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  1. Awesome!That's a big Calico for that little pole
  2. I remember checking deer at the Calno School House. And zone 4 being bucks only for fall bow.
  3. I once heard that GG can shoot a turkey while wearing hunter orange,smoking a cigar,and with his headlamp blinking.Just sayin.
  4. I saw that.I thought he didn't mention a tree.Just fell 22 ft. in the woods?
  5. Have you gone there in person? They looked open last week or the week before.
  6. That's a good one! But what is that black handle looking thing on the door?
  7. Do you eat the pickerel?
  8. kcohunter


    That's awesome!
  9. I have never seen a 7" spinning rod.
  10. I learned after you shoot a deer,and find it,you should mark the spot so when you come back with your Jet sled in the dark you can find it.
  11. I have had them try to steal my trout on the stringer. Good thing it was tied to a root.
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