buck neck and string.
  10. The one on top will taste better especially if you knock it off the rock onto the ice.
  11. No, it is illeagal only the guts can be left in the field.
  12. 2 to 1 with 80% lean chuck works for me i have a dilemma, i need help guys. the GF wants to go to Fla. for the month of feb. my deer season runs right thru til feb. 28. should i.- 1. go to FLA, play golf and shoot hogs. 2. POF a new GF. (i am chasing 2 bucks similar to the p&y 9pt in my photo, if i tag one or they shed before feb,no problem, i go south).
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