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  1. Anyone know a good south jersey butcher where a deer can be dropped if it's later at night? thanks guys
  2. I have settlement on Wednesday so long NJ!
  3. Hanky

    Stocked wma's

    I hunt the South and am enjoying the season again this year. I'm finding plenty of birds and plenty that guys walk right over. Phes hunting here can be a war zone at times but I do think the state does a good job.
  4. Hanky

    Opening day- check in

    Small doe with the recurve that I thought was a giant from the tree....been a long summer I guess haha....public land in the pines
  5. Hanky

    Stoeger Condor?

    I've used one for years - no complaints
  6. Hanky

    Why no bears in the pines?

    Cool pic from Colliers....I'm not necessarily asking for them...just surprised there aren't more haha
  7. Hanky

    Hunter harassment by a CO?

    Hi guys - didn't realize this was still active - as an update he filed a complaint and recently (last week) went to court to fight it but apparently was told in court he couldn't be his own witness so I believe he has to return and not represent himself
  8. Anyone have a guess as to why the pines don't hold bears? With the population up North I'd think some would find their way down. There certainly is enough land I'm assuming.
  9. Hanky

    Mayweather v. Mcgregor - Anyone see the press conferences?

    I think the fight is a joke as are the wrestlemania theatrics they put on now to promote it. Mayweather isn't an entertaining fighter but his boxing record speaks for itself. I'm saying it'll be a boring and disappointing fight with Mayweather giving him a soft leather bath for the duration.
  10. Hanky

    South Jersey surf

    I haven't seen any decent reports for the Ocean City area though....much closer for me than heading north
  11. Anybody been fishing the surf in the south lately? Haven't been able to get out since last week. I don't need a spot or anything...just curious if they're still pulling blues at the southern points.
  12. Hanky

    The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Men

    That's awesome and a good deed to boot....congrats on the new pup
  13. Hanky

    Hunter harassment by a CO?

    The feeder is not far behind his house and he put it there after building essentially an on the ground treehouse with his kids....they go out to it for easy wildlife watching and I'm assuming they'll deer hunt it....but again I was mostly just wondering if complaints can be made against excessive surveillance by a CO and if this sounds like that situation. It is after all his house and his land so although he's probably inviting harassment assuming all is legal he should have the right to have a feeder up without continued harassment.....if what he told me is correct then this one CO has made multiple trips to his property to watch him from a distance and has interrupted more than one legal hunt in the past week and a half on this guys property.
  14. Hanky

    Hunter harassment by a CO?

    He assumed the CO knew his name from the check in the fall that occurred and he's probably correct. I was wondering more from you guys if this sounds excessive or not which it sounds like he should at least file a complaint even if it goes nowhere. He could be BSing me but I just don't see that happening and he has video of the supposed "baiting" area that the CO walked him to right after it happened. I told him he was probably asking for it with the feeder up but if he's legal he's legal and after being checked a few times by a CO maybe it's time to move on. He does have the guys name so I guess we'll see if it continues or not. Might be a good idea to kill the feeder until after turkey. Thanks for the responses guys
  15. Hanky

    Hunter harassment by a CO?

    Mazzgolf he said the CO never even checked his license or asked to see a valid turkey tag. I asked him if he signed anything or saw any kind of paperwork and he said no, just that the CO said I'll mail you your tickets. The same guy pulled in to his driveway in the fall so he isn't an impostor and I do believe he has his name though I don't...the only thing I received was the heated phone call after it happened. I also agree about interactions with COs, I've had multiple over the years and never once was one bad, in fact I recently signed up to be a F&G volunteer.