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  1. DeplorableDan

    50 Jersey foods to try before you die

    Definitely check out donkey’s in Camden for what I consider to be the best cheesesteak around, including philly. They have a second location in Medford. Carmen’s is good, but not quite as good as it used to be. My pick for wings is Dom’s tavern in bellmawr, down the street from my house. Jays elbow and the jug handle are two land mark five bars with good wings and cheap drinks
  2. DeplorableDan

    Wife rear ended someone, NJM want to total her car!!

    I mean it’s hard to tell without looking under the hood, but I think you could probably fix that car for around half of that. See if there’s any parts cars like that one on Craigslist.
  3. DeplorableDan

    Electrical help

    I doubt anybody can help you by looking at pictures. I wired my house but if I were to troubleshoot that I would need a multimeter at the very least. Good luck
  4. DeplorableDan

    what irks you?

    Oh and every time I need to call comcast, Verizon, pseg, or any other company and hear “we are experiencing higher call volumes than normal, please wait 30-45 minutes for the next available representative”
  5. DeplorableDan

    what irks you?

    Liberals and ketchup packets
  6. DeplorableDan

    Doesn't any one take pride in craftsman ship any more

    After taking a look at bedroom sets in furniture stores, I decided to find them on Craigslist. Everything is cheap particle board now. Like jay said your better off finding used older furniture and touching it up if need be. Craftsmanship is a lost art in this society
  7. DeplorableDan

    Happiness is a well packed freezer

    I also got an upright freezer in the basement just for wild game, it’s great not to have to cram it in the kitchen.
  8. DeplorableDan

    New Member... Kinda

    Welcome aboard
  9. DeplorableDan


    Never shopped there and now I never will
  10. DeplorableDan

    Way to go Georgia!!!

    The only people that cast the nra in a “bad light” are the radicals clammering for gun control. The same population of America knows the NRA had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with parkland, and if the states followed the NRAs guidelines for reporting into the background check system, Cruz might not have been able to buy a weapon. The fact of the matter is that delta and the other companies are cowardly in the way they reacted, and caved quickly to some nonsense public outcry. And frankly I don’t agree with trump or Rubio, I think they’re needs to be one set age of “adulthood” . You can drive at 16, vote at 18, buy pistol at 21, smoke at 21, parents insurance until 26...the list goes on. Liberals want to change age limits whenever it benefits them. Set one age of an “adult” and stick with it, but we know they won’t agree to that since they rely on the young brainwashed votes. I’m not willing to compromise at all on 2A, compromises always end with less liberty for law abiding citizens. Delta could have just rode out the storm like fedex and come out stronger on the other side, and more business from people who believe in the bill of rights. Instead they went limp like all these other corporations to appease the far left, and showed where they stand. If they wanted to be neutral then they could of just kept they’re mouth shut and this all would have blown over.
  11. DeplorableDan

    Well, goin to get the other elbow done in the morning...

    Best of luck
  12. DeplorableDan

    does anyone use the on X hunt???

    I stopped using onX hunt. HuntStand is cheaper if I want to see property lines. But I don’t really like huntstand for mapping out stands and cameras, for that I use scoutlook.
  13. DeplorableDan

    How many snakes in the pic and what kind?

    Where is it? These are the 4 I see
  14. DeplorableDan

    How many snakes in the pic and what kind?

    Bottom right corner
  15. DeplorableDan

    How many snakes in the pic and what kind?

    I see 4 as well