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  1. Here's my two girls. I told my wife that if the house was burning down, I'd get the dogs out, and if there was time, I'd go back for her too!
  2. I finally did an address change to my FID, and applied for 2 handgun permits while I was at it the 1st week of April. State Trooper called me in July to tell me it was ready. This was in Warren County. The handgun permits were already extended, good for 180 days. NJ handgun inventory is nonexistent. Get a Gunbroker account and you can find whatever you want, they will ship to a FFL of your choice. Nice, quick and painless. Make sure you check magazine capacity before you buy.
  3. My boys used to knock plenty of geese down using 3in #2's out of a 20ga. Pellet count should be similar to 2 3/4in #1's. You'll be fine using them, but keep shots less than 30-35yds with the modified choke. Good luck, goose hunting is a blast!
  4. We've been using circle hooks livelining bunker for years since we release all our fish. Snag then transfer to another rod with a circle hook. The trick is to only hook the bunker (or chunk) in the skin, don't go too deep into the meat. You want the cirle hook to easily pull out of the bait when they swallow it and catch into the corner of the mouth. No need to let them run, they suck that bait right in. Lock it up quick and you'll get less gut hooks. Can weighted trebles still be used for snagging bait?
  5. I saw that orange glowing sky, it was wild. I guess it was from the crazy sunset under the thinning clouds.
  6. Not much shooting heard today in 3C. 2 of my boys got 8pters. My other son passed up a couple 6pters. I passed up a 7pter 1st hour. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
  7. Here with my boys in Bradford county. Sounds like more guys will be up here in the woods this Sat compared to last year. Last year 1st day was quiet.
  8. Are they going to stop selling non-resident licenses unless you show test results? Many non-residents purchase their licenses on the way up. I think they need the money!
  9. The Upper Black Eddy ramp gets jammed up, there's not much parking there. There's nowhere to pull out on the Milford side. You could go down to Frenchtown and pull out right below the bridge on the NJ side. Plenty of parking there.
  10. We tried to go to the mudhole, left NY harbor around 11:30. Harbor was flat, Ambrose and south was nasty! Plan B... stayed local and hammered porgies, seabass, and blues. Even found a pile of small weakfish. Got some schoolie stripers and a few fluke to complete an inshore grand slam. Didn't get our original target species (mahi), but had lots of action. Nice job with the mahi!
  11. Money grab at this point. I've had the boat endorsement since I got my driver's license 30yrs ago and have never been asked to show my boating safety cert. Every time I renew my licence, it's on there. Since we all have the boating safety cert, there is no point to this. When the State Police stop you for a safety check, the safety cert is needed regardless of where you are.
  12. We just kayaked from Hampton to Asbury and saw someone sitting outside their home. Definitely a beautiful evening.
  13. Are you the house with the new roof?
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