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  1. How much is the corn going for on rt 31.
  2. SOLD! Congrats Paul it’s a great boat best of luck
  3. Few members looking at it this weekend thanks for all the activity.
  4. My father has upgraded to a new boat and would like to sell the old one. Boat is currently at key marina in Watertown nj. Boat haul is in great condition. Very clean. Original motor currently running but no guarantees because of age. 90hp Johnson. Boat has been used all spring and up to last week until new one came in. Fishfinder/depth finder mounted on console. No trailer. $2,700-obo-Serious inquires please 908-868-5864
  5. do you think the price of land will go down in the areas of the flooding?
  6. What’s March madness? Is that on the outdoor channel? Did not know there was other channels then the outdoor channel
  7. “That’s a spicy meataball”
  8. Omg thank god its back. I was lost out there
  9. They are delicious.. try the old bay herr’s.. absolutely amazing
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