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  1. Great Sign Of A Mature Buck

    I bet none
  2. Just One Lure?

    Pink and white crappie jig.
  3. 99 out of 100....

    You're not the only one still rockin' a flip phone Rusty!
  4. Bow Fishing

    I'll go with her but she has to bring lunch.
  5. All Around license question

    I carry the whole thing as well.
  6. Sandy Hook Bucks

    I think he was not convicted because it wasn't posted properly or something.
  7. Sandy Hook Bucks

    My wife found a nice shed.No problems with poison ivy.No foxes.
  8. Sandy Hook Bucks

    Me and the wife were out there shed hunting last week.The deer are not afraid of people and there are tons of them.
  9. Quote Or Saying You Live By

    If it ain't broke,don't fix it.
  10. Some Daylight Saving's Time Humor

    That's funny!
  11. Putin will Nuke Florida

    I thought Florida was for old people?
  12. HIKING Mt. Tammany/Day 2 with LPJR

    Wow! It was just a hill back then.
  13. Is it just me...or......

    A park ranger at Sandy Hook warned us of that last weekend.
  14. Bear Swamp natural area near the Manasquan Res.
  15. Another coyote down!