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  1. kcohunter


    I learned after you shoot a deer,and find it,you should mark the spot so when you come back with your Jet sled in the dark you can find it.
  2. kcohunter

    Dead Buck.....Lodi/Saddle Brook Area

    What are drops?
  3. kcohunter

    What kind of bird is this?

    I have had them try to steal my trout on the stringer. Good thing it was tied to a root.
  4. Put a little hot sauce on it and try it again.
  5. kcohunter

    Nick Foles?

    This is a NJ forum. let's not talk discuss PA football.
  6. kcohunter

    First Buck... Finally. So happy.

    That's the way to keep at it!
  7. kcohunter

    Ozarks results

    Wow.Your gang sounds awesome.You guys must be the best hunters in the world.
  8. kcohunter

    Talk about a Typo!

    Tough crowd!
  9. kcohunter

    Crossbow Purchase?

    Barnett Whitetail II is nice.I got mine at Cabelas for $399
  10. kcohunter

    Colliers Mills Rant

    Taylor Hammers
  11. kcohunter

    Jet Sled?

    I love mine.It fits perfectly sideways in the back of my explorer.
  12. kcohunter

    Venison Meatballs Over Pasta

  13. kcohunter

    Venison Meatballs Over Pasta

    How much parmesan cheese did you use?
  14. Fazzio is not in south Jersey
  15. kcohunter

    Suicide Bomber In The Woods.

    He must have been licking the steak grease off the tank and got stuck?