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  1. Deadonshot - I don’t understand people who try to defend the current state of the country by pointing out what they didn’t like about a past administration. That’s the weakest argument possible, in fact it’s not an argument at all.
  2. I can see the potential confusion there and wish guys had a better understanding of the difference or a better explanation was provided.... my calling or decoys have been stalked multiple times by guys and there’s definitely some danger involved.
  3. Wish it wasn’t the case I guess but I lost interest. Don’t miss it at all or I’d go back to watching.
  4. You’d probably just wind up with 9 additional NJ license plates.
  5. I was thinking that actually haha
  6. The oak flat off of pancake hill should hold some birds
  7. Zone 21 all quiet had a guy set up across the field from me and my decoys, probably 40 yards from my truck, calling back every time I call... that’s public land hunting sometimes I guess
  8. The dodge v-6 is more than enough for what you need and it’s a great engine and trans system. I have one and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one again if the deal was right. Asking about a truck engine on a hunting site though is bound to get you the “you need 550 ft/pd torque and dually diesels” and all that stuff. I do similar things to what you’re looking to do and never felt it was lacking at all, never thought I needed more torque or smoke stacks either.
  9. 0 tags for me, previous seasons I’d basically buy the whole season as leftovers after drawing my lottery choices, who knows....be interesting to see what’s left over.
  10. Rarherb - usually when they go on sale as leftovers, but it seems like there may not be many if these results are accurate.
  11. My results are for this year, I called and asked and was told emails were mistakenly sent out and others will be sent in their place. She didn’t mention if that affected the results or not but if not it means none of my 6 choices were drawn. Possible I guess but seems really hard to believe. I’ve never not basically drawn at least my first or second choice in one of the lotteries.
  12. Anyone else having trouble with the draw? Got an email that I was successful but all 6 options on the website say I wasn’t. Find it hard to believe none of my options were drawn.
  13. One more sit this weekend to pull my stand and cam afterwards. Deer are mostly nocturnal for me and I never enjoyed pulling a kicking fetus out of a doe. Saw several bucks that have shed already but who knows.
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