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  1. duckduckgoose906

    Free cargo hitch

    Still available? I’ll take it.. PMing you now
  2. duckduckgoose906

    Mature 8 pointer down

  3. duckduckgoose906

    Hide your Trail Cam

    Haha. Oddly enough I just came home from being away for a few weeks , went to check my camera and Boom. Gone. Time to start climbing them up high . I hate sticky fingers.
  4. duckduckgoose906

    (02) Carhartt Long Sleeve Shirts XL

    If still available please message me. I’m in ft dix Manchester area
  5. duckduckgoose906

    Remington 870 12 GA cantilever slug barrel 2-3/4 -3”

    Still available? What’s the location?
  6. duckduckgoose906

    WTB Motorcycle (preferably Harley)

    My buddy has a 93 sportster 1200 he’s planning to sell, hasn’t posted it yet. i think he’s looking to get something between 3-4k
  7. https://newjersey.craigslist.org/grd/d/puppies-lab/6610216751.html its not my post but but I figured I’d share it since I’m sure someone’s looking for pups. And at this price who wouldn’t want one. Happy hunting
  8. duckduckgoose906

    WTB snow decoys

    Haha yeah. definitely awesome though to have a thousand birds flying over. I had them circle down once a few months ago while I was going for Canadians but i can only imagine that was luck
  9. duckduckgoose906

    WTB snow decoys

    Pm ‘d
  10. duckduckgoose906

    WTB snow decoys

    What are the odds someone wants to sell some snow decoys? Socks, full bodies, whatever ya got. trying to find a bunch of socks or a few full bodies to make the spread look tempting. Did my first snow hunt yesterday and quickly realized the 200 socks I have doesn’t exactly make 1000 birds want to land somewhere. Haha. Thanks for reading Ed
  11. duckduckgoose906

    Fresh Off the Spinner

    Man that is awesome!! Nice work! ????????
  12. duckduckgoose906

    WTB pellet gun

    Maybe without a FID. But it is actually completely legal, it’d be just like any other firearm purchase. Of course they do sell in PA pellet guns that are not NJ compliant.
  13. duckduckgoose906

    WTB pellet gun

    Looking to pick up a pellet gun this weekend. Before I take a ride to cabelas I figure I’d see if anyone on here has anything for sale. Thanks for reading. Ed
  14. duckduckgoose906

    Looking for a pup

    Thanks guys. Extremely excited on my new best friend. Ordered the ten minute retriever book. I feel like it will be a good start for me and the pup
  15. duckduckgoose906

    Looking for a pup

    Landed up looking into st Hubert’s after you mentioned them. I had gotten a great house dog from them about ten years ago...anyway turns out they had one lab pup 9weeks old . Went over and played with the pup for awhile and landed up leaving with her... meet Dixie