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  1. Is it still closed on state land? I didn’t see anything specifying in the digest.
  2. With all due respect stratocaster an open minded discussion of the “economic opportunities” offered by continued development and disruption of open spaces and natural access is probably the last thing needed. Seems like I can find plenty of places to go for economic opportunity but decent fishing and hunting and outdoor spaces, not so much.
  3. My boat didn’t sink but seeing that makes me immediately happy again about selling it.
  4. Obviously not ancient but I found this walking a South Jersey public land field edge after a heavy rain a week ago. Saw the tapered nock end sticking up from a fresh deep ATV rut and started digging. The arrow kept crumbling but I dug hoping it had a head on it and found this at the end. I’m not sure how old it is but if it’s from the 50s or 60s it would be 70ish years old. Cool find for me since I like finding old stands and wondering about the history on public land.
  5. 21 A and D hoping to tag another one with the longbow 👍🏻
  6. Prices are out of hand but people pay it so why not?...their new stand is nice but I thought people would be doubled over laughing at the 1K price but it seems like lots of guys like it and say lone wolf is worth the price....1 THOUSAND dollars for a lock on stand and steps!?
  7. I don’t see a problem with it, if you rely upon it then you’re limiting yourself but it’s a strategy or method of hunting that I’ll occasionally use depending on the area I’m hunting. My biggest problem with it is lots of guys shoot every yearling that walks in but that’s a result of the greed and ethics of those particular hunters.
  8. You're burning a lot of dudes spots there lately APG lol....seriously good luck with the longbow I hunt with one myself 👍🏻
  9. Hanky

    Zone 48

    APG how old are you?
  10. Few new bucks on my cam too I wonder what's up.
  11. Hanky

    zone 48

    What bow are you shooting there
  12. Glad to see this post after this mornings hunt. I mostly go out just to get my dog some work in but I've been saying this year seems off compared to previous seasons. There are birds but definitely not what I'm used to and very very few shots overall. Ah well, still nice walking.
  13. Saw that while reading it just now, I'm going to report it.
  14. No kidding? I'm going to look that up - might be worth reporting. Thanks for that.
  15. In more ways than one....walking through a public land spot I often hunt I came across 3 yearlings within 50 yards of each other in various stages of "freshness". All 3 had just the backstraps taken and a ham sized carve from the hind quarters. Given their location I'd guess they were from the same hunter. Yes, they're legal but really?
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