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  1. kcohunter

    Suicide Bomber In The Woods.

    He must have been licking the steak grease off the tank and got stuck?
  2. kcohunter

    Don't You Love It When..........

    Your deer weighed 90#? My dog weighs more than that.
  3. kcohunter


    Does anyone remember Donald Von Hagen at the Old Copper Mine Inn?
  4. kcohunter

    Turkey swamp or manasquan

    If you are hunting the Monmouth county park system,you have many more options than those two?
  5. kcohunter

    Maine bound

    That's Badass!
  6. kcohunter

    Congrats to TroutandBucks on his wedding tomorrow!

    Maybe they should cover wedding planning when you take your Hunter's Education class?
  7. kcohunter

    Congrats to TroutandBucks on his wedding tomorrow!

    You are not supposed to get married during bow season! JK Congrats!
  8. kcohunter

    Bachelor Party Hog Hunt

    How about strippers?
  9. kcohunter

    Presidents new alert system

    My flip phone got it.
  10. kcohunter

    Kid Friendly Hike at the NJ side of DWG

    Blue Mountan Lake
  11. kcohunter

    For all you master baiters

    I would still miss.
  12. kcohunter

    Sept 17 mid day to evening check in

    Today is September 17
  13. kcohunter

    Long shot question

    See,it just goes to show it never hurts to ask.
  14. kcohunter

    Someone showed himself today

    I think he is giving you a dirty look.
  15. kcohunter

    Rules to live by

    Don't ask a question if your not prepared for the answer.