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  1. Just finished the shoot. Great shoot with my brother and son. Breakfast sandwiches kicked ass too. Get out there now and support these guys!
  2. Every year, last week of the season there are geese willing to work, we do well, and the season's over. I wish they would start the 2nd segment a week later, so we could hunt the last week of January. My area is loaded with geese right now. Next year, I heard the limit will be 2 instead of 3.
  3. 7hrs and 15 minutes from Clifton to Warren County... Rt 80 was F-ed
  4. Relocator


    Still available?
  5. Our favorite place when we go out to eat, we go there at least once a monrh. Wonderful food, better service. My wife loves the sangria too!
  6. Using a rangefinder before you shoot is cheating! We sometimes range it after the shot if we didn't hit where expected. This is a great shoot. We've been going for years and years. Run by a great group of guys. Don't forget to get a breakfast sandwich- they're the best!
  7. My uncle goes to the Hackettstown auction to get pigeons for his hawk (he's into falcontry) and he gave a few to me to start a loft. Not sure of the process. Another option is to find a barn where they roost and scoop them up in a net. Problem is finding an area where they're low enough to reach. I don't believe Buttonwood has a minimum order. Just give them a call a day or two before you need them and they'll be ready when you get there. They always have good birds.
  8. Craigslist or Hackettstown livestock auction.
  9. I can not believe someone is not jumping on this pooch!
  10. Great looking pup. I already have 2 gsp's myself, best dogs ever. These athletes need to run, and you need time to devote to them. Please, somebody that can run this guy daily snatch him up! Takes a lot to decide to give a dog up. Help Ryanm sleep at night and give him a good home.
  11. Get pigeons. If your pup learns to catch the quail, you'll have a more difficult time getting them steady. Pigeons fly good, are cheap, and are hard for them to catch. Look up "carding a pigeon" so you can reuse them, unless you establish some homers.
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