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  1. Just had to put a transmission in my 2016 Chevy Silverado. 84,000 miles. No warranty! I do not tow and easy miles. $5000 later. My 2nd time doing this.I had a 2011 that had 110,000. Same thing. Transmission went!!! I like the ride of the Chevy. Getting around 22 MPG but not happy with my last 2 with transmission issues. Both times I did transmission flushes a few months before. I am done doing flushes also!!! Might be coincidence. Not sure when I need another truck down the road what I will buy. Might go to a F-150
  2. I got my mount back today, and I can say I am very happy with the way it came out.Another great job by Joe Cicchino of Denville. Thanks Joe! I named this one ROCKY with the one brow tine missing.
  3. Are you allowed to discharge a fire arm in Belle Mead NJ ?
  4. I have not had much luck this year as far as seeing much deer in NJ where I have been hunting. I have hunted in PA a bunch of times but mostly only have seen does.My wife got her knee replaced 2 weeks ago and put a cramp into my hunting schedule so this was my first time out since than.Had an opportunity to hunt a new acre parcel this week.My sons brother in law gave me permission to hunt a small acre parcel so I went there on Tuesday to put a stand up with my buddy MSGDAN.We walked the property and did not see any other stands up.Good sign.Many runs and rubs.MSGDAN picked out the area for where we were going to erect the stand.This is MSGDAN's speciality as he has helped me many times in picking out the placement of putting up a stand. I got a late start on Thursday as I had an issue with my heat turning on and almost did not go. Fortunately I got it going.Did not get into my treestand till 6:15 when it was starting to get light out. Ok so I get settled in and see I fox around 6:45.I watch him for a bit. I turn to my left and there is another fox. I watch the fox for about 2-3 minutes and turn to look in front of me and this boy shows up.I have no idea where he came from. I nick named him ROCKY because after I shot him as I notice that his brow tine and G2 were broken off from fighting. He gave me a broad side shot and I heart shot him. He ran 50 yards and dropped.The best part about it he ran to my truck and dropped 20 yards from it. My easiest drag ever.Does not get much better than that!! I was blessed to harvest this deer . Just want to thank MSGDAN again for all his help.
  5. Montecs get my vote. I love them. I do not resharpen them.For the money after I use it once I put a new one in with a new bolt.
  6. Congrats Dan....You always get it done.Great job.
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