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  1. Gman119


    Does anyone know what that nj trout web address is .it was on here once before but I can’t find it through web search thanks
  2. Does anyone know if elys gives you your own meat back or do you wait til the end of the season to pickup specialty’s
  3. I worked at a school in maplewood last summer one morning at 8 o’clock 3 decent bucks walked across the parking lot and into somebody’s yard
  4. Where did you pull the camera from Illinois some beauties on there
  5. Does anyone else find it odd to throw deer heads in a sandbox 10yrds behind your house ?
  6. I had a giant tree fall 50yrds from me the other night in moderate winds be careful of dead trees around your setups
  7. Sals in Pennington makes good sausage don’t have any contact info or address sorry
  8. That’s whT I used to report harvests it as great . What’s the best way to report now?
  9. Gman119

    Mahi mahi

    What is pot hopping?
  10. I’m looking to join a club . Myself and my 14 y/o son are mainly deer hunters . Looking for Mercer Hunterdon or somerset thanks in advance for your help
  11. Very nice work but I don’t really like
  12. Bp skulls did an excellent job on mine . Very good guy also
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