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  1. One more sit this weekend to pull my stand and cam afterwards. Deer are mostly nocturnal for me and I never enjoyed pulling a kicking fetus out of a doe. Saw several bucks that have shed already but who knows.
  2. Hanky

    Choose One Breed !

    Everyone knows a GSP is the only choice for everything, just don’t leave them alone though or they’ll wreck your tent.
  3. Hunters are an odd bunch, I’m guilty of this too so don’t take it personal. We see an injured deer that is seemingly acting normal and assume we’re doing it a favor by killing it when the deer may know no different from having the injury. I shot a buck earlier in the year and found about a 4” chunk of wood inside its shoulder. Fibrous tissue grew over it and he had no other signs of injury or distress. They’re pretty tough animals because they don’t have another choice.
  4. More if archery is an indication...my two main public spots were absolutely hammered by hunters this year, trucks constantly there even during the week when I’m used to seeing basically nobody.
  5. Out as well, nice morning but nothing so far
  6. Wow, unbelievable is right.
  7. Can’t count how many times I read that book as a boy, Little Ann and Big Dan.
  8. I have a friend that gets pretty regular success over bait piles during the rut with one, I tried a Montana decoy in PA last year and had 3 does scatter when they saw it and then had a really big buck for where I hunt coming straight towards me a little later in the morning and he scattered when he saw it too. That pretty much ended my decoy experiment.
  9. Is it still closed on state land? I didn’t see anything specifying in the digest.
  10. With all due respect stratocaster an open minded discussion of the “economic opportunities” offered by continued development and disruption of open spaces and natural access is probably the last thing needed. Seems like I can find plenty of places to go for economic opportunity but decent fishing and hunting and outdoor spaces, not so much.
  11. My boat didn’t sink but seeing that makes me immediately happy again about selling it.
  12. Obviously not ancient but I found this walking a South Jersey public land field edge after a heavy rain a week ago. Saw the tapered nock end sticking up from a fresh deep ATV rut and started digging. The arrow kept crumbling but I dug hoping it had a head on it and found this at the end. I’m not sure how old it is but if it’s from the 50s or 60s it would be 70ish years old. Cool find for me since I like finding old stands and wondering about the history on public land.
  13. 21 A and D hoping to tag another one with the longbow 👍🏻
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