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  1. Put a dead deer across the street?
  2. My wife just ordered me a 65 qt Yeti cooler for $244!
  3. If you use cat food you will catch Catfish!
  4. Maybe they can invent one that will help me climb into my stand.
  5. So after you shoot a deer,you can just jump out of your stand?
  6. I don't think beaver jokes ever get old.
  7. You Taylor Hammers are crazy!
  8. Do they come that small?
  9. That's how the Manasquan River has been all season.I went this past Monday.Looked like chocolate milk but I caught my limit In 2 Hours including a 17" Rainbow.
  10. I am not surprised guys on here don't drink Bud. You all make $1000 a day! I wouldn't either!
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