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  1. Anyone ever hear a buck growl? last night I was upstairs and my wife texted me that something was growling at her and she could hear it walking around. I figured it was a dog or fox or something. She said she went on our porch to get some firewood and that’s when it started. I came downstairs but it was gone. I google it and saw a buck growl video and she said that was it for sure. 20 minutes later I went out with my grunt tube and grunted 3-4 times. I’ll be dammed if I didn’t hear something start walking over from the woods and start growling at me! It was the craziest thing I ever hear lol. It sounded like growling and like he was spitting or something. I have a cellular trail cam out there and a few minutes later I got a photo of a little 9pt on my on it. i read that they do this sometimes when they are near an estrus doe
  2. Thank you guys. I find it a little confusing trying to sort through some of the regulations. There are a lot of coyotes where I hunt. I actually get a little nervous walking back there at night lol. Every time the fire whistle goes off I hear them howl from different areas which I’m assuming is different packs. I don’t think a group is going to come after me walking back there but I do worry a rabid one might... i wish I could bring my handgun or something. I used to have a concealed permit in GA and it was a piece of mind. heres a couple on my trail cam
  3. I’m looking for clarification on what a modern rifle is in New Jersey. I was wondering if I could bring a rim fire 22 with me while bow hunting in case I ran into coyotes. They are pretty thick where I hunt. I see that you need a rifle permit for modern rifles in NJ but I don’t know what constitutes a “modern” rifle. Can anyone help me with this?
  4. I had a nice little 8pt come in to my grunt. He swam across the creek to me. I’m surprised he did it with the temps so low lol. The only part of his body that was out of the water was his head
  5. It’s the excitement lol
  6. I saw one really nice buck but he was too far, another smaller buck too far and a doe. I usually see at least a dozen deer by 10am. I sat all day in the damn wind and only saw 3 lol tomorrow looks awesome though
  7. I’m out in zone 25. Nothing yet- I didn’t climb as high today...
  8. I took off of work and I was debating myself. My couple of vacation days I have available are like little gold nuggets to me lol. 17 mph is not horrible so I think I’m going to stick with it. If it wasn’t the rut I would just go to work instead...
  9. How about a cellular camera? I know they are pretty pricey but you can get you pics within a few seconds- not sure how close you are to the woods but if you see someone taking it down maybe you can get out there. You would also have their picture. I also wondered if it would be worth it to climb the tree and face one down so that at least it’s out of reach and less likely to be seen. I’m with you- that guys an a-hole. Even if I leave my car unlocked it still takes an a-hole to burglarize it.
  10. I just bought the Sitka fanatic bibs, coat, neck gator and hat and couldn’t be happier with it. I just got them last week. I haven’t tested it in the 20’s but yesterday and today were 30 degrees When I got in my stand and it worked awesome. I only wore a long sleeve t shirt under it. It was pricey as hell but I’m glad I did it. aside from the warmth, it really is a great design. I can pull the zipper up or down on the bibs - meaning that I can just pull the fly up when nature calls instead of pulling my bibs off. The kangaroo pouch is also a well thought out design.
  11. Believe it or not I don’t even hunt over it. I own some property behind my house and I just use the feeder and camera to see what’s out there. I hunt a different area. Thanks for all the replies guys. I tried the feeder for the first time this year and was surprised by how many deer I was seeing every day. Going from deer every day to absolutely nothing had me worried that something was wrong lol.
  12. I had my feeder out since mid august and I have literally seen deer every day on my trail cam. It was all does until 2 weeks ago then I had 6-7 different bucks showing up at night and still had does in the daytime hours. Now all of a sudden I haven’t had one pic since 10/26. Nothing. I tested my trail cam and it’s still sending photos so that’s not the issue. Just wondering if anyone else had this happen to them too. Maybe the rut has all the does scattered? Maybe my corn was bad? I also mixed a bag of bird seed in the corn as I had a new unopened bag of it laying around.
  13. Just saw a decent 7 or 8pt shadowing a doe across the creek from me. The doe wasn’t running and he won’t leave a 5ft radius of her. I tried to grunt him in but he could care less about me....
  14. No action for me in Zone 25 yet. Anybody using decoys yet?
  15. Funny you posted this. I saw so much chasing last weekend I posted on here about SJ rut activity. Maybe the cold snap? Who knows but I have hunted my property several years now and I don’t remember it ever being this active this early here. I came home and told my wife that I’m calling out of work because it’s just like the peak of the rut back there lol. It seemed like every 30 minutes a doe was busting through the thicket getting chased. I heard and saw one of the bucks grunting behind one of the does as he was trotting after her. It was pretty awesome lol. It was definitely different bucks chasing as I saw 3 different ones. There was lots of crashing with glimpses of fur for a good bit of the mornings aside from the 3 I actually saw.
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