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  1. Thanks Ralph. Anthony is a good dude.
  2. Agreed. Probably should have included that Im looking for a V hull. Had a flat bottom that I got rid of for that reason. Thanks
  3. Would def be interested in that. You have any photos?
  4. No, dont need to register it. Could you PM some pics?
  5. Yes sir. Have a place in Andes.
  6. Thanks. I dont think that would work for me. Cant use a trolling motor on the reservoir.
  7. Flat bottom or V? Cant use a trolling motor.
  8. Plan on leaving it on a reservoir up in the Catskills, so it doesnt need to be pretty. Only requirements are that it needs to be a minimum of 11' - 6" long and doesnt leak. Let me know if you have anything you'd be willing to part with. Thanks.
  9. Thanks guys. i have seen some good sign on the property line between us. havent done any scouting on the farm yet since i just got the place and just got his permission. obviously going to scout a lot on my own the next few months. just bored at work and wondered what others would think.
  10. Hey guys. Looking for some advice from the group here. I recently purchased a new house (outlined in Red) that borders a dairy farm on the west and another farm on the east. The farmer on the east (outlined in green) has given me permission to hunt his 130 acre property which is mostly hay fields with some tree lines and a creek running down the center. Where do you guys think the best places to hang some stands would be. Thanks for your time. The Mule
  11. TheMule

    How old?

    What do you guys think? 3? Just curious.
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