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  1. To successfully paint a concrete slab on grade, there must be a vapor barrier under there to stop moisture vapor transmission. Think of concrete as a big, thick sponge. Lots of nooks and crannies and capillaries that lets moisture travel up and down. If you cover the concrete with coating, moisture vapor transmission will eventually make it pop off. That's why all these guys are saying don't do it or you'll always to it. It will look great for a few weeks, or even months, and then it starts. Pops off just enough to make it look shitty and puss you off. So then you pressure wash it, scrape it, and do it again... and again... and again. That's why basements and garages get the 6 mil plastic down before the slab is poured... to stop the moisture vapor from coming through the slab. You could try a thin concrete stain that soaks in a bit and won't chip off.
  2. I drove by yesterday and it was open. Carteret was open too.
  3. I sat in park for 2hrs and 9min yesterday, about half a mile behind you. I was stuck- it was all guardrail and I couldn't cross the median. Unf***ingbelievable The things we put up with to live in the woods.
  4. Had a 50/50 chance... I guessed wrong! The ID was easy. These are the ones you see flying low over fields and hovering periodically. Don't see them too often though.
  5. I guess we don't know what we're doing then! Was worred about catching deer. Waited til snow last year and only put snares on trails with only coyote tracks and caught deer
  6. Southern Warren county, more pictures of coyotes than deer. The problem with snaring them is you'll catch more deer than dogs. They run the same trails.
  7. I would guess that someone found this dog by now. GSP's are people dogs. He's probably curled up on someone's couch. I'd start knocking on doors in the area and putting up signs. Let's get this pup home!
  8. My wife saw this on FB. Hope they find him soon. We'd be wrecked if our GSP's were missing.
  9. Wildlife Control Specialists skunks-2.com 1-888-758-6572
  10. I thought they put some tiger muskies in there in the 80's, but I would think they'd be bigger than 19in! We caught a pickerel there for the 1st time a month or 2 ago.
  11. Awesome. I also bowhunt (compound- recurve is crazy impressive!) turkeys without a blind. No better experience than having a longbeard within 10yds and not being able to draw! Using a blind is cheating! Go get him tomorrow
  12. We just finished our safe. All 1 × pine on a 2×4 frame.
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