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  1. kcohunter

    Humming Birds

    I wonder if they're good eating?
  2. kcohunter


    It would sure beat sleeping in the doghouse.
  3. kcohunter


    I should get one of those so I have someplace to go when I get myself in trouble with the wife.
  4. kcohunter

    Check these snakes out!

    Bit off more than he could chew!
  5. kcohunter

    Love my job

    I bet your not the type to hunt from a ground blind.
  6. kcohunter

    Canoe float trip

    Put in at The Poxono boat ramp and take out at either Worthington or the information center.
  7. kcohunter

    Siamese Fawns

  8. kcohunter

    carp pic

    Nice classic Mitchell 300
  9. kcohunter

    Great Sign Of A Mature Buck

    I bet none
  10. kcohunter

    Just One Lure?

    Pink and white crappie jig.
  11. kcohunter

    99 out of 100....

    You're not the only one still rockin' a flip phone Rusty!
  12. kcohunter

    Bow Fishing

    I'll go with her but she has to bring lunch.
  13. kcohunter

    All Around license question

    I carry the whole thing as well.
  14. kcohunter

    Sandy Hook Bucks

    I think he was not convicted because it wasn't posted properly or something.