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  1. $400 - This is a Browning 338 win mag with BOSS, left handed, scope not included. It's in excellent condition, minor scuff marks, shoots fine, I get the occasional sub MOA group, but always shoots 1.5MOA or less. I'm selling to fund a super lite rifle for elk hunting, hate to sell it, but I'm getting too old to carry a standard weight rifle in steep country all day. The BOSS is a tunable muzzle brake. I bought this rifle in 2001, has about 400 rounds thru it. I've tried a lot of 250 gr ammo, shoots Winchester PSP CoreLokt ammo best at a BOSS setting of 5.75 Buyer pays any shipping or FFl cost incurred. This sale will be done by the book. Text me if interested eight-six-2----two-0-nine-----0-nine-4-eight
  2. So basically if I have 100Mbps internet, does that mean the router/wifi also has 100 Mbps bandwidth?
  3. Thanks for the input.
  4. I'm cutting the cord with Directv and going with Youtube TV. I'll have Optimum internet at 100 Mbps using their router. If I'm streaming Youtube TV and there are two others streaming content, will the wifi be able to keep up? I'm thinking maybe I should run an ethernet cable from the router to the tv, that way I save the wifi bandwidth for the other two potential streams. But if I don't have to run the ethernet from router to tv, then I'd rather not. So, will I have issues with 3 simultaneous streams over wifi?
  5. I think it was like $700 to move it from my old house to my new house.
  6. No, the door can't be reomoved. Yes, the buyer has to remove it from my basement, and would probably have to use someone like the The Safe Man LLC to do it.
  7. Weighs 775 lbs empty, dimensions are 30" X 28.5" X 65" which includes sitting on a 5 inch pallet. $350 plus buyer responsible for picking up. I used the Safe Man LLC to move it into my basement. I paid $1284 in 2001. There is some paint peeling on the door, but it's in perfect physical condition. I have all the original paperwork and warranty. Maker is American Security, Model Number is "6030-LT-F-GRNT-A" How many guns will it hold? 12-18-30 What does 12-18-30 mean? These should be viewed as slots (or positions as mentioned before) for long guns. For the AMSEC 6030 the first number (12) refers to the left side that has slanted 'ready removal' slots. IMO, you might be able to squeeze all 12 positions with long guns provided they have no pistol grips or scopes. More realistic is fitting 8-10 guns if you don't want them banging into each other when removing or putting back a specific firearm. You get much less capacity if you have pistol grips/scopes on your guns. The second number (18) refers to the number of positions on right side. This area is for your safe queens. IMO, the 18 number is for beanpoles. 9-12 long guns (no scopes/pistol grips) capacity is more reasonable. The third number (30) is total number of positions. IMO, if you can fit more than 20 long guns in this safe with this configuration, you're doing well. I live in Fair Haven, NJ, pm if interested.
  8. Wowser....maybe do a full body mount on that one! You could charge people to view it.
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