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  1. Thank you all for the responses. Picked up a barrel this afternoon. 🍻🇺🇸
  2. I was reading about this. It’s interesting
  3. 12ga. Rifled. The rest I’m open to options
  4. Hey guys and gals, What are the odds someone has a 12ga slug barrel for my 870? preferably north jersey thanks in advance
  5. Awesome. I appreciate all the feedback from you guys
  6. What’s up guys/gals, I’m looking to switch up my camo this year and want to give bottomland a shot. Did some googling and I can’t find much places that sell it anymore... anyone got some they want to sell at a reasonable price? Looking for a hoody, long sleeve shirt L/XL, pants 34/36, hat, thin gloves north jersey would be awesome. thanks ed
  7. Ahhh I know what your talking about now.. fins and feathers actually shut down last summer
  8. The two pairs size 9 are pending pick up
  9. That’s awesome, I’m right around the corner from there. Can’t say I’ve had the hot dogs though I just moved here about two years ago. Deer is tough here with the kids on the quads all the time. There are still here, they just got better at hiding haha
  10. Good morning everyone, been doing some cleaning found these in the garage. The neoprene pairs I think are 9’s , the camo pair if I remember correctly are 12 tall. cant garuntee no leaks but I’m pretty sure I stopped using them only because I got a new pair thanks ed
  11. Still available? I’ll take it.. PMing you now
  12. Haha. Oddly enough I just came home from being away for a few weeks , went to check my camera and Boom. Gone. Time to start climbing them up high . I hate sticky fingers.
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